Monday, August 19, 2013

Craziest Week of All...20 baptisms!!

Oi tudo bem!
Well I thought I´d seen it all out here in the mission field, but this week has been the craziest of all since I´ve been out. Presidente Monteiro and the assistants came out here to Ponta Grossa for the whole week to work in the streets with all of us in the field. One of the assistants stayed with us the whole week and the other stayed with the the zone leaders of the other zone here in Ponta Grossa. It was crazy, we have just run around like crazy fnding new people to teach, presidente has been finding tons of people to baptize here in Ponta Grossa, and after the end of the week, we baptized 20 in the two zones here in Ponta Grossa, almost 30. It was crazy. To make it crazier, our chapel here in Ala 2 was the only one in our stake that had a water heater working, and coincidentally all of the baptisms from our zone got sick a day before their baptisms, and couldn´t get baptized in the cold water, which means... everyone had to go to the chapel in Ala 2, and I had to be in charge of everything!! It was crazy. We found about 20 new investigators this week, including a family of 9, so we´re hoping to see a few more miracles before I´m outta here.
The work´s going great! Oh yeah, and just make the week easier, at the end of a long day of tons of work, we finally got to go to sleep thinking that we would sleep like a log, and right when we started to sleep, we heard the alarm, ´´No! 6:30 already???´´ Nope. It was just the sisters, crying and telling us that one of the Sisters had a seizure and was getting rushed to the hospital, and guess who got to go help them and stay with them at the hospital? The zone leaders. Yeah, that´s us. So yeah, we got to stay at the hospital until 5:00 in the morning. Don´t worry, we got to sleep from 5:00 to 6:30, so it´s all good.   :P
All of the that and a few miracle fasts, and that was pretty much our week, it was a good one, we´re ready for one more!!
Até mais!!

Elder Trevisanut

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