Monday, July 1, 2013

Mission Time is Running Short

Oi tudo bem?!

One more great week, lots of work, lots of trials, lots of rain, and lots of miracles, that´s about an average week for us here in Ponta Grossa. We´re all a little sad to say bye to Presidente Cordon, but we´re excited to welcome Presidente Monteiro to Curitiba! He´s a former stake president from Belo Horizonte, a city that is about in the middle of Brasil, above Rio and São Paulo. But, that´s about it, hope everyone has a great week. 

Very sadly my mission time is running short, so I gotta take advantage of the little time I have I´ll talk to all of you in some weeks, so for my sake, I´ll keep the emails short.

Até mais, tchau!

Elder Trevisanut

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