Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FOGO NOS OSSOS, não existe trunkesa aqui!

Olá todos!

Sounds like you had a great trip. This week has been a week of trials and miracles, but that´s what lifes all about right! It´s been a great week.

The elect are showing themselves here in Ala 2, Campos Gerais, we´re thinking of changing the name of our zone from Campos Gerais, to ÁGUAS GERAIS! For those that don´t understand just ask one of the brasilian RM´s, there´s tons out there.

Lucas is gonna get baptized this week, he´s super ready to get prepared for his mission a year after his baptism, so we´re super pumped for that. We also have people lined up for each week for the next month, so we´re gonna be pretty wet here in Ponta Grossa for a while. The goal is to baptize every week until the end of the mission então vamo lá! 

I´m outta time, but I am doing well, I´m healthy, I think, ending the mission with FOGO NOS OSSOS, não existe trunkesa aqui!

Gotta go, hope everyone well! Talk to you later!!!


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