Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ponta Grossa - New Town, More Miracles

Tudo bem!!
One more great week, little time to write. Ponta Grossa is great, in spite of it being a city with TONS of hills to climb, I´m getting needed exercise, so that´s good. In response to the questions, yeah Ponta Grossa is known for being the city that baptizes most in the mission, so we´ll see how it goes. There are 2 zones here, and my zone is for sure the one that usually baptizes less than the other zone, and when I got here, the zone was pretty dead, so it´ll definitely be another resurrection transfer. I´m used to it by now, all of my areas and zones that I´ve passed through have been pretty much dead when I got there, and I´ve always left them much better than when I got there, so this´ll be probably the same case. But for sure there will be tons of miracles waiting for us here, we´ve already seen a bunch. We have a couple that are preparing for baptism, they just need to get married, so we´re running around getting all the documents, and then they´ll be baptized. We also found a family of less actives that are ready to come back to church, they just needed to be invited. They have a few kids that haven´t been baptized yet, so we´ll for sure be completing their family in a few weeks. My apartment is awesome, we live in a huge complex that has like 35 buildings so that´s been cool.

Other than that, it´s been a great week. We got a new companion also. Elder Kakuschke was in an area in our zone, and his companion went home early, so he´ll be with us for a while until president finds him a new companion, he´s got about 8 months on the mission, so he´s getting some early Zone Leader training. He´s from Wisconsin and is super cool.

But other than that, I gotta go, pray that my shoes hold up for 2 and a half more months!! After a year and 9 months, they´re starting to turn un wearable, and here in the hills of Ponta Grossa they are getting pretty shredded( for the record: until now, I´ve never seen any pair of shoes last 1 year and 9 months, so it´s been impressive), and pray that the rain stops so we can work more efectively!!!!!
Até mais!
Elder Trevisanut

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