Monday, June 10, 2013

A Successful Missionary Here in This Part of the Lord´s Vineyard

Boa Tarrrrrde todo mundo!

How´s everyone doing? Thanks for the email, it´s good to hear that things are going well there back in the states and that everyone´s well and happy.

I´m doing great here, we had another successful week here in Vila Oficinas, our zone had 6 baptisms ready for Sunday, including one in my area, but unfortunately 2 baptisms fell through because of emergencies de saude and some other things. Unfortunately, Rafael who was ready for baptism on Sunday, had an emergency and wasn´t able to be baptized, so he´ll be baptized next week, he´s a man from another state in the North of brasil who is here in curitiba working to sustain his family there in the north, and soon his family will come down here to Curitiba and for sure will be baptized as well. Sad as it is to say, my only chance for baptism in Vila Oficinas fell through, cause I was also transfered today. I have thought a whole lot over the past few months that I have been in Vila Oficinas about what success really is to a missionary.

Over the past few months, I have really given it my all as a missionary and as a leader here in Zona Tarumã, I have worked tirelessly to help my area grow, to help all of the missionaries in my zone have as much success as possible, and to serve everyone around me. When I got here, I was a new, wide-eyed zone leader, trying my best to be perfect in everything, and applying everything that I´ve learned throughout my mission to my work.

As the time went on and my new companion, Elder Barkdull got here, and we worked for every second of every day finding and teaching new people always, running around like crazy trying to have tons of success, and when he was transferred and I had to train a new zone leader, Elder de Magalhães, we kept on going with the same pace, teaching, marking baptism dates, interviews every day in our zone, sleeping in our missionary clothes because of lack of time and energy, and really giving it our all, and at the end of all of this, 0 baptisms. Tons of missionaries in our zone weren't working half as much as we were, and were baptizing like crazy, and I started to to think, ´What am I doing wrong?? I´m doing all that I can, and I´m not having any success, why is this happening? Why are lazy missionaries baptizing big families, why are miracles being given to us and then taken away from us just like that, why is it so hard??´´ I have to admit, I could not find the answer for this problem and I was starting to get really discouraged. But if I learned one thing in this time as a zone leader here in Vla Oficinas, it´s that baptism doesn´t necessarily mean success as a missionary. It´s great to baptize, it´s our purpose to baptize, but if we don´t baptize, it doesn´t necessarily mean that we´re failures as missionaries. I can honestly say that I gave it my ALL in these past months, and I can honestly say that I served with all my heart, might, mind and strength, and that I have grown more personally and spiritually than any other time in my mission or life.

As I walked through my area last night saying bye to all the people that  I was able to help, this phrase in Preach My Gospel was ringing through my head :´´ If you can feel the spirit working within you and in your investigators, you can be sure that you are a successful missionary.´´ And with every person that I said bye and with every person that thanked me with all their heart for the changes I have helped them make in their lives forever, I could feel like I have been a successful missionary here in this part of the Lord´s vineyard. It was a great feeling.

But as for the transfer, I was transferred to Ponta Grossa, in Ala 2 (2nd Ward), so after a year and a few months in the City, I´m finally back in the country (more or less it´s a city with 80,000 people) !!! It´s kind of an interesting feeling to finish my mission close to where I started, and I´m super excited to be here. I´m continuing as Zone Leader and my zone is about the same size, so I´m super excited to make this zone the best zone in the mission!!! My companion's name is Elder Rios, and he´s from the Bahia, a state in the north of brasil, we´re both excited to be here!!

But I gotta go, time ran out!!! Tchau!

Elder Trevisanut

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