Monday, May 27, 2013

Look Out for Zona Taruma!!

GREAT WEEK, só trabalho!!!

This has been a great week, our zone baptized 7!! Wooooo!!!!!! 

I got to interview an elect family and it was awesome, Zona Tarumã is starting to go crazy here, so look out for us.

Other than that it´s been a great week. This week we found a man from Piauí (a state in the norte of brasil) that said he was atheist, but that we could come back another day to give him a message, he said pretty confidently that we could try to convince him, but a bunch of others have been trying for years, but no one has convinced him yet, so good luck! Well, we returned the next day, left the message of the restoration, and he opened up a bunch and showed his desire to believe in God, he had never received an answer, and for that reason, couldn´t believe. Well, we left him the same invite that we leave all the others, to read and pray. We came back two days later and he had read, prayed and received an answer. He was completely different, humble and willing to learn. He said that he felt an answer, and that he wanted to follow the church and be a member. We were so excited! But, unfortunately, he also informed us that he had to move back to Piauí that same week, but that he really wanted to join the church and will look for the missionaries in his city there in Piauí. One more slipped out of our hands!!!! But, we´re sure that he will be baptized there in the Northeast of Brasil. We converted an atheist!!!! :)

Other than that, one more great week, and little time to talk!!!


Elder Trevisanut

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Victor!!

Oi tudo bem?!

Well another good week, but little time!

This week we marked 8 baptismal dates, I did a baptismal interview in French for a Haitian man who was getting ready for baptism, and our zone had 5 baptisms! Whoo, that´s about it for this week, it was awesome! And I gotta go!!! Congrats to Rachel on the wedding!!! Can´t believe everyone´s married now, and I can´t believe I saw that picture of all my firends together! Everyone looks exactly the same than when we were all back in high school!
Até mais!!!

Oh yeah, I just got reminded that it´s my birthday this week, I didn´t even remember, haha. 


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, May 13, 2013

No Time to Write Today

Oi tudo bem!

It´s a good thing that we talked yesterday, cause today we had tons of problems sending our zone´s numbers, so I´ve got literally no time to write. But it was good talking to everyone yesterday, hope everone keeps on doing well! I´ll talk to you later!!!


Elder Trevisanut

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

6:00 a.m. Ultimate Frisbee Sessions

Oi tudo bem!!

Sorry to send an email late in the week, we went to the temple today so Pday was today. It´s always great to go to the temple, the templo de Curitiba is the best! And a weird note, my 2 year temple recommend that I got before my mission expired last month.... that was a weird moment. The person in the front of the temple was like, ´´ahh, your recommend´s expired...´´ And everyone in line behind me was like ´´haha your old!´´ I´m not old!! I just got here like 2 months ago!... I don´t wanna go home. haha.

But the week was great, we found some great new people to teach, including a 9:00 miracle contact. We´re excited to teach him and his family. Our strongest investigators, D and J are doing well, we´re getting them prepared for their marriage date, and then it´s baptism. I bought them a bunch of stuff at the temple store today, I swear I buy the same stuff every time I go to the temple, cause I´ve always got new investigators that I wanna give presents to! But yeah, the work´s going great here.

The weather´s finally getting cold, which is helping out a bunch with our 6 AM ultimate frisbee sessions. Yeah, me and my comp have been playing frisbee every morning in the 15 degree Curitiba cold, (we need to get back in shape before we go home.. :P). I need to prepare to play american football again, but they don´t sell footballs here, so a frisbee will have to do for now.

But other than that, the week has been good, we had another Zone Meeting and we had to burn our zone pretty bad, they´ve been slacking off a bit in the past month, so we had fun putting together a 15 ´´call to repentance´´ scripture chain. Eh, no one likes to be the bad guy, but me and my comp are in charge of like 11% of the missionaries in the mission, so when they don´t work, we get burned by President. The works gotta get done somehow.

But on that happy note, I gotta go!! Talk to you all later. I´ll talk to some of you in 4 days, haha. Até mais!!

Elder Trevisanut