Monday, April 8, 2013


E aí família!

This has been another great week!! In our area, we haven´t found too many new investigators, but we have been seeing great progress with the ones that we found last week, and we´re really excited for the work here! Things are going great.
Well, our semi-anual missionary superbowl (General Conference) was awesome, but also sad cause it was my last conference on my mission. Can´t believe that I already watched 4 conferences already. It´s passing by so fast.

Today we had a mega activity that was awesome. After much thought and planning, we were able to do SURVIVOR: CURITIBA BRASIL EDITION. I´ll try to get some pictures next week, but it was awesome. Elder Barkdull also watched survivor a lot when he he was younger so we were pretty excited to do it, and everyone loved it. Some of the challenges included Scavenger Hunt to find missionary gear (shirt pants scriptures, etc) and dress a missionary, team dodgeball, blow dart challenge(straws, wooden sticks and balloons), and a blindfold challenge (two missionaries were on top of the stage, trying to guide their blindfolded teams to hidden items and return them). It was awesome. It also included teams (our zone is devide in two stakes:Tarumã and Pinhais, so the teams were Pinhitas and Tarumitas, like lamanitas and nefitas), reward challenges, hidden immunity, a ´´merge´´, tribal council and in the end we even had a jury. It was sweet.

But other than that, it has been an awesome week, we had Zone Leader Council as well, and we learned about a change in the mission rules regarding email (it´s a worldwide change). As of a few weeks ago, the First Presidency has allowed all missionaries to send email to anyone, not only family. Now we can send emails to friends, recent converts, etc. The only rule is we can´t email girls that live inside of the mission boundaries, or missionaries in our own mission. It´s an exciting change.

But I gotta go!! See you all later!!!

Elder Trevisanut

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