Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Going Great Here in the Southern Hemisphere

E aí gente!

One more great week. We had Zone Conference this week, so it was pretty exciting getting new trainings from Presidente and Sister Cordon. Me and my companion also had to give a 30 minute training in front of President and the zone, so that was pretty fun too. We left the conference super pumped to work, and not even 10 minutes after we left ot work, we found an awesome family and marked 4 baptism dates. The work is going great here, and the time is flying by fast de mais!!!

We´re working hard to help our other investigators progress towards baptism, we´ve got tons of them, and they´re moving along well. We´re praying a lot so that we can help them progress,and we´re working harder than we´ve ever worked to help them gain testimonies of the gospel. The ward is going really well also. They´re continuing to work hard and get in the mood of missionary work, so we´re happy because of that. We´re positive that our hard work will show lots of results soon.

Me and my companion are continuing to do very well, we´re working very well together, and the work is blessed a ton because the spirit that we bring with us. We´ve learned well how to teach well together and how to lead our zone in a mutual way, and it´s been really fun working with him. We´re excited more weeks ahead of us of good work here in Vila Oficinas.

Other than that, it´s going great here in the Southern Hemisphere, it´s starting to get pretty cold at night, I´m not too happy to be finishing my mission with cold cold cold. Nothing stops this great work,  the cold weather´s nothing. So it´s all good.

That´s exciting about Rianne and Kevin, they couldn't wait one more month?!? Ah, oh well. 
I´ll be doing more important things here. :P

Tell Eric to send his papers in as fast as possible, he´s gotta get out here no campo!!
But, my time is running out, I´ll have to go. We´re getting hungry and we´re gonna eat at the churrascaria (brasilian barbecue :) )  

See you all later! tchauzão!

Elder Trevisanut

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