Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Goal: 30 Baptisms This Month

Oi tudo bem!! 

One more great week, it was a long one, but really rewarding. We´ve been working like crazy to accomplish our goal of 30 baptisms this month in our zone, so it´s been crazy trying to help all the areas have this same vision, and work hard also to do their part. We´re doing well, but it´s just tons of work and stress for the zone leaders, cause we have to pretty much lead the way in everything, But it´s been a good week.

We´ve been working a ton with a less active member that we found a few weeks ago, called D. He´s awesome, and he has such a desire to come back to church, and turn his life around, and it´s going really well with him. He´s gone to church for 3 weeks in a row, and is meeting with the bishop, so he´s officially re-activated. :) His son who´s 7 loves the church also, and we´re working with his wife also, who isnt a member. They´re going great. We´re also getting Lucélia ready for her baptism on this Sunday, she´s the lady who just showede up at church a few sundays ago asking to become a member of the church. She´s really excited for her baptism too. We´re working with a bunch of others also, but I´ve got a little time to write, so I´ll have to go. We´re happy to have a relaxing P-Day hoje, we´re just gonna hang out at home, it´s gonna be awesome. :)

But other than that, I gotta go!!! I´ll talk to you next week!!

Elder Trevisanut 

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