Monday, April 1, 2013

An Amazing Week!!

Oi tudo bem!!!!

This has been an amazing week!! Me and my companion are going crazy here in our area, the work is flowing really, really well! This week we found about 20 new people to teach and they were all through miracles. When me and my companion got home on last Monday, we made some plans about how we wanted this transfer to go. We decided that we would work with the less active members, and try to reactivate 5 families this transfer. We prayed to be guided to at least 1 family each day, and every day this week we have found at least 1 family that's ready to come back to church activity. Most of the times they were last minute-of-the-day miracles, and we always found new investigators that can be taught and baptized with every family that we found. On Monday night, we found a couple that has been going to church with his mom in a different ward, that just happen to live a block from our house. Tuesday morning we found a lady who´s husband is a member, and in the past they were taught by the missionaries. They said that they were both wanting to go back to church, they just didn't know where they chapel was. On Wednesday, we were searching for an address that we found on the members list, and we knocked on his door. Turns out that he moved long ago, but we found a couple and their 3 kids who let us in and teach, and we soon figured out that they were searching for a church that will help them actually learn how to have a happier life. Thursday we found a pastor of an evangelical church that recently has been going inactive because he realized that his church preaches doctrines of men, and after he started to preach the real doctrines of Christ, the other leaders of the church booted him out. Now he´s on the search for the real church of Jesus Christ. Friday we searched for a recently less active member that owns a hair salon. After finding her, we found out that her non-member husband and another non-member friend have been getting on her case cause they want to learn about the church, but she never takes them to get to know it. Saturday, as we searched for our last adress of the day (8:50ish at night) we came across a less active man, who´s whole family are strong members of the church, but he went inactive when he was 15. Now he has a wife and 3 kids, and now he thinks it´s maybe the right time to get active again.

On the mission it´s so important to remember that you are a servant of the Lord, and that he is willing to help you. If you are happy and willing to do anything to help others come unto Christ, if you are willing to work hard to be great friends with your companion so that the spirit can be with you, and are willing to be 100% obedient in everything that you do, 24 hours a day, and willing to do what the Mission President has asked (Mission Plan), then the blessings will rain from heaven, and you will have a hard time counting them all. We can apply this to any aspect of life, with our church callings, with our work and school, and with our relationships with friends and family. It´s such a simple thing, when we do what the Lord asks, we receive blessings. If we don´t, we have no promise.

Easter was awesome. The best part was that 8 of those people(including the 2 of the new families we found!!) and 5 more less actives made it to church, so it was awesome!! We also got boxes of chocolate from the bishop.

But yeah, it´s been a pretty good week. Gotta go! Até mais!!

Elder Trevisanut

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