Thursday, March 14, 2013

Twelve Baptism Dates Set for One Week!!


Bem, today we got to go to the temple, and we just got home, so I´ve got tons to do, and little time to write!!!

This week was good, just work work work, Zone leader council, work, baptismal interviews, and more work. It was great!!! The time is passing so fast as a LZ, it´s crazy!!! The LZ council was great, we learned a ton, it was awesome to be in a meeting with just Zone Leaders. And yesterday we passed all the info to our zone. For one of the trainings I bought a bunch of ingredients to make cookies and I picked one of the elders from our zone to come up in front and make cookies for us, just that he only had 3 minutes to mix all the ingredients, and didn't have the recipe (I purposefully picked an Elder who doesn't know anything about cooking), it was really funny. The moral of the lesson was to show that a lot of the time we work with all our heart, might and strength, but forget about using one of the most important parts, our minds. It was a training about planning, and the importance of it in the work. Afterwards I cooked the dough that he made without the recipe and passed them out to everyone, they were more or less good except for the big pieces of eggshell that were left in them (he just threw the eggs in without breaking them or anything, haha) it was pretty funny.

Other than that, the work is going great, our zone has 12 baptism dates set for this week, so we´re going crazy so that they can all be baptised this week. In Curitiba, 12 baptisms is a ton for 1 zone, so we´re pretty excited. One more week of interviews, splits and craziness, we´ll see how it goes!!

Gotta go!!

Ate mais,

Elder Trevisanut


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