Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Bom Dia todos!

This week has been great, another week of tons of work, we have been doing all we can to find new investigators, but Curitiba is really hard!!  It´s still slow going but we´ll get there, we taught 51 lessons this week which is an all-time high for me, so we were pretty excited for that. We have to be the best examples for our Zone, so we´ve been trying to do all we can to set the bar high for our missionaries here.

Not too much has happened this week other than that, but today we´re having a ´´carungejado´´, which is pretty much a made up word for crab barbecue. My comp´s from the Baía (a state in brasil way up norte where they eat tons of fish) so yeah we bought a bunch of live crab this morning at 7:00am. We put them in a bucket behind our house and a few of them escaped already ahah. But we´re pretty excited to cook them up and eat them haha. I´ll take pictures.

But other than that, I gotta go! I´ve got no time!!! Talk to you all next week!!

Elder Trevisanut

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