Monday, March 25, 2013

My New Companion....Elder Barkdull!!

Ola Bom DIA!!!!

Tudo bem?! One more great week!! This week was full of new things and tons of work! At the beginning of the week I did a division with the assistants to the president (Zone Leaders do divisions with the assistants) so it was fun to work in Portão for a day, we were pretty much running around all day teaching and talking with people in the rain. We got soaked, we dried off, got soaked again, dried off again, and over again like 3 more times, it was fun.

Other than that, just the normal week of a missionary. Too much to tell in just a few minutes. Today was transfers day, and it´s even more exciting than usual, cause instead of just thinking about who will be my new comp or where will be my new area, I have a whole zone to think about. Zone´s are like families, so it´s sad to see some go, but really exciting to see who will be new members. My companion, Elder Piñeiro got tranfered to Ponta Grossa, and he will be training a new missionary from the MTC, so he´ll be a normal missionary after 7 months as zone leader. 

My new companion is Elder Barkdull!! From my group in the MTC, so we´re both really excited to be working together, we´re gonna blow up this area, it´s gonna be an awesome transfer. 4 Missionaries in my zone are training also, and 1 left to be Zone Leader in another area, so we´re proud of them too, haha.

But that´s about it, it´s gonna be a week of milagres!!! See you later!!

Elder Trevisanut

Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Wow, I´m so excited for Bailey, you don´t even know, maybe I´ll see her in the airport or something, that would be a crazy miracle. Tell her that I knew she was gonna go to Brasil TERRA ABENÇOADA!!!!!! I´m so excited. Tell her to write me fast fast fast!

This week has been great and very interesting, just going crazy trying to get all of these people baptized, unfortunately only 4 were baptised, but all of the people that didn´t pass their interviews were remarked for this week, so we´re gonna pick up the rest this week!! The work is going great. In response to your questions, this area is way different than all of my others, it´s all in the city, and it´s a lot more civilized than my others. Even though in my others I was only 10-30 minutes outside of Curitiba, they were way different, we´ve got pretty much all that we need here, it´s great. The package had all that I needed, I don´t think anything was missing.

Also, Thursday morning we got an interesting call from Presidente Cordon. He told us that there was a missionary in Paranagua that was having some difficulties, and he wanted me and my companion to go there immediately to talk with him and help him out. So we went directly to the Bus Station to take a bus to Paranagua. For those that aren´t familiar with Curitiba (all of you...:P) Paranagua is a beach city that´s about 2 hours to the east of Curitiba, so it was awesome to be able to go there for a day. Paranagua is awesome it´s more or less a huge beach town, and the trip there was awesome. Tons of valleys and waterfalls and we were way in the middle of the forest, it was like classic brasilian rainforest. It was awesome

But anyways, I´m outta time, gotta go!!!!!!!

Elder Trevisanut

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Twelve Baptism Dates Set for One Week!!


Bem, today we got to go to the temple, and we just got home, so I´ve got tons to do, and little time to write!!!

This week was good, just work work work, Zone leader council, work, baptismal interviews, and more work. It was great!!! The time is passing so fast as a LZ, it´s crazy!!! The LZ council was great, we learned a ton, it was awesome to be in a meeting with just Zone Leaders. And yesterday we passed all the info to our zone. For one of the trainings I bought a bunch of ingredients to make cookies and I picked one of the elders from our zone to come up in front and make cookies for us, just that he only had 3 minutes to mix all the ingredients, and didn't have the recipe (I purposefully picked an Elder who doesn't know anything about cooking), it was really funny. The moral of the lesson was to show that a lot of the time we work with all our heart, might and strength, but forget about using one of the most important parts, our minds. It was a training about planning, and the importance of it in the work. Afterwards I cooked the dough that he made without the recipe and passed them out to everyone, they were more or less good except for the big pieces of eggshell that were left in them (he just threw the eggs in without breaking them or anything, haha) it was pretty funny.

Other than that, the work is going great, our zone has 12 baptism dates set for this week, so we´re going crazy so that they can all be baptised this week. In Curitiba, 12 baptisms is a ton for 1 zone, so we´re pretty excited. One more week of interviews, splits and craziness, we´ll see how it goes!!

Gotta go!!

Ate mais,

Elder Trevisanut


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Bom Dia todos!

This week has been great, another week of tons of work, we have been doing all we can to find new investigators, but Curitiba is really hard!!  It´s still slow going but we´ll get there, we taught 51 lessons this week which is an all-time high for me, so we were pretty excited for that. We have to be the best examples for our Zone, so we´ve been trying to do all we can to set the bar high for our missionaries here.

Not too much has happened this week other than that, but today we´re having a ´´carungejado´´, which is pretty much a made up word for crab barbecue. My comp´s from the Baía (a state in brasil way up norte where they eat tons of fish) so yeah we bought a bunch of live crab this morning at 7:00am. We put them in a bucket behind our house and a few of them escaped already ahah. But we´re pretty excited to cook them up and eat them haha. I´ll take pictures.

But other than that, I gotta go! I´ve got no time!!! Talk to you all next week!!

Elder Trevisanut