Monday, February 25, 2013

One More Opportunity to Serve

Oi tudo bem!?!?!

This week has been......crazy!!! It seems like it was a month ago that I sent that last email, I´ve been so busy for every minute of every hour of every day, there is so much to do! But it´s all really exciting, I´m super pumped!!!

So as for the questions, a Zone Leader is pretty much the same thing as a District Leader, just that instead of having to take care of 3-5 missionaries, you have to take care of 15-35 missionaries, so it´s crazy. And there´s a bunch of random little things also. You get to go to the mission office every week to get materials and letters and packages and stuff, you have a Zone Leader Counsel that you go to once a month with President Cordon, you get to do splits with the assistants to the president, prepare special trainings for the Zone, plan Zone activities (we planned the best Zone Activity for today, I´ll explain later) and tons of other stuff. It´s pretty much just 100x more work than usual. But it´s just one more opportunity to serve, it´s pretty great to be able to help so many people and so many missionaries. But every time it´s a little more responsibility and you just have to get used to it. My comp is great, he´s helping me out a ton his name is Elder Piñeiro, and he´s been a Zone leader for about 6 months, he was actually my ZL for a transfer when I got to Colombo, so I know him well, we´re working like crazy out here, we taught like 40 lessons this week.

TELL BAILEY PARABENS!!!!!!! I´m so excited for her! Okay, stateside, she´ll go to California Riverside Mission ;), and foreign she´s definitely going to MISSÂO BRASIL CURITIBA!!!! :) :) :)

But other than that, we´re doing great out here, oh yeah, we planned out an awesome activity for P-Day today. The missionaries loved it, I made kind of a treasure hunt throughout the church, it´s too long to explain, I´ll have to tell it later. After that we played a type of capture the flag with water balloons, and ate pão de queijo (ask Mike) a huge fruit salad and cake. It was pretty awesome, and a great way to excite the Zone. But I´m outta time, I gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!
Até Mais!!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, February 18, 2013

Zone Leader!!

Oi tudo bem???

Então, I am really short on time so this´ll be a short one, but I wanted to let everyone know how I´m doing this week. The last week of the transfer ended really well, we were running around like crazy to help our investigators to be baptized on Sunday, I also had to do 4 baptismal interviews in my district, and deal with a few issues with a few other Elders in my district as well. It was a crazy week, but very rewarding, and I´m happy to say that we were able to have a baptism on Sunday night. It was great. R, who we have been teaching for about 2 months, was baptized. She was so happy that she cried, and she was so thankful to me and my companion for helping her find the true path of Jesus Christ. It was a great way to end my time in Colombo.

So Sunday night we got the call that I would be trasfered. My time was so short in Colombo, and it went by so fast, I was pretty sad to leave Elder House, I´m gonna miss him a bunch, he was a great companion, and now he´s ready to lead the area in Colombo. He got a great companion called Elder Rocha who will be great in Colombo, and for sure a bunch of the people that we have found and taught will be baptised.

I, on the other hand, am now in Vila Oficinas, an area on the east side of Curitiba. Yes, I have finally made it into an area inside of Curitiba!!!! After a year and 5 months. But, sadly I´ve been demoted to Junior Companion once again. BUT, I´ve been called as a Zone Leader! I was pretty shocked when I heard it, and a bunch of others were telling me that I would be called, but I was still pretty surprised and my heart was pumping pretty fast when President announced it. I´m a little nervous, my Zone consists of 3 Districts and 20 missionaries, so it´s a lot to be in charge of, but I´m sure I´ll get the hang of it real quick. My companions name is Elder Piñeiro, he´s from Salvador in the Baía, the North of Brasil, and he´ll be training me as Zone Leader. So, this transfer´s gonna be a fun one.
But other than that, I gotta go, I´ve got a lot more things to do, so my time is short. I´ll talk to you later!!

Tell Andrew that I say hi, and parabens for the successful mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, February 11, 2013

Spider Bites, no fun!

Oi, tudo bem??

Well, this week has been really crazy, we have been running all over the place doing a bunch of baptismal interviews and doing all we can to help our investigators to prepare for their baptisms this Saturday. We have had to push back the majority of them for two weeks from now, but we are praying that we will be able to have at least one this Saturday. 

Also, transfers are coming up this week, so we´ll see what happens. We opened this area, so we both have the same amount of time here in the area, so we´re not sure who will leave, but we´re both pretty sure that someone will. So we´ll see what happens.

Other than that, this week has been just running around like crazy, not too much to tell, my district had a few problems with a few missionaries this week so I had to do a few emergency splits and stuff, and when I was doing splits with the Zone Leaders they had a few other problems with missionaries fighting and stuff, so I had to be there to help out with that too, the missionary life is crazy, haha. But other than that, just another week. 

But, I´m outta time, I gotta run!! Talk to you all later!! That´s awesome about the mission calls of all those people, good luck to all of them!!

Até próxima!

Elder Trevisanut


Victor said that he was really sick; after pressing him for more information, this is what he shared with me:   "I was actually bitten by a spider. It´s called aranha marrom, it´s like the brasilian version of the brown recluse. DON`T WORRY, it´s all healed, I went to the hospital and got hooked up to an IV,  I was in the house for like 4 days (it bit me right on the knee and I couldn´t even walk!! I had to like cling to the wall to make it to the bathroom), and limping for like 4 more, but I´m all healed up now, I took all the antibiotic, and it´s all gone, without pain or any side effects, so I´m all good!! I gotta go! Ttyl!"  Here is a picture I found online:

aranha marrom

Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Closer to Baptism

E aí como está a família?

Well, we´ve had one more good week, we´re working hard with our progressing investigators to get them closer to baptism, and things are going well, we are hoping to get them baptized on the 17th of February, so we´re all really excited. That's the last day of the transfer, so we´re really hoping it goes well. 

Other than that, the work is going normal this week. A couple areas had some problems this week, so I had to do a few emergency splits, so that is always fun. We also had a pretty crazy rainstorm that caused us to get home at midnight the other night...but thats a story for another day. But thanks for the email, I´ve got no time this week, so I´ll have to keep it super short, sorry!! 

Love you all and I´ll talk to you later!!!

Elder Trevisanut

Great week in Colombo