Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Solid Week in Colombo

Oi tudo bem???

Hey everyone, how is everyone doing???

This week has been a good solid week out here in Colombo, we are still working with the same people, and are getting really excited for some baptisms in the next few weeks, we´ve got some pretty good prospects for these next few weeks. Other than that, not too much happened this week, we had a mission conference with Elder Oaks from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, President Costa the Presidente of the area Brasil, and the presiding Bishop of the church, Bishop Stevenson. We were all really excited for the conference, but when we got there, turns out that there was a problem and Elder Oaks couldn´t make it, so Elder Craig C. Christensen from the Presidency of the Seventy took his place. It was really good, we all thought that they were doing this conference to tell us that they we gonna divide the mission or something, but they didn´t, it was prettty much just a huge Q & A with a handfull of general authorities, it was pretty sweet.

But other than that, not too much has happened this week, and I´m really short on time, so I should probably go, talk to you all next week!!!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dancing, Singing, and Smiling...Jumping in All the Puddles!

Oi tudo bem!!!!

Well this has been a really great week, we got a lot of great work done, and we´re really excited for this next week that will start today.

Well where to start. It´s been a while since I´ve talked about our investigators, but we´re teaching tons of people. Ever since we´ve opened this area we´ve had tons of people to teach, and after a couple of months, we have a few that area starting to progress really well. Just to talk about a few of them, this week we set two wedding dates for the temple. Their names are A and V, and they have actually been investigating the church for a year or two, their daughters were baptised a while back, but they have always kind of pushed baptism farther back and farther back. But we´ve been teaching them ever since we´ve gotten here, and we decided to teach them about temple marriage for eternity, and it was a really spiritual lesson, and they agreed to prepare to get married in the temple on the 21st of February 2014, which means that they need to be baptized within this next month to be able to go through with that date. So we´re really hoping to be able to have their baptism on the 17th of Feb, the last week of the transfer. We´ve also got 6 other dates on the last week of February, we´re hoping to baptise everyone on that day. We´ve got S, who is completely ready to get baptised, who just needs to get married, but her husband doesn't want to get married, we also have In who we found 2 weeks ago, she´s great. We´re also teaching R and D, they´re also progressing really well, D just needs to get over a few addictions. We´re also teaching a great guy called E, and his wife L and their family. They have 3 kids who are just great kids. They´re probably the ones that we´re the most excited about, because E is progressing really well. He was kind of a person that we weren´t sure about in the beginning, but he has is really a true, honest seeker of truth. He has been feeling the spirit for the first time in his life, and he really likes our messages, and especially reading the Book of Mormon. He wants the best for his family, and he wants his kids to have a different life than he has had, and he wants a path or a structure for the whole family. We find stuff like this a lot out here on the mission, where parents want their kids to follow this righteous path, but usually the parents don´t want anything to do with it, and just want their kids to be forced to hear our lessons, but in the case of E, he wants to be the one to guide his family on this path. He is a great guy, and we´re really excited about his progress. We´re really hoping that he can be baptised before the end of this transfer, and with faith and tons of prayer and fasting, for sure it will happen. We´re pretty excited. 

Other than that, this week has been great. On Friday, we were in the farthest area from our house, and outta nowhere a bunch of really dark clouds moved in and rain started pouring down on us. All of our plans had fallen through, and all the doors and windows of the houses we shut, so we were kinda stuck outside when the rain hit us. It´s a common thing on the mission in brasil, you usually just find a big tree or some sort of covering to hide under, but this rain was crazy, it just got heavier and heavier and heavier, and before long, the tree we were hiding under wasn't helping the slightest bit, so we just decided to walk the 45 minutes back home to change our clothes. And it was crazy, all the streets were flooded and we pretty much walked home in a river. It was like Forrest Gump, it was that kind of rain that seems like it´s coming up instead of falling down. The funny thing that I´ve realized on the mission is, you´re gonna get rained on, a lot, so you can get really annoyed for the whole time that you´re stuck in it, or you can just accept the fact that you´re gonna get completely wet anyways, so just enjoy it. That´s what I always do, and I bet all the people here think I´m crazy, cause whenever it rains like this, I usually end up dancing and singing with a big smile on my face and jumping in all the puddles (and in Friday´s case, lakes). It´s always super fun.

But anyways, I´m outta time, I gotta go, I´ll talk to you all later!!!

Elder Trevisanut

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Você tá vendo isso? Is that..... Dominos?

Oi tudo bem?!

Well, super sorry for not writing for the past two weeks, they said that we couldn't write on Christmas cause we were already gonna talk to you all in person, and on New Year's there weren´t any Internet Places open, so the Zone Leaders said that we would have to wait another week to write. Then Sunday night they told us that we had our temple trip on Wednesday, so our P-Day was moved to Wednesday, and then on Wednesday we had a few complications, so I got permission to write today.

Things are going well here, it´s hard to write about three weeks of work, but it´s been going good here, we have been finding tons of people to teach, and are doing all that we can to prepare them for baptism. The biggest problem is still trying to get them to COME TO CHURCH!!!! It´s a little hard for them cause the church is out of our area. We have been teaching a lady for a while, and she´s totally ready to be baptized, she just needs to get married, the only problem is that her ´´husband´´ doesn´t want to get married (here in Brasil it´s kind of expensive to get married, so pretty much everyone just lives together for years and years without getting legally married, kind of annoying for the missionaries), even though they´ve been together for 14 years. He said that he wants 14 more years to think about it. So that´s been one of our struggles. Also because of the Holidays, tons of people have been out of town, so it has been a little difficult to help them progress. But we have still been teaching a ton and working like crazy. 

Also Natal and Ano Novo were great, the members were fighting over us to eat dinner at their houses, so it was cool to feel special and everything, the members love us here, we got so much stuff, and every week they fill up like 5 grocery bags full of fruits, bread and a bunch of other junk food for us, so there´s always food in our house, and the weight is coming back on, haha.

Transfers were on Monday, but we both stayed. We weren´t surprised, the training program is for 12 weeks, so it´s pretty rare to get split up halfway through the training, we´re both super excited to start the new transfer and to collect all the fruits of our work in the first transfer.

Other than that, not too much happened, actually tons of stuff happened, but I don't remember anything, it´s so sad, I really need to get better at writing in my journal too, but I´ve just been SOO busy, and I´m even more busy now that I got called as District Leader again. Training, dealing with a recently opened branch, district leading, it´s all good. It´s the life of a missionary, so it´s pretty good. 

Oh yeah, we also ate Domino's Pizza yesterday in Centro de Curitiba, we were there til late last night, and passed by a familiar looking sign.... Você tá vendo isso? Are you seeing what I´m seeing? Is that..... Dominos? Yeah, I know where we´re eating dinner. So we ate Domino's, I got a ´´Havaiana´´ or hawaiian. it was awesome. But that´s about it, I gotta go!! Talk to you all next week!!!


Elder Trevisanut

Yeah, Domino's!