Monday, December 3, 2012

We've Seen a Ton of Miracles This week

Oi tudo bem!!
Well, I had to write a long letter to president today, so I don´t have time to write too much today, but this week has been awesome!!
Tuesday we picked up our new missionaries fresh from the CTM, and my new comp is Elder House, he is awesome! He´s from Gresham Oregon, so we´re pretty much from the same place haha. He speaks really well already, he has a huge desire to work, and we have already done a great work here in Colombo.
The first day I was pretty nervous, I wasn´t sure exactly what we would do, President Cordon just handed us the keys and said ´´good luck!´´ So we were pretty much lost and not knowing anything about the area. We still hadn't recieved our cell phone, and we didn't know any members, there weren't any investigators, and so we pretty much had to start from scratch. But, we have seen a ton of miracles this week, it was great, and I´m sure that all of the prayers have helped. We got to know a lot of the members here, they are great, and SO excited to have missionaries once again, so they are treating us very well, even though there aren't too many. Yeah, I´m in another branch, but its not small like prudentoplis, there's like 80 active members, and they´re great, I´m super happy to be here for christmas, It´ll be awesome.
We also had 0 investigators, but we have found tons of people to teach, and know we already have a pretty big number of new people to teach, we even marked 2 baptismal dates already!
The city is awesome, it is HUGE and is full of giant hills with tons of awesome views. The city itself is pretty poor, and it´s not the safest, but dont worry, we´ll be fine, we´re being protected. To answer the other questions, our house is great, it´s 2 stories and has a spiral staircase, so it´s pretty sweet, but, we dont have a kitchen sink, plates or silverware, or an iron, and the shower is very cold, but we´ll get all that stuff worked out.
 But I´m outta time, I´ve got a ton more to say, but it´ll have to wait for next week!! Talk to you all later!! Até então, tchau!
Elder Trevisanut

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