Monday, November 26, 2012

Opening Up a Closed Area, plus Training a New Missionary Fresh from the MTC

Oi tudo bem?!

Well, this has been a good but sad week. So not too much happened, it was the last week of the transfer so we were kind of running on fumes to finish it off, not to mention that I´ve been in São José for so long. So Sunday got here, and we were pretty anxious to hear about transfers and to hear who will be leaving and who would be staying.

Well, as you probably guessed, yeah, I got transferred, I was ready to leave after so long, but it was also really sad to say bye to everyone. And, there are two interesting twists on the transfers... First off, I will be opening a new area called Colombo that has been closed for a long time, and, I´m gonna be training a new missionary fresh outta the MTC.

Everyone went crazy when they heard about it, and I am pretty excited, it won´t be the easiest thing to open up a closed area, let alone open it training a brand new greeny from the MTC. I still don't know who will be my comp, they will be getting here from the MTC tomorow, so I´ll figure out then. But he´s pretty much my equivelent, he´s coming in the same time that I came in last year, so I think I´ll have exactly a year more than him. But yeah, for now, me and a couple others will be here in Barigui for a training meeting and tomorrow we´ll greet our new comps.

But yeah, that´s about it, I am outta time, so I gotta go. Everyone pray for me this week, cause I´m pretty sure I´ll need a whole lot of blessings to make it through haha. Até mais!!!!!


Elder Trevisanut

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