Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Been the Same Thing for the Past 2,000 Years...

E aí tudo bem?!?

Well this has been a good week, crazy as always. The time passes so fast on these weeks, I can´t believe the transfer is already on the last week. Not too much has happened, we are doing all we can to make some progress in this area, so we´ll see how it all turns out, we´ve found some new people this week, and we´re still working with about 5 people that have baptism dates. But that's about it with the work, it´s going really well, but it´s super boring to talk about in emails, we teach the same gospel to everyone, it´s been the same thing for the past 2,000 years, and it´s never gonna change, so it´s probably boring to hear about the same thing every week, so I´ll spare you the details. 

But we had a cool experience last night. So, Pedro´s (recent convert that we baptised a few months ago) mom was visiting last night here in São José from another city far away, and Pedro and Silvia called us so that we could come over and meet her. He always talked good things about her when we taught them, and that she had been baptised a long time ago in the church, but had been inactive for years. So yesterday when we went to meet her, we talked for a while with her, and turns out that she had been baptised 18 years ago, but soon after, the missionaries were taken out of her town because it was too dangerous for them (she lives in a neighborhood of the city called Vila Zumbi or ´´zombie village´´ it´s the most dangerous neighborhood in Curitiba) and she quickly went inactive cause there were no missionaries near her, and no church nearby. But yesterday as we talked to her, she told of all the things that she had learned in her short time as an active member, and how happy she was that her son and daughter finally found the right path. She started to cry as she talked about all of the difficulties that she has passed over the years and all of the different churches that she has passed through and that she had never found a church equal to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and she even bore her testimony of the church and everything. It was crazy, cause she´s kind of an older woman who isn´t completely there, but she bore her testimony as if she had been a super active member for years. She even remembered the words to a bunch of the hymns and sung ´´Jospeh Smith´s First Prayer.´´ It was awesome. She´s wanting to leave Vila Zumbi and move to São José close to the house of Pedro and Silvia, so we´ll be able to reactivate her and help her a bunch. There´ll probably be more baptisms in the future with her family too, if she moves here and gets active again, so it´ll be great. Pedro and Silvia are the best, they´re super firm, and Pedro comes out with us on splits all the time.

In response to the questions, the ward is good. It´s hard to say, cause I love all the members, I´ve been here so long that they´re all like family now, and they don´t want me to leave, but at the same time, I´ve had some difficulties with them, and there are only a few members that help us out with the work, and we don´t get many references from them. But I´m gonna miss them all like crazy. And yeah, we have lunch with them every day, it´s the same thing as the states, just that here, the main meal is lunch, so we have lunch with members every day, it doesn't fall through that much anymore. The food is the same as before, it´s pretty much the same in every lugar here in Curitiba, there´s always rice and beans, and some type of pasta or salad(salad in brasil is different than in the states, they just cut up tomatoes or onions or lettuce and throw on a bunch of oil,vinegar and salt), and usually some kind of meat, usually chicken or beef. It´s all normal to me after a year, I´ll probably feel all weird when I get back home without eating my rice and beans, so we´ll see how it goes haha.  And if we´re ever hungry at night,  there are tons of sisters who are willing to make something for us, so we pretty much just have to show up at a members house at night if our plans fell through and we want something to eat. For dinner it´s usually a smaller meal, usually homemade bread with butter or ´´doce de leite´´ (it´s like a caramel spread that they put on their bread, it´s way good), and ´´leite quente´´ (hot chocolate) and some kind of cookie or cracker that they find in their cupboard. It´s all usually the same, it´s nothing special, but it´s all normal to me.

But that's about it, I had a doctors appointment in the center of Curitiba today, so we took advantage and walked around for a while in the sun, it was pretty sweet, I bought some cool stuff in the street from some Indian street vendors, so that was pretty cool. But I gotta go!! 

Talk to you all later!!


Elder Trevisanut

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