Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Party - Success!!

Hahaha, I loved the picture of you two at the halloween party, I bet it was super fun!!

Well this week was pretty good, as you probably all know, we had our Halloween party, and that night it already hit ´´The Face´´ (thats what they call Facebook here). Everyone was talking about it, it turned out pretty well, tons of people went, the members had a lot of fun with the games that we set up (bobbing for apples, origami bats, frankensteins, and vampires, and of few other things). Me and my comp went as the Men in Black, and everyone loved it, everyone wanted pictures with us. We spent the whole night without smiling and acting serious like the Men in Black or MIB (they call it Meebee here). At the end they did a contest to see who had the best costumes and everyone had to walk in front of the judges and do a dance or something that fits your costume, and me and my comp won 2nd place!! Haha, it was awesome, probably the funnest night of my mission so far haha, I´ll try to attach pics.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week, I had to do a few divisions, so I had to be out of my area for a couple days, I spent a day in probably the most dangerous area in the mission, which was pretty cool, there´s like 2 deaths a day in that area, it was pretty fun, haha.

But I´ve gotta go, my account was locked for like half an hour, so I am outta time!! 

Tchau tchau até mais!!

Elder Trevisanut

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