Monday, November 12, 2012

Five Baptism Dates this Week!

E aí tudo bem?!

Well this has been another normal week here in Bom Pastor, not too much new has happened. We have been finding a lot of new investigators lately which has been good, we marked 5 baptism dates this week, so we´ll see how that goes. I´ll probably be out of the area when they get baptized, but that's kinda how the missionary work goes, we rarely see the results of our own work.

We had a zone conference which is always a huge help to get everyone re-excited to get good work done, so that was a huge help. Transfers are happening again in two weeks, so    I´m probably gonna leave Bom Pastor finally. It´ll be super sad to say goodbye, but I´m definitely ready for some new scenery and some new people. I´ve already knocked every house in this whole area! And it´s a huge area!

Oh, I also had a pretty fun experience on Friday. I was in Jardim Ipê doing two baptismal interviews, and as we were leaving at about 8:30 PM, we saw a huge blue flash in the sky, and all the lights went out in the whole city. To fill you all in, Jardim Ipê is one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in São José, it´s pretty much one big spread out favela, and when the lights went out, everyone went out into the street to see what had happened/ mess around/party because all the lights had gone out. So there we were, 4 missionaries walking through the main street of one of the most favelado areas in the city. We all thought we were gonna die, cause we had to walk for about an hour through all of this to get to the bus terminal. But, we got out fine, without problem. It was pretty fun. You guys know me, I love a good adrenaline rush, and they don't come too often out here on the mish, so it was pretty sweet, Haha. You can ask mike to translate if I put in some Portuguese words, it´s just brasilian slang. But that's about it for this week, I should probably go!! Tchau até mais!!


Elder Trevisanut

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