Friday, October 5, 2012

Epic Sacrament Meeting Talk

Tranquilo todo mundo?!

Well, I just sent an email like 4 days ago, so I don´t really have too much to say, same old same old. We´re working like crazy here with the ward and planning a bunch of activities for our investigators and members here. We´re gonna start doing a ´´Noite de Integração´´ (which translated means ´´integration night´´ but I dont think that makes a lot of sense. Its kind of like Family Home evening for investigators and members to get to know them...) every thursday night, and we have already been doing English classes every Wednesday and Saturday night, so that´s been going well. I dont think i teach English very well, I´ve just kinda winged it, but its turning out fine.

I gave a pretty epic talk on yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, it was sweet. And like usual, I´m running around like crazy trying to lead my district haha. It´s been fun, but a ton of work, I´ve never been so busy in my life, but It´s great, I´m learning so much, and making huge changes with my work out here. It´s been great.

But I think thats about it, I should probably get going, I´ll talk to you all next week!!

Elder Trevisanut

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