Monday, October 8, 2012

Anxiously Looking Forward to Conference

E aí!!!!

Wow I got a bunch of emails this week!!! I´ve got a bunch to write to all of them so this will probably be super short. 

This week was great, we were all anxiously looking forward to Conference, so it went by a little slow, but it all got better when conference got here. Conference was GREAT. I got to watch each session, so that was awesome, I took advantage of every moment, and it passed by sooo quick. I can´t believe I never took advantage of conference before the mission, I used to just watch like half of a session, and take the day off from church. I was such a fubeca haha. But it was great, of course the talk from Holland was awesome, he always knows what to say to get people excited, it´s definitely something that will help us out here on the mission when we lose our focus. I also really like the talk from President Monson about prayer, and also the talk from Uchtdorf, and Eyering and Nelson and Ballard, and every other one. Haha, I loved it all. 

As for the work, its going great, just work work work. But not sure what else to say about it, we´re trying hard to find new people to teach, our investigator pool is getting shallow, but we´re gonna work extra hard this week to deepen it a little more. The spirit from Conference will push us along, especially the words from Elder Holland, DO YOU LOVE ME?! Haha, that was an epic talk. But i gotta go!! 

We went to Jardim Botânico again, so we´re getting home pretty late today. Talk to you all next week!!

Elder Trevisanut

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