Monday, October 15, 2012

Need Ideas for Trunk or Treat Games

Ola tudo bem?

Well this week went by really fast, transfer week which marks 4 and a half months in Bom Pastor!!! And, I´m gonna be staying here for at least the next 6 weeks. Me and Elder C. Santos both stayed, I guess President wanted me to stay here as district leader, so I´ll hit 6 months here in good ol´ São José dos Pinhais. This week was pretty normal, just runnning around like crazy trying to get everything done. We´ve got 5 people with baptismal dates, so we´re doing what we can to help them get baptized. Pedro got ordained a Priest yesterday too, so he was pretty excited about that, they´re both doing great. 

We´re also planning some awesome activities here in the ward. On the 31st of October we´re gonna have a Trunk or Treat that´s gonna be awesome. Halloween doesn´t really exist here in Brasil, but everyone seems excited about it, I´ll make sure to take pictures haha. Speaking of, I´m needing ideas for games to play during the activity, things like bobbing for apples and stuff, any ideas would be great!! 

But other than that, things are going great here in São Jose, not too much new, it´s all pretty much the same here after 4 months, I´ve pretty much already talked to everyone in the street that lives here, so we´ll see how 6 more weeks (or more...) goes!

But I gotta go, talk to you all later!

Oh yeah I also had to say bye to Elder Buerkle, Elder Medeiros, and Elder Harper today, they are finally going home, I can´t believe it!!! Everyone´s leaving, before you know it, it´ll be me!!!

Até mais!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, October 8, 2012

Anxiously Looking Forward to Conference

E aí!!!!

Wow I got a bunch of emails this week!!! I´ve got a bunch to write to all of them so this will probably be super short. 

This week was great, we were all anxiously looking forward to Conference, so it went by a little slow, but it all got better when conference got here. Conference was GREAT. I got to watch each session, so that was awesome, I took advantage of every moment, and it passed by sooo quick. I can´t believe I never took advantage of conference before the mission, I used to just watch like half of a session, and take the day off from church. I was such a fubeca haha. But it was great, of course the talk from Holland was awesome, he always knows what to say to get people excited, it´s definitely something that will help us out here on the mission when we lose our focus. I also really like the talk from President Monson about prayer, and also the talk from Uchtdorf, and Eyering and Nelson and Ballard, and every other one. Haha, I loved it all. 

As for the work, its going great, just work work work. But not sure what else to say about it, we´re trying hard to find new people to teach, our investigator pool is getting shallow, but we´re gonna work extra hard this week to deepen it a little more. The spirit from Conference will push us along, especially the words from Elder Holland, DO YOU LOVE ME?! Haha, that was an epic talk. But i gotta go!! 

We went to Jardim Botânico again, so we´re getting home pretty late today. Talk to you all next week!!

Elder Trevisanut

Friday, October 5, 2012

Epic Sacrament Meeting Talk

Tranquilo todo mundo?!

Well, I just sent an email like 4 days ago, so I don´t really have too much to say, same old same old. We´re working like crazy here with the ward and planning a bunch of activities for our investigators and members here. We´re gonna start doing a ´´Noite de Integração´´ (which translated means ´´integration night´´ but I dont think that makes a lot of sense. Its kind of like Family Home evening for investigators and members to get to know them...) every thursday night, and we have already been doing English classes every Wednesday and Saturday night, so that´s been going well. I dont think i teach English very well, I´ve just kinda winged it, but its turning out fine.

I gave a pretty epic talk on yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, it was sweet. And like usual, I´m running around like crazy trying to lead my district haha. It´s been fun, but a ton of work, I´ve never been so busy in my life, but It´s great, I´m learning so much, and making huge changes with my work out here. It´s been great.

But I think thats about it, I should probably get going, I´ll talk to you all next week!!

Elder Trevisanut