Monday, September 17, 2012

Silvia and Pedro Get Married and Baptized!!

Alo tudo bem?!

It was great to get your letter, this week has been crazy, I´ve had to do so much, and this week thats starting today is gonna be even crazier!!! So I´ll try to get everything included.

Well two more baptisms this week, it went perfectly, I´ll try to get pictures in. Wednesday night they got interviewed and passed, Saturday morning at 10:30 they got married, which was awesome, and then at 11:00 they got baptised, they were super excited!! Afterwards a few of the sisters in the ward prepared a special lunch for them to celebrate the wedding and baptism. It all went really well. I baptised Silvia and Elder C. Santos baptised Pedro.

We also found a really cool family this week that have a lot of potential. They are a young couple who are already married and they are intereseted in the church. He actually already knows a bit, he was almost baptized when he was younger, but they chickened out on the day of his baptism. But now he´s older and more interested. We´ll see how that goes.

This week I also had to do a baptismal interview, which was kinda nervewracking, but it went well, so that was kinda fun.

The stake conference was also really good, President Cordon and Sister Cordon gave talks which were awesome. Also our bishop got a chance to talk to president cordon and he told him about all of the good work that we are doing here in the area, so President Cordon was pretty happy to hear about that haha.

Other than that, I thnk that's it, I am short on time, but it was good to hear about all that is going on at home, I hope all continues to go well!!! But I gotta go!!

Até semana que vem!

Elder Trevisanut

signing the papers to get married 
putting on the wedding bands

in their baptism clothes

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