Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free English Classes!

E aí gente,
Hey, how is everyone this week? It was great to get your email and to hear that everyone is doing well and getting ready for school. I can´t believe that there will only be 3 kids in this house after this week. Tell Eric that he has nothing ot be worried about, college is the best, he´s gonna love it.

Well this week went well, not really sur what to say about it, same old same old. My area doesn´t have too much action, but it´s good solid misionary work. Pedro and Silvia are gonna get baptized in two weeks, they are both really excited for their wedding too. We also found a really cool family that have been trying for years to get in contact with the missionaries, but for some reason, every time they talked with the elders and marked a date to have a lesson, it always fell through. So they are super excited for our visits, they are awesome and have tons of potential. We´re also starting free english classes here in our building, and I´m going to be taching one of the classes.... so we´ll see how that goes, i think we´re gonna start it up here in a few weeks.

Also, transfers are coming up this week, and turns out they´ll actually be on MMonday this week, so I´ll know if I´m staying or not by next P-Day, I´m really hooping that I stay here, but on the mission you never stay when you want to, so It´s possible that I leave also haha. But I´m hoping not.

Other than that, just a normal week out here, and... I´m outta time, gotta go!!
Elder Trevisanut

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