Monday, August 13, 2012

Emergency Transfer

Alo tudo bom?!

Well, this has been kind of a hard week, last monday seems like a month ago, haha. So Monday night, we got a phone call from the zone leaders at like 11:00 at night, and.... they told us that there would be an emergency transfer, and that Elder Eddington would be leaving the next morning and that I would be getting a new comp. So I went to the mission office to pick up my new comp and say bye to Elder Eddington. My new comp is Elder C. Santos, he´s from Rio and he´s pretty cool, he´s been out for a year. Turns out he had some issues in his last area, and had to be transferred outta there, so... they sent him to me. I was really bummed for a few days, things were going so well with Elder Eddington, the two weeks that we were together were like the best two weeks of my mission, I had never worked so well or efficiently on the mission before, and we were having so much success. But I´m sure it´s for the best, usually when things are going so well something gets changed. Turns out the mission isn´t the time or place to be comfortable, but oh well, maybe we´ll be comp´s again in the future.

For the work, things are going well, we´re probably gonna have Pedro and Silvia´s baptism in two weeks, and they are progressing so well, things are going great there. The rest are progressing slowly, but doing well also. Other than that, that´s about it that´s gone on here, I don´t have too much time to write, so I gotta finish up. If you wanna know more, send me letters!! Speaking of, I finally got one from Tim this week, I was pretty pumped, and yeah I got one of your packages, mom. But I gotta go, see you all later!


Elder Trevisanut

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