Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free English Classes!

E aĆ­ gente,
Hey, how is everyone this week? It was great to get your email and to hear that everyone is doing well and getting ready for school. I can´t believe that there will only be 3 kids in this house after this week. Tell Eric that he has nothing ot be worried about, college is the best, he´s gonna love it.

Well this week went well, not really sur what to say about it, same old same old. My area doesn´t have too much action, but it´s good solid misionary work. Pedro and Silvia are gonna get baptized in two weeks, they are both really excited for their wedding too. We also found a really cool family that have been trying for years to get in contact with the missionaries, but for some reason, every time they talked with the elders and marked a date to have a lesson, it always fell through. So they are super excited for our visits, they are awesome and have tons of potential. We´re also starting free english classes here in our building, and I´m going to be taching one of the classes.... so we´ll see how that goes, i think we´re gonna start it up here in a few weeks.

Also, transfers are coming up this week, and turns out they´ll actually be on MMonday this week, so I´ll know if I´m staying or not by next P-Day, I´m really hooping that I stay here, but on the mission you never stay when you want to, so It´s possible that I leave also haha. But I´m hoping not.

Other than that, just a normal week out here, and... I´m outta time, gotta go!!
Elder Trevisanut

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zone Conference

Zone Conference - August 16, 2012 
              With the Novo Portao and Boqueirao zones in the Portao Stake Center.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wedding Date Set for September 15th!

Ola tudo bem?

Well, this week has been pretty good, just work work work work work. Pedro and Silvia are progressing still, we actually just got back from the office place ( I dont really know what you call it in the states, but the place where you get your marriage legalized) and they have their wedding date planned for the 15th of September, I really hope that president doesn´t transfer me outta here after all the work that I´ve done with them, I want to see them get baptised. Also Jennifer went to the temple this week to do baptisms, she loved it, she got called on to bear her testimony in front of everyone and had a really spiritual experience too, it was awesome. She is the best, it's too bad that I still have a whole year left on my mission, cause I think I´ve already done what I´ve come here to do hahaha. She´s gonna be the wife of a future mission president or Seventy or something haha. 

But that´s about it, we had a conference with President Cordon this week also, and I got to meet with him, so that was great, but I gotta go! Tchau todo mundo!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, August 13, 2012

Emergency Transfer

Alo tudo bom?!

Well, this has been kind of a hard week, last monday seems like a month ago, haha. So Monday night, we got a phone call from the zone leaders at like 11:00 at night, and.... they told us that there would be an emergency transfer, and that Elder Eddington would be leaving the next morning and that I would be getting a new comp. So I went to the mission office to pick up my new comp and say bye to Elder Eddington. My new comp is Elder C. Santos, he´s from Rio and he´s pretty cool, he´s been out for a year. Turns out he had some issues in his last area, and had to be transferred outta there, so... they sent him to me. I was really bummed for a few days, things were going so well with Elder Eddington, the two weeks that we were together were like the best two weeks of my mission, I had never worked so well or efficiently on the mission before, and we were having so much success. But I´m sure it´s for the best, usually when things are going so well something gets changed. Turns out the mission isn´t the time or place to be comfortable, but oh well, maybe we´ll be comp´s again in the future.

For the work, things are going well, we´re probably gonna have Pedro and Silvia´s baptism in two weeks, and they are progressing so well, things are going great there. The rest are progressing slowly, but doing well also. Other than that, that´s about it that´s gone on here, I don´t have too much time to write, so I gotta finish up. If you wanna know more, send me letters!! Speaking of, I finally got one from Tim this week, I was pretty pumped, and yeah I got one of your packages, mom. But I gotta go, see you all later!


Elder Trevisanut