Monday, July 30, 2012

Joga, Joga, Joga!!

Ei aí!

Well. this week has been crazy, but really good!
So Elder López left to Ponta grossa to train a new missionary from Chile, I´ve missed him a bunch, but my new comp is great. His name is Elder Eddington, he´s from Spanish Fork Utah, and he´s got 3 months on the mission. It´s been great with him, he´s super funny, super positive, and a really hard worker, we´re gonna have tons of success together this tranfer. This week we didn't have any baptisms, but our investigators are progressing well, Pedro and Silvia are going to the cartório this week so thay can get a wedding date scheduled so they can get baptised. Pedro is doing all that he can to stop drinking coffee. We bought Cevada (like a replacement coffee without all the bad stuff in it, I´m not sure they have it in the states) for him and we got him to throw out all of the coffee in his house. It was hilarious, we were just like throw it in the trash! And he started pouring it in the trash kinda hesitantly, but then we just started yelling ´´joga, joga, joga!!´´ that means, ´´throw it, throw it, throw it!!´´ and he dumped it all in the trash. It was awesome.
Well, a bunch of other stuff happened this week, but I´m completely outta time, sorry everyone! I gotta go, I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying summer there! Winter is almost over here, just one more month!!

Oh yeah, and we found Peanut Butter at a huge store today, we freaked out. It was 20 bucks, but we bought it anyways. that´s a first in almost a year. This week´s gonna be good.

Até mais,

Elder Trevisanut

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  1. Sounds great!!! I loved challenges like that on my mission. Hope he can stop drinking it completely & also they get married. Good luck!!
    We luv u!!! You are doing great & so proud of u!!