Monday, July 2, 2012

Ate cow stomach this week...

E aí todos vocês!

This week has been good, just a lot of hard work. I don't know what happened, for the past 2 months it's been freezing, but this week has been crazy hot, it´s been kinda annoying. But yeah, don't have too much time to write, but this week has been good. 

We have been working a bunch on finding new people and we´ve actually had a bunch of success. We had 4 investigators at church, and a few others that are progressing well. Jenifer and Marina are still doing really well, we´re all just waiting for Marina´s mom to let her get baptized. It´s kinda annoying cause they´re both so ready to be baptized. It´s crazy, we dont even have anything else to teach them anymore, we´ve already taught them everything, and they just want to be baptized. We had a really spiritual lesson this week with them, I don't even know how to explain it. But they both have testimonies really srong, I think stronger than the majority of the young women in the ward. They understand everything completely, they get the big picture. Can't even explain how elite they are.

But yeah, that's about it, just running around a bunch, doin the work. I ate cow stomach this week, it wasn't too bad, but it smells really bad. And one day this week our lunch fell through, so they took us to a Churrascaria instead (brazilian barbacue). It was awesome, it's the kind of place that they just keep bringing you meat, meat and more meat on a skewer, it was awesome.

But that's about it, I gotta go!!! Talk to you guys later!!!


Elder Trevisanut

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