Monday, July 30, 2012

Joga, Joga, Joga!!

Ei aí!

Well. this week has been crazy, but really good!
So Elder López left to Ponta grossa to train a new missionary from Chile, I´ve missed him a bunch, but my new comp is great. His name is Elder Eddington, he´s from Spanish Fork Utah, and he´s got 3 months on the mission. It´s been great with him, he´s super funny, super positive, and a really hard worker, we´re gonna have tons of success together this tranfer. This week we didn't have any baptisms, but our investigators are progressing well, Pedro and Silvia are going to the cartório this week so thay can get a wedding date scheduled so they can get baptised. Pedro is doing all that he can to stop drinking coffee. We bought Cevada (like a replacement coffee without all the bad stuff in it, I´m not sure they have it in the states) for him and we got him to throw out all of the coffee in his house. It was hilarious, we were just like throw it in the trash! And he started pouring it in the trash kinda hesitantly, but then we just started yelling ´´joga, joga, joga!!´´ that means, ´´throw it, throw it, throw it!!´´ and he dumped it all in the trash. It was awesome.
Well, a bunch of other stuff happened this week, but I´m completely outta time, sorry everyone! I gotta go, I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying summer there! Winter is almost over here, just one more month!!

Oh yeah, and we found Peanut Butter at a huge store today, we freaked out. It was 20 bucks, but we bought it anyways. that´s a first in almost a year. This week´s gonna be good.

Até mais,

Elder Trevisanut

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hit 10 months this week!

E aí everyone!

Well this has been another good week, we have just been running around trying to get everything done, it being the last week of the transfer and everything. 

So in the big news, Daniele had her baptism this saturday, it was great. Her husband Leandro got to baptize her, it was really espiritual. Then on Sunday, Jennifer, Daniele, and Leandro gave talks in Sacrament Meeting, and it was the probably the most spiritual Sacrament Meeting I have been to. Just imagine, 3 of your recent converts giving talks in the same Sacrament Meeting, and they all gave perfect talks, everyone was crying, it was awesome. We also had 120 people in sacrament meeting, which is way more than usual, it was great. Also a family we have been working a lot with to get reactivated got sealed this week in the temple, it was great too.

Other than that, that's about all that happened this week. Last night Elder López got a call that he would be training this transfer, so he will be leaving (probably) to train, and I will get a new comp.

But that's it for this week, I don't really know how to send an interesting email anymore, I just know missionary talk by now. I hit 10 months yesterday, almost a year!
But I´ll talk to you all later!!!!

Até mais,

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Field Here Seriously is White, All Ready to Harvest

E aí meus irmãos!!

Well, I have no time. But I´ll try to fit in all that happened this week.

Well this week has been just miracles. We had the baptism of Jennifer and it was great, she is the most elect person in the world, there aren´t words to explain her baptism, it was a great experience, and even more of a priviledge that she chose me to baptize her. In other news, she invited her parents to the baptism, and now they are coming to church, which is amazing. She also invited one of her friends, his name Aundrey, and he will be a really good investigator, we´ve got a lesson with him today, we´re pretty excited about that. With Marina, she has seemed kinda bummed lately, cause her mom isn't letting up at all, her mom wouldn't even come to Jennifer's baptism. But we talked with Marina the other day, and she said that she has been praying so hard for her mom to let her be baptised, or at least show some signs of progress, and that night after the baptism of Jennifer, out of nowhere, her mom started asking questions about the church, about Jennifer's baptism, and stuff like that.  It was just awesome, because her mom had never shown the slightest bit of interest, and out of nowhere, she started showing a little interest. And as we were talking with Marina about that experience, her mom showed up to take her home from church, and we got to talk to her and it actually went really well. All of the other times that her mom came to pick her up, she was always super rude, and always just turned her head in the other direction every time that we passed by. So little by little, we´re gonna make it happen. We have a small feeling that she will get baptized really soon, maybe this week. Either way, we already have the baptism of Daniele this Saturday, an investigator that has been investigating the church for a long time, so that´ll be great. Also, Pedro and Silvia are doing really well, i don't know if I talked about them before, but they´re a couple that we found a month or so ago. They´re both super, super elite, and are ready to be baptized, they just need to get married. but anyways, this area is turnng into an area of miracles, it´s crazy how many people we are finding that are completely prepared for the gospel. It´s crazy. Me and my comp have been working like crazy this transfer, and the field here seriously is white, all ready to harvest.

Other than that, that´s about it that happened this week, we have been running around all week like crazy. I did a division in Curitiba with the Zone Leaders also, which was super cool, our ZL´s are awesome. But I gotta go, sorry for the short email, but I´ll talk to you all next week.

Elder Trevisanut

P.S. And with the dead guy that we saw last week, I don't know what it was, there was just a dead guy in the street with a BUNCH of people crowded around, just yelling apostasia haha. It was crazy, people ´´speaking in tongues´´ and stuff like that haha.

Oh yeah, I met a cool guy this week, i dont know how to say it in english, but he is pretty much the leader of all the gangs and drug trafficking (and other stuff....) in the area that we work in, so that was sweet. But it´s cool, he doesn't mess with the missionaries. haha

Até Mais!!

Jennifer's Baptism

I´m using my dress shoes is cause I forgot my sandals(?) and I didnt want to walk on the brasilian ground with my bare feet...haha

Monday, July 9, 2012

Baptizing Entire Church Congregations!!

Feliz quarto de Julho!!

Well, another week down. It´s crazy how fast the time flies out here, I feel like I was just writing email yesterday, I don´t even know what to write!

This week has been good, we are working really hard out here, and another transfer is winding down in a couple weeks, I cant believe it. This week we have been working a lot with a guy named Pedro and his family. They are really great, they are super receptive to everything, and they like the church a lot, they´ve already gone 2 times. With Jenifer and Marina, there´s good news and bad news. Marina isn't really progressing too much anymore, it´s just not working out well with her mom. She wasn't even at Church yesterday for the first time in months. But the good news is Jenifer is getting baptized this Saturday!! She always wanted to wait for Marina, but she said that it´s just time for her to get baptized, cause Marina´s situation isn't changing. But it´s gonna be awesome, she´s so excited!

We played soccer today  with the zone which was sweet. I´m always goalie so I can use my hands haha.  Oh yeah, also, we had a really good lesson with a pastor of this tiny church that he pretty much started himself. We´ll see where it goes with him, but if it all goes well, we´re gonna baptize him and his 35 followers! We´ll be legends of the mission. It´s crazy how much your priorities change on the mission. Before it´s just music, sports, girls, money, etc. Now, it´s contacts, letters (none this week again :´( ....)  and baptizing entire church congregations, haha. Other than that, this week has been a whole lot of work. Turns out it´s not the easiest thing resurrecting an area, this area was dead when we got here.

In response to the questions, the ward here is..... our problem. We´re having a LOT of trouble with our ward, no one wants to do anything, especially not help the missionaries. It´s gotten to the point where we´re embarrassed bringing investigators to church, cause it´s kind of out of hand. People joking around a bunch, all of the meetings starting late, and everything. The Bishop here is great, he does everything he can to help, but sometimes it´s too much for him. The area itself, is great. It´s more of a poor area, but their are some richer areas. we usually work in the poorer areas, the people are more humble and receptive. We´ve only got one favela (super ghetto area) and it´s really small, so the area isn´t TOO dangerous, there´s one other city in the mission more dangerous than São José dos Pinhais, so don´t worry, I only saw one dead guy last week...haha.. no joke. 

But anyways, I gotta go, I´ll talk to you all in 20 minutes ( the weeks seem about that long..)!!! Tchau, até logo.

Elder Trevisanut

P.S. 4th of July doesn't exist here... :(

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ate cow stomach this week...

E aí todos vocês!

This week has been good, just a lot of hard work. I don't know what happened, for the past 2 months it's been freezing, but this week has been crazy hot, it´s been kinda annoying. But yeah, don't have too much time to write, but this week has been good. 

We have been working a bunch on finding new people and we´ve actually had a bunch of success. We had 4 investigators at church, and a few others that are progressing well. Jenifer and Marina are still doing really well, we´re all just waiting for Marina´s mom to let her get baptized. It´s kinda annoying cause they´re both so ready to be baptized. It´s crazy, we dont even have anything else to teach them anymore, we´ve already taught them everything, and they just want to be baptized. We had a really spiritual lesson this week with them, I don't even know how to explain it. But they both have testimonies really srong, I think stronger than the majority of the young women in the ward. They understand everything completely, they get the big picture. Can't even explain how elite they are.

But yeah, that's about it, just running around a bunch, doin the work. I ate cow stomach this week, it wasn't too bad, but it smells really bad. And one day this week our lunch fell through, so they took us to a Churrascaria instead (brazilian barbacue). It was awesome, it's the kind of place that they just keep bringing you meat, meat and more meat on a skewer, it was awesome.

But that's about it, I gotta go!!! Talk to you guys later!!!


Elder Trevisanut