Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally Made it to the Curitiba Temple!

Oi tudo bem todo mundo!!

This week has been long... our zone had our temple trip today, so p-day is Wednesday instead of monday, so our week was 9 days instead of 7, and we pretty much died these past few days. We´ve been prettty low on energy this week, when I got this area the washing machine was broken, so we had to pay to get it fixed which pretty much used up all of our money, so we´ve been going a little hungry, but it´s okay, just one more week and we´ll get money again, I think we´ll make it...I´m only worried about the people that we have to talk with, cause we´re pretty much zombies out here haha.

So this week has been a lot of walking and running around. Before me and my companion got to this area, the only missionaries that passed through here have been complete slackers, so there was nothing here, no investigators, no one ready to be baptized, nothing. So we´ve had to do a lot to find new investigators these past two weeks, but it´s getting better. We´ve been teaching these two girls, Jenifer and Marina, that have a friend in the church, and they´re progressing really well. They´re both completely ready to be baptized, the only problem is Marina, being only 16, can´t get baptized without her parents consent, it´s been pretty hard cause her Mom is a super catholic. It even got to the point where her mom prohibited everything, she didnt let Marina go to church anymore, take lessons from us, or even hang out with her friends that are members of the church. So for a few lessons she kind of snuck out so we could teach her. But we all ended up doing a fast for her and her mom, and on Sunday, they were both at church! Aparently her mom said that she was allowed to go to church and take lessons again, we were pretty pumped, what a blessing.

Other than that, we are still trying to find more investigators and people to teach, we´ve found some, and lost some, but thats kinda how missionary work is, but it´s all good here.
We also went to the temple today, which was sweet, I finally made it to the temple after 7 months in Brazil, so I was pretty excited. I´ll try to put some pictures on here.

But other than that, that´s about it for this week. The zone leaders said that I had mail, but when I got there turns out I didnt so I was pretty bummed about that, it´s been forever since I got a letter. But oh well, it´s all good. But I´ll talk to all you guys next week!!! P-day de novo em 4 dias!!! Haha.

Elder Trevisanut

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