Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally Made it to the Curitiba Temple!

Oi tudo bem todo mundo!!

This week has been long... our zone had our temple trip today, so p-day is Wednesday instead of monday, so our week was 9 days instead of 7, and we pretty much died these past few days. We´ve been prettty low on energy this week, when I got this area the washing machine was broken, so we had to pay to get it fixed which pretty much used up all of our money, so we´ve been going a little hungry, but it´s okay, just one more week and we´ll get money again, I think we´ll make it...I´m only worried about the people that we have to talk with, cause we´re pretty much zombies out here haha.

So this week has been a lot of walking and running around. Before me and my companion got to this area, the only missionaries that passed through here have been complete slackers, so there was nothing here, no investigators, no one ready to be baptized, nothing. So we´ve had to do a lot to find new investigators these past two weeks, but it´s getting better. We´ve been teaching these two girls, Jenifer and Marina, that have a friend in the church, and they´re progressing really well. They´re both completely ready to be baptized, the only problem is Marina, being only 16, can´t get baptized without her parents consent, it´s been pretty hard cause her Mom is a super catholic. It even got to the point where her mom prohibited everything, she didnt let Marina go to church anymore, take lessons from us, or even hang out with her friends that are members of the church. So for a few lessons she kind of snuck out so we could teach her. But we all ended up doing a fast for her and her mom, and on Sunday, they were both at church! Aparently her mom said that she was allowed to go to church and take lessons again, we were pretty pumped, what a blessing.

Other than that, we are still trying to find more investigators and people to teach, we´ve found some, and lost some, but thats kinda how missionary work is, but it´s all good here.
We also went to the temple today, which was sweet, I finally made it to the temple after 7 months in Brazil, so I was pretty excited. I´ll try to put some pictures on here.

But other than that, that´s about it for this week. The zone leaders said that I had mail, but when I got there turns out I didnt so I was pretty bummed about that, it´s been forever since I got a letter. But oh well, it´s all good. But I´ll talk to all you guys next week!!! P-day de novo em 4 dias!!! Haha.

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, June 18, 2012

Transferred to Sao Jose dos Pinhais!

Oi tudo bem!?!

Well, another week has passed by, it´s been a long one, but really good. Like I thought I got transferred, it was really sad to say bye to everyone in Fazenda. On Tuesday, we didnt get too much work done because we spent the whole day running around the city saying bye to everyone. But thats how it is on the mission, you have to say alot of goodbye´s. 

So on transfer day was pretty sweet. In Barigui, we had the transfer conference, and there were a ton of my friends there. I got to talk to Elder HArper for a while for the first time in 5 months, he got transferred to be a zone leader. I also got to talk to Elder Buerkle a bunch, he´s going to Paranagua (the beach), and Elder Medeiros was there too. He got transferred from Prudentopolis and now we´re in the same zone! I was pretty excited about that. Also Elder Hobbs from my MTC district got called to be the new assistant to the president. Everyone was freaking out cause he only has 9 months on the mission, it´s still crazy to think about.

But anyways, I got transferred to São José dos Pinhais, in the area Bom Pastor. São José dos Pinhais is a city right outside of Curitiba, but there´s only about a 30 second city break in between Curitiba and São José, so it´s pretty much the same thing. Every transfer I get closer and closer to the Curitiba! Preudentopolis was 4 hours, Fazenda Rio Grande was 30 minutes, and now it´s only 30 seconds. Haha, one day I´ll serve in the city. But anyways Bom Pastor is an awesome area. It´s the area of the airport, so there are always planes coming in and leaving, it´s pretty cool. My comp´s name is Elder López, he´s from Spokane, and he´s really cool, we´ve got a bunch in common. He´s got 17 mnths on the mission, and we work pretty well together, we´ve got tons of plans for this new area, I think we're gonna have a bunch of success. It´s gonna be great. The Ward is great here. Our bishop is american, he´s from Texas and moved here because of his fiance who´s brasilian. He stopped by our apartment the first night that I was here, to meet me and he ended up trying to fix our fridge, and ended up killing all the lights on our block haha. 

The area is great, we´ve got 3 baptisms lined up for the near future, so we´ll see how that goes. We´ve also found some pretty good investigators this week, so it´s looking pretty promising here. But I´m running out of time, congrats to eric for graduation and everything, I hope everyone is doing well back home, and I´ll talk to you next week.


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, June 11, 2012

I Can´t Really Explain It, But It Was Just Awesome

Oi tudo bem?!

Well this week has been a lot better than last week. And a bunch has happened, so I better type quick.
 On Monday night(last week), it was pretty much the worst it has been with my companion, it was pretty ridiculous. I called the other missionaries that live with us to help me out, and talk with my comp, because we literally got home from Curitiba,  and I was ready to go out and work, and he just got changed into regular clothes and went to bed. I was kinda fed up, but when the other elders got here, we had a REALLY long talk, and it seemed like we had worked out a lot of the problems that we had, and since then things have been so much better. We have been able to work really well this week, and even found a bunch of new investigators. 
Right now we´re really focusing on two in specific, Kelvin, who is 18 years old, he just lost 2 of his best friends in a car accident, and has been kind of depressed lately. But he has been really accepting of the lessons. We´ve also been teaching a guy named Nelson. He stopped us in the street a few weeks ago and asked us if we could stop by, cause he has been having some difficulties in his life. He´s pretty cool, he lived in London for 7 years, so he speaks pretty good english too. So thats been fun. Not much else new with the work. This week being the last week of the transfer, I pretty much went crazy doing contacts. The mission standard is 10 contacts every day per missionary (a contact being talking with someone on the street or at the store and trying to get their address :P) but this week I´ve been doing like 20 or 30 every day, it´s been pretty fun. And not to mention it´s been really cold and raining all week, but it´s been good. 
I dont remember if the united states has the yearly program ´´helping hands´´ or not but here in Brasil it´s called Mãos que Ajudam´´ and for our wards service project, we´re collecting rice and beans in soda bottles and distribuiting them to families in need, our ward had already collected a bunch, I think like 200 pounds of rice and beans. But anyways, this week we had a big activity to help the program, it was pretty much just a huge dance and you had to bring a kilo of rice or beans to get in. It was pretty fun. Here in Southern Brasil, it´s kinda like the Texas of Brasil, so the old culture here is kinda cowboyish, (called Caipira or Gaucho). But I´m really starting to like country dancing... What is happening to me?! Who woulda thought......  I remember one time in Rexburg, I paid 5 bucks to get into a dance, and it turned out ot be a country danc, and I literally turned around and left after like 2 minutes. But hey, I guess the mission changes people hahaha.
Also, this week was the dedication of the Temple in Manaus, Brasil. So that was a pretty big deal, everyone here was going crazy. Saturday night there was a huge festival in manaus that got streamed here in curitiba so we could watch it. It was pretty similar to the Dance Festival that we had, it brought back tons of memories, but it was pretty cool.
The next day was the dedication, and it was a really great experience. I can´t really explain it, but it was just awesome. It was just like being in the temple, even though we were just in a stake center here in curitiba. President Uchtdorf dedicated the temple and Elder Cook and Elder Walker(of the seventy) were there too. It was a great experience. If I could give any advice, I would say that you all need to make it more of a habit to go to the temple. People sacrifice and sacrifice for years to have a temple in their area, and when they finally get one, they always set temple trips to the side. But it´s really important that we all make it a part of our weekly schedule. I cant wait till I get home and I can go to the temple more often.
Oh and tell Eric congrats on graduation, eagle project, and Prom. They both looked great in that picture, even though I think he woulda looked better with a white tux and pink tie... but thats just me ;). 
But anyways, I am outta time, I talked too much, and now I have not time to write President!! So I gotta go! Miss you all, I´m pretty sure I´m getting transferred tomorrow, so I´ll let you all know where I´m going!! Pray that I go to Paranaguá(the beach) cause it´s SOO cold here!!! Tchau, até mais!!!


Elder Trevisanut

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Festa Caipira

Oi, tudo bem!!

This week has been a long one, and still kinda difficult with my companion. We´re not getting a lot of work done, he pretty much decides to go home and packs his suitcase like every other day, so there´s a whole lot of wasted time, so that´s been kind of annoying, but... yeah I´ll just leave out all of that stuff. Other than that, not too much has been happening, transfers are next week, so we´ll see what happens. I can´t imagine president will keep us together one more transfer, and I´ve got more time in the area than my comp, so I´ll probably get transferred to a new area. Transfers are kind of interesting. With missionary work, you´re more or less doing the same thing every day, and after a while it gets a little old, so even if you´re in an awesome area, a change of scenery is always a big help to keep you excited and working hard. But with all that said, I don´t want to leave my area, I love this area, and the people here are the best, I really don´t want to leave yet, and I´m really afraid that my comp. will badmouth me to all the members when I leave. But we´ll see how it goes, it´s too bad when missionary work turns out this way, some missionaries just dont get it. But it´s just another learning experience, just gotta try to get whatever you can out of it.

Anyways, not too much else has happened this week, there was a ward party this week that was pretty cool, we had investigators there and everything. It was called ´´festa caipira´´ I dont really know how to explain it, but it was pretty much like a country party. Everyone dressed up like cowboys and stuff. It´s kind of an old tradition here in Southern Brasil, but it was pretty sweet, there were like 200 people there, awesome food, and dancing (which got me really homesick cause we couldn´t dance... I actually miss dancing a bunch...shoutout to Bailey!!). But it was a good time.

Anyways, that´s about it, and I´m out of time again, so I should go. But I miss you all, and I´ll talk to you later!!

Elder Trevisanut