Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week 31

Oi, tudo bem!!

Well, I´m not sure what to say for this email, I feel like I said pretty much everything on the phone last night. But it was really good to talk to everyone, the time is passing fast, it feels like just a little bit ago that I was calling home for Christmas. So I´m sure the next 7 months will pass by fast.

This past week has been good, not too much happened, just trying to work really hard and trying to find new investigators, we have done a lot of walking this week, but to be honest, we haven't really been that sucessful in finding many new investigators, but I´m sure this week will be more productive.

But I´ve got to finish up, I don't really have to much else to say, the weather has gotten really cold, today feels like rexburg outside, I´m wearing 2 coats and gloves and everything, it´s crazy, never thought Brasil would be like this, but it all good, it reminds me of home haha.

But that´s about it, tell Bailey that I´m so jealous that she gets to listen to Owl City!!! Owl City doesn´t exist here in Brasil!!!

But that´s about it, I´ve gotta run, I´ll talk to you all next week!

Até logo, tchau!!

Elder Tevisanut

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