Monday, May 7, 2012

New companion!

Oi tudo bem!!! Dia das mães domingo que vem!!
Hey everyone, this week has been a long one, and, like usual, I am out of time to write, so I´ll try to fit everything in.
So the beginning of the week was good, Elder Marx had a lot of goodbyes to say to members here in the ward, so long story short, we had a lot of barbecues to go to, and a lot of people to talk to, it was hard to get much work in this past Monday. Tuesday he had his last visit to the temple with President and Sister Cordon, so I had to stay in the area of our zone leaders and work there all day, it was pretty cool, but it kind of killed our numbers this week. Wednesday morning we went to Barigui to the transfer meeting, so I could pick up my new companion. It was pretty great, I got to see Elder Buerkle finally, after not seeing him for three months since he left Prudentópolis, it was really good to see him and talk for a while. I recieved my new companion, I´m not training this time, so that was a relief, but I´m Senior Companion now. My new comp´s name is Elder Viana, he´s from the north of Brasil, close to Belém, it´s pretty much the amazon there. He´s got 16 months on the mission, and he´s cool. It´s kind of interesting working with him, we´ve had a few differences already, but we´re working them out. Other than that, not too much happened. We had a zone meeting today and played soccer and stuff, it was pretty fun, and I GOT A LETTER FROM TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First one in 4 months.... so.. I was pretty excited :P.
Oh yeah, I had an interesting experience yesterday, so we got to church, and we had the confirmations of the family that we baptized. So we all went up in front of everyone to do the confirmations. We kind of had a rushed morning so we didn't really establish who would do the confirmations, but it´s usually the bishop, so I wasn´t really worried. Anyways, they called us up, in front of everyone, and bishop says to me,´´ I talked to them and they want you to do the confirmations´´.... Haha... I was kind of caught off guard, but anyways, I confirmed all 4 of them in front of everyone in the church. It was kind of nervewracking to be honest, but I think it went well.
Anyways, that´s it for this week!  Até Domingo!
Elder Trevisanut

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  1. Wow!!!! That sounds like a busy, special week!!! Congrats on your new comp, those can be fun & interesting. Hope it all goes well & works out. That is awesome that they wanted you to do the confirmations!
    Kimberly got baptized last week and it was a special day for her!! She was so excited that it was finally here!
    Good luck this week.
    We love and miss you!!!
    ~Aunt Lisa & family