Monday, May 28, 2012

Chainsaw Service Project

Oi tudo bem!!!

Well we just got back from Curitiba today super late, and I have like no time to write this email!!!!!! So, sorry if it´s super short.. but I gotta get to work. This week has been.. okay. More problems with my comp, he kinda lost it this week and stopped working, he even said he was going home, and he was super serious about it. He called president and everything. So the next day we had to go the the center of Curitiba to meet with president so that president could talk him out of it. It actually turned out pretty good because I got to have a long talk with president also. That day also happened to be my birthday, and so when he got wind of that, he decided to take us out to McDonalds for lunch!!!! It was awesome, here in Brasil, mcdonalds is like a super nice restaurant, it´s like 15 bucks for a quarter pounder. But as unhealthy as it was, it was totally worth it to have an american burger and strawberry milkshake for the 1st time in 8 months. 
Anyways, that´s about it, the work is going along, I love my ward here, the transfer is almost over, and I did a service project the other day and I got to use a chainsaw, which was legit. But I gotta go!!!!

Oh yeah, and my mom sent all of the happy birthday facebook posts, so for all of you that sent one, it made my birthday great, so thanks!!!!!!


Elder Victor Trevisanut

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