Monday, April 2, 2012

Transferred: Fazenda Rio Grande!!


E ai todo mundo, this week has been long and really good, I´ll try to fit everything in this email in the 15 minutes that I have to write!

So Monday night we got the call from the zone leaders about transfers, and they said that I would be leaving for Fazenda Rio Grande!! My companion was pretty jealous that I got to leave Prudentópolis, I was pretty excited, but I also had to say a few sad goodbye´s to some people in Prudi.

Anyways, I got to Curitiba on Wednesday afternoon, and met my companion, Elder Marx at the terminal there (turns out I had already met him on my second day in the field, when I first got to Brasil, he bought me a salgadinho, a deep fried snack that they sell on like every street corner in the city, really unhealthy haha).

Anyways, we had a ride from a member to our area, it was awesome being able to finally get to go to the city, I was so excited that day haha.

But actually turns out that Fazenda Rio Grande is actually not in the City of Curitiba exactly, it´s kind of a suburb, it´s just south of Curitiba, but it´s pretty much the same thing, it´s a little more dangerous than Prudentópolis haha, it´s got a ton of people, a lot of work to be done, and we have a chapel here!!! It´s so awesome to finally be in a ward, we have about 150 members (lunch every day) and a brand new chapel, with a baptismal font and everything, it still seems unreal after being in the middle of nowhere for so long.

But anyways, I´m just blabbering with too much to say, but the area is awesome, the people here seem great, the members are strong, and they really help the missionaries out, I think we´ve already gotten more referrals in this past week than I ever got my whole time in Prudentópolis.

Elder Marx is pretty cool, I´m killing him at the end of this transfer (which means this is his last transfer on the mission) and he´s pretty excited for that. It´ll be a little bit of work for me because he´s kind of not in a working mood because he´s going home soon, and he´s always talking about leaving and stuff, in missionary terms it´s called ´´trunky´´ but we´ll work all that out.

As for investigators, before I came here, all the missionaries in this area were fubeca´s (slackers) and they didn't really work, so our investigator pool is kinda shallow, but even with that said, we´ve got more than we had in Prudentópolis, and we´re bound to find more. Yesterday in between conference sessions, we taught the sister of one of the members in the ward, and it was perfect, she cried and everything, I´m just super excited to be in this area, I can tell we´re gonna have a lot of success here. I´ve gotten like rejuvenated(?) the past week, I´m super excited to be out here!

Conference was awesome, we got to watch all of the sessions, it was like the best 2 days of the mission, conference for missionaries is kinda like vacation, you get to watch tv for 10 hours and eat a bunch of food, so it was sweet.

Anyways, we´re in Curitiba right now, and have to catch a bus to Fazenda in a few minutes, so I should probably get off, until next time, more things to come for sure, até mais, tchau!!

Elder Trevisanut

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  1. He sounds absolutely terrific! You have to be so very proud of him, helping his trunky companion get out there and work hard. No surprise! =)