Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It wasn't the smartest thing to eat after fasting for 24 hours...

Oi tudo bem!

Sorry that I couldn´t get an email off on Monday, we got to go to the temple this week, so pday is today.
So this week has been good, it´s been long, like usual, but thats just how the mission goes, the days are long, but the weeks are fast.
Our investigators are going good, two of our investigators with baptismal dates moves out of the area, so we were pretty bummed about that, and one that we´ve been working with to stop smoking isn´t really progressing very well. He´s always really busy with work, and his wife doesn´t really like the missionaries (it´s usually the other way around) so it´s been hard. But our family that we´ve been so excited about is doing great. They are still on track to be baptised this week, and they´re all really excited about it, they are the best! All of the kids just love going to church, they love all the classes and everything, they´re just awesome. We met with them on Saturday and we wanted to set their interviews for baptism this Saturday. The problem was, she said she would probably have to work on Saturday, but she didn´t know yet. Because Elder Marx is going home in a week, we really really wanted them to be baptized this Saturday, so we decided to fast every day this week. Don´t worry, we´re doing one day me, the next day my comp, etc. Anyways, yesterday we got a text saying that she wouldn´t have to work on Saturday, so all she needs to do is to be strong and give up coffee, and then they´ll all be set!! We´re pretty pumped.
Speaking of fasting. I fasted for one day, and I broke my fast with lunch the next day. For lunch, we had feijoada, which is a kind of soup type thing with black beans and TONS of meat. I was pretty excited to eat it, cause it´s a pretty popular food here, but turns out, it wasn´t the smartest thing to eat first thing after fasting for 24 hours, and long story short, I got sick. And couldn´t go to the temple today. I was pretty bummed, I´ve been waiting 5 months to go to the Curitiba Temple. But oh well, I´ll go next month.
That´s about it this week, we had interviews with president this week too, which is always great. I´m afriad he´s gonna make me train this next transfer.. we´ll see what happens.
Anyways, sorry this was short, but I gotta run!!!!!!!

Até mais! Tchau todo mundo!! Mandem cartas para mim!!!!!!

Elder Trevisanut

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