Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It was like the best day of my mission!

Opa tudo bem!

I´m in a huge rush today, so I´ve gotta type this fast! My companions going home in two weeks so we´re going to Curitiba so he can buy souvenirs and stuff, and we´re late for our bus, sorry if this is short!
This week has been hard, we had some troubles finding people to teach throughout the week, and a lot of appointments fell through. Some days we walked around all day without teaching any lessons because all of the addresses that we were given were fake, or people weren´t home when they said that they would, it was kind of discouraging. On Saturday, the Ward here fasted for the Missionary Work in this area, it was really cool, we had  a huge lunch in the chapel with everyone in the ward and then we began our fast. The next day on Sunday, everything went perfectly, it was like the best day of my mission. We had 5 investigators at church and through out the rest of the day, everything went really well. We passed by each one of our investigators and taught really good lessons with all of them, and to top it off, we marked baptism dates with ALL of them. So if everything goes well, we´re gonna have 7 baptisms on Sunday the 29th!! We were so pumped, it all went perfectly.
We´re still teaching Luciana and her 3 kids and they are really liking the church, and they really want to get baptised, and we are even reactivating 2 less actives (Luciana´s brother and Sister in law) through them, which is perfect. We´re also teaching Rosi and her daughter, Rafaela, they also area really close to being ready for baptism, Rosi really wants to, she just needs to quit smoking, she´s having alot of difficulties with that, but she´s trying hard. We´re also teaching Julio, he has a lot of trouble with smoking also, but he really wants to get better, and he knows that the gospel will help him with that, and he has  a real desire to be baptised also. But I´m outta time, the week has been good, but I´ve gotta go, I hoep all is well with all of you guys in the states!

Elder Trevisanut


  1. It is so wonderful to hear your missionary experiences in Brazil. I love hearing you speak and the spirit I feel. We are all praying for you.

  2. Victor sounds so happy, I'm glad he is seeing success, you can feel his excitement.