Monday, April 30, 2012

First baptisms!

E ai todo mundo!!

This past week was great, a solid week of missionary work. Since Elder Marx is leaving on Wednesday, the ward has been going crazy, he gave his farewell talk last Sunday, and ever since then, pretty much every member has been wanting to invite us over for family home evenings and jantar (that means dinner in portugues, but dinner doesn´t really exist here in brasil, it´s kind of like a snack) so it´s been crazy trying to get all of our work done and try to fit in all the extra stuff also (you can´t really say no to the sisters here in Brasil, they get pretty mad when you refuse food haha). But as usual I´m short on time so I´ll try to fit in the important stuff.

Our investigators this week went okay, we were really trying to focus on our family that we were preparing to be baptized, so the others that weren´t keeping their commitments kind of got pushed back a little, so there hasn´t been too much progress with them. Julio is so busy with work, and he hasn´t been to church in like a month, and he keeps putting us off every time we mark an appointment with him, so that´s been kind of lame, and we haven´t had too much time to really find too many new investigators, so that´s about it for our investigators. But! Our family that we have been working with got interviewed on Saturday, and they all passed, and..... were baptised yesterday! It was awesome. Luciana, Laisi, Everton, and Thainá. Luciana is a single mom who works a bunch, Laisi is 15, Everton is 12, and Thainá is 10. They all love the church. Through all the members that we brought with us to help teach them over the past month, we had tons of people at the baptism, I think there were 40 or more, and it worked out perfectly, they all already have friends in the church, and all the youth and everyone welcomed them really well to the ward yesterday during the baptism. Elder Marx said that he has only seen one other beptism that turned out so well in his whole mission. It was just awesome, I´ll try to get a picture in this email if I can.

Other than that, not much else has happened this week, we have eaten like 5 meals every day, Elder Marx has been trunky até o pó( mike will understand that), oh yeah, Taylor will like this, some of the youth were playing volleyball out in front of the church, and they hit the ball on top of the roof, and I got to climb on top of the church and get it, I really needed an adrenaline rush, just like the good old days ;)

But anyways, I´m actually at the mission office right now, Elder Marx had his last interview with President today, and we´re gonna stop by in centro again so he can finish buying souvenirs and stuff, but we´ve gotta run!

Até mais! Tchau!!

First baptisms!

Rescuing volleyball from church roof

Rescuing volleyball from church roof

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It wasn't the smartest thing to eat after fasting for 24 hours...

Oi tudo bem!

Sorry that I couldn´t get an email off on Monday, we got to go to the temple this week, so pday is today.
So this week has been good, it´s been long, like usual, but thats just how the mission goes, the days are long, but the weeks are fast.
Our investigators are going good, two of our investigators with baptismal dates moves out of the area, so we were pretty bummed about that, and one that we´ve been working with to stop smoking isn´t really progressing very well. He´s always really busy with work, and his wife doesn´t really like the missionaries (it´s usually the other way around) so it´s been hard. But our family that we´ve been so excited about is doing great. They are still on track to be baptised this week, and they´re all really excited about it, they are the best! All of the kids just love going to church, they love all the classes and everything, they´re just awesome. We met with them on Saturday and we wanted to set their interviews for baptism this Saturday. The problem was, she said she would probably have to work on Saturday, but she didn´t know yet. Because Elder Marx is going home in a week, we really really wanted them to be baptized this Saturday, so we decided to fast every day this week. Don´t worry, we´re doing one day me, the next day my comp, etc. Anyways, yesterday we got a text saying that she wouldn´t have to work on Saturday, so all she needs to do is to be strong and give up coffee, and then they´ll all be set!! We´re pretty pumped.
Speaking of fasting. I fasted for one day, and I broke my fast with lunch the next day. For lunch, we had feijoada, which is a kind of soup type thing with black beans and TONS of meat. I was pretty excited to eat it, cause it´s a pretty popular food here, but turns out, it wasn´t the smartest thing to eat first thing after fasting for 24 hours, and long story short, I got sick. And couldn´t go to the temple today. I was pretty bummed, I´ve been waiting 5 months to go to the Curitiba Temple. But oh well, I´ll go next month.
That´s about it this week, we had interviews with president this week too, which is always great. I´m afriad he´s gonna make me train this next transfer.. we´ll see what happens.
Anyways, sorry this was short, but I gotta run!!!!!!!

Até mais! Tchau todo mundo!! Mandem cartas para mim!!!!!!

Elder Trevisanut

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It was like the best day of my mission!

Opa tudo bem!

I´m in a huge rush today, so I´ve gotta type this fast! My companions going home in two weeks so we´re going to Curitiba so he can buy souvenirs and stuff, and we´re late for our bus, sorry if this is short!
This week has been hard, we had some troubles finding people to teach throughout the week, and a lot of appointments fell through. Some days we walked around all day without teaching any lessons because all of the addresses that we were given were fake, or people weren´t home when they said that they would, it was kind of discouraging. On Saturday, the Ward here fasted for the Missionary Work in this area, it was really cool, we had  a huge lunch in the chapel with everyone in the ward and then we began our fast. The next day on Sunday, everything went perfectly, it was like the best day of my mission. We had 5 investigators at church and through out the rest of the day, everything went really well. We passed by each one of our investigators and taught really good lessons with all of them, and to top it off, we marked baptism dates with ALL of them. So if everything goes well, we´re gonna have 7 baptisms on Sunday the 29th!! We were so pumped, it all went perfectly.
We´re still teaching Luciana and her 3 kids and they are really liking the church, and they really want to get baptised, and we are even reactivating 2 less actives (Luciana´s brother and Sister in law) through them, which is perfect. We´re also teaching Rosi and her daughter, Rafaela, they also area really close to being ready for baptism, Rosi really wants to, she just needs to quit smoking, she´s having alot of difficulties with that, but she´s trying hard. We´re also teaching Julio, he has a lot of trouble with smoking also, but he really wants to get better, and he knows that the gospel will help him with that, and he has  a real desire to be baptised also. But I´m outta time, the week has been good, but I´ve gotta go, I hoep all is well with all of you guys in the states!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, April 9, 2012

I felt like Larry Fitzgerald catching cinderblocks...

Feliz Páscoa pra todos!!

E ai, tudo bem, this week has been good we´ve worked a bunch, and I´m finally seeing results out here! Haha.

This week we have found some good new investigators, and have been working hard with the ones we already had, and they are all going well. This week, we´re gonna work hard on getting a lot of firm baptis dates with all of them, cause they are all on their way. At church yesterday, we had 8 INVESTIGATORS at church! We were pretty excited, 8 is a pretty big number here, so we were pretty pumped that all of our work is showing results.

The family that I talked about last week is coming along great, we found them through an inactive member, Márcio, and he´s been coming with us to our lessons with them, which is great too, because he´s started coming back to church, so we´re kinda hitting two birds with one stone. The bishop here loves us because we´re doing a bunch to try to help inactives come back.

We were also walking around the other night doing contacts because our appointment fell through, and this lady came up to us and asked us if we could come by and teach her son about the gospel. She said she always sees the mormon missionaries walking and talking with people, and she always wanted to talk to them but never got the chance. She said that she wants her son to be a missionary like us haha. So we stoppped by her house the next day and taught them both the first lesson and they really liked it. They are both really great, and she treated us really well like we were angels or something, and after the lesson, her son came with us for our next appointment too!! We try so hard getting the youth from the church to come and do splits with us, but this time we got a non member who we just met to come out with us, it was crazy. His name is Samuel, and he thinks serving a mission would be really cool, we couldn´t believe it that night.

Also, we had a service project this week on wednesday morning, one of the members needed help pretty much taking apart his house so he could use the peices to build a new one. So we brought like 30 other priesthood holders from the ward, and we pretty much destroyed the house, it was crazy. The house was huge, so we were out there for like 5 hours, the whole time, I was on the ground level catching roof tiles. But here in brasil, the roofs are made out of brick, and each roof tile weighed like 10 pounds. So there were a few guys on the roof (like 20 feet up) chucking roof tiles down at me, and I had to catch them without letting them break. It was pretty much like the machines that shoot football´s at you, I had to catch it, and stack it really quick, cause there was already another one coming at me. It was awesome, I felt like Larry Fitzgerald catching cinderblocks when he was a kid (Mike will like that haha). I only dropped 6 out of like 500. I destroyed my hands though.

Anyways, I´m really short on time, and I´m dragging on here, this week has been good. Easter has been great, we´ve gotten so much chocolate this week, I´m starting to get fat haha. The members here love us, yesterday we walked home from church with our backpacks completely full of chocolate, it is crazy. Not to mention that Elder Elias received a package completely full of chocolate, it weighed 25 kilos. So we´re not eating too healthy this week haha.

But I´m outta time, and I gotta run and finish writing some letters, I´ll talk to you guys next week!! Até mais, tchau!


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, April 2, 2012

Transferred: Fazenda Rio Grande!!


E ai todo mundo, this week has been long and really good, I´ll try to fit everything in this email in the 15 minutes that I have to write!

So Monday night we got the call from the zone leaders about transfers, and they said that I would be leaving for Fazenda Rio Grande!! My companion was pretty jealous that I got to leave Prudentópolis, I was pretty excited, but I also had to say a few sad goodbye´s to some people in Prudi.

Anyways, I got to Curitiba on Wednesday afternoon, and met my companion, Elder Marx at the terminal there (turns out I had already met him on my second day in the field, when I first got to Brasil, he bought me a salgadinho, a deep fried snack that they sell on like every street corner in the city, really unhealthy haha).

Anyways, we had a ride from a member to our area, it was awesome being able to finally get to go to the city, I was so excited that day haha.

But actually turns out that Fazenda Rio Grande is actually not in the City of Curitiba exactly, it´s kind of a suburb, it´s just south of Curitiba, but it´s pretty much the same thing, it´s a little more dangerous than Prudentópolis haha, it´s got a ton of people, a lot of work to be done, and we have a chapel here!!! It´s so awesome to finally be in a ward, we have about 150 members (lunch every day) and a brand new chapel, with a baptismal font and everything, it still seems unreal after being in the middle of nowhere for so long.

But anyways, I´m just blabbering with too much to say, but the area is awesome, the people here seem great, the members are strong, and they really help the missionaries out, I think we´ve already gotten more referrals in this past week than I ever got my whole time in Prudentópolis.

Elder Marx is pretty cool, I´m killing him at the end of this transfer (which means this is his last transfer on the mission) and he´s pretty excited for that. It´ll be a little bit of work for me because he´s kind of not in a working mood because he´s going home soon, and he´s always talking about leaving and stuff, in missionary terms it´s called ´´trunky´´ but we´ll work all that out.

As for investigators, before I came here, all the missionaries in this area were fubeca´s (slackers) and they didn't really work, so our investigator pool is kinda shallow, but even with that said, we´ve got more than we had in Prudentópolis, and we´re bound to find more. Yesterday in between conference sessions, we taught the sister of one of the members in the ward, and it was perfect, she cried and everything, I´m just super excited to be in this area, I can tell we´re gonna have a lot of success here. I´ve gotten like rejuvenated(?) the past week, I´m super excited to be out here!

Conference was awesome, we got to watch all of the sessions, it was like the best 2 days of the mission, conference for missionaries is kinda like vacation, you get to watch tv for 10 hours and eat a bunch of food, so it was sweet.

Anyways, we´re in Curitiba right now, and have to catch a bus to Fazenda in a few minutes, so I should probably get off, until next time, more things to come for sure, até mais, tchau!!

Elder Trevisanut