Monday, March 12, 2012

Living off of bread and water...

E aí, tudo bom?!

This week has been good, just two weeks left of the transfer, it´s crazy, it´s going by so fast, this transfer.
This week has been okay, me and E. Medeiros have been pretty sick all week, we even had to stay in the house one day because of it. And we didn´t have any money to buy medicine either, or food! Haha. Pretty much what happens is each apartment receives light bills that the missionaries have to pay, but we can turn in the receipt for a reimbursement,  the only thing is, you have to wait like 3 weeks for the reimbursement. So our money ran out on Monday, and we have been living off of bread that we bought with change that we found around the house. But it´s all good, thats the missionary life! Haha.
This week with our investigators has been difficult. The family we found is great, and they really like the missionaries, but they pretty much cut us the other day because their son wants to be a catholic priest, and they want him to follow that path, even though we´re pretty sure that they know that the church is true. With Mauro, he didn't go church, he had to work, he´s still progressing, but he needs to come to church. He also gave into temptaion and smoked yesterday, but he felt really bad about it. Today we´re bringing him a giant bunch of bananas, we heard that bananas help your cigarette cravings, so he´ll enjoy that haha. 

Zone conference was good, it´s always great to see President and Sister Cordon, they are the best. We also got to watch a movie!! It´s called 17 miracles, it´s a church movie, and I recommend it to everyone, it was an amazing movie about the pioneers.
After Zone conference we did a division with the zone leaders and I got to stay in Guarapuava and work there for 2 days. We did a service project for one of their investigators who is getting baptized this week. We were cleaning up her yard, it was a pretty crazy project. There was sooooo much trash, you can´t even imagine, there was just layers and layers of it. By the time we were done 5 hours later, we had a huge pile of trash, that was probably 4 feet tall, with like a 15 foot diameter(?).
Anyways, I think that´s it for this week. We received our reimbursements today, so we´re gonna fubecar today, just kidding haha ;). Mike will know what that means haha.
That´s exciting about Rianne and Dave, still can´t believe it, I´m pretty excited for her, I sent her an email today. And I´m really happy that they are doing it at the Portland Temple, I miss Portland so much!

About transfers, it´s hard to say, I´ve spent a lot of time here in Prudentópolis, so I´m sure I´ll miss it a little bit when I get transferred, but I´m ready for a new area haha. I´m pretty sure I´ll head out of here in a few weeks, according to President. 

Anyways, I´m outta time, até mais todo mundo, tchau!

Elder Trevisanut

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