Monday, March 26, 2012

Transfers this week!!

Oi, tudo bem!!!

This week has been a long one, but the last week of the transfer always is, I´m excited that the transfer is coming to an end, it´s been a long one.
This week we have been working a lot with Jesanna, it´s kind of a cool story with her. She plays professional soccer for a city team here in prudentóplis, and one of the Irati Elders made a contact with her on the bus a month or so ago, and they ended up running into each other on the bus 3 or 4 times after that and he ended up giving her a book of mormon. We had been trying to get in contact with her the past month, but without success. Anyways, we were on the bus riding back from Irati the other day, and we were both passed out, but Elder Medeiros woke up and saw a girl reading a Book of Mormon. At first he thought that she had taken his while he was sleeping, but she hadn't. Anyways, long story short, he ended up talking to her, apparently she´s been reading a lot on her own, and we set up an appointment with her. We´ve taught her 3 times this week, and she´s really accepting all the things so far. We have another lesson tonight, hopefully it goes well.

Other than that, our investigators are.... going. It´s hard here in Prudentópolis, but we just gotta keep going!

With transfers, we won't know until tonight at like 10:30, I´m pretty anxious, I think I´ll probably go, but who knows, I won´t lie and say that I´m not excited to leave haha.

Not much else this week, after being in the same area for 4 and half months, the emails start to get boring, sorry everyone!!!!! We had a successful ward activity this week, it was really good, we had about 45 people there, and it was great.

Anyways, hit my 6 month mark this week, it´s crazy, it feels like I´ve been out here forever, but at the same time, it´s crazy that it´s already 1/4 over.

But, I gotta go!! Talk to you all later!!

Elder Trevisanut

Pizza doce, dessert pizza in brasil, the best tasting food in the world!

Me and Elder Medeiros on my 6-month mark, we got a little bored

I was bored on Sunday morning, haha


Monday, March 12, 2012

Living off of bread and water...

E aí, tudo bom?!

This week has been good, just two weeks left of the transfer, it´s crazy, it´s going by so fast, this transfer.
This week has been okay, me and E. Medeiros have been pretty sick all week, we even had to stay in the house one day because of it. And we didn´t have any money to buy medicine either, or food! Haha. Pretty much what happens is each apartment receives light bills that the missionaries have to pay, but we can turn in the receipt for a reimbursement,  the only thing is, you have to wait like 3 weeks for the reimbursement. So our money ran out on Monday, and we have been living off of bread that we bought with change that we found around the house. But it´s all good, thats the missionary life! Haha.
This week with our investigators has been difficult. The family we found is great, and they really like the missionaries, but they pretty much cut us the other day because their son wants to be a catholic priest, and they want him to follow that path, even though we´re pretty sure that they know that the church is true. With Mauro, he didn't go church, he had to work, he´s still progressing, but he needs to come to church. He also gave into temptaion and smoked yesterday, but he felt really bad about it. Today we´re bringing him a giant bunch of bananas, we heard that bananas help your cigarette cravings, so he´ll enjoy that haha. 

Zone conference was good, it´s always great to see President and Sister Cordon, they are the best. We also got to watch a movie!! It´s called 17 miracles, it´s a church movie, and I recommend it to everyone, it was an amazing movie about the pioneers.
After Zone conference we did a division with the zone leaders and I got to stay in Guarapuava and work there for 2 days. We did a service project for one of their investigators who is getting baptized this week. We were cleaning up her yard, it was a pretty crazy project. There was sooooo much trash, you can´t even imagine, there was just layers and layers of it. By the time we were done 5 hours later, we had a huge pile of trash, that was probably 4 feet tall, with like a 15 foot diameter(?).
Anyways, I think that´s it for this week. We received our reimbursements today, so we´re gonna fubecar today, just kidding haha ;). Mike will know what that means haha.
That´s exciting about Rianne and Dave, still can´t believe it, I´m pretty excited for her, I sent her an email today. And I´m really happy that they are doing it at the Portland Temple, I miss Portland so much!

About transfers, it´s hard to say, I´ve spent a lot of time here in Prudentópolis, so I´m sure I´ll miss it a little bit when I get transferred, but I´m ready for a new area haha. I´m pretty sure I´ll head out of here in a few weeks, according to President. 

Anyways, I´m outta time, até mais todo mundo, tchau!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, March 5, 2012

Elder Trevisanut - Dance Instructor?!

Oi tudo bem, todo mundo!!
Another week here in Prudentópolis, the 4th week of the transfer started today, it´s crazy, this transfer is already halfway over!! It has really passed by quick.
Anyways, this week has been... another week in Prudentópolis. We had a lot of disappointments this week, but a lot of good things happened too. The couple that I talked about before, who cut us, don´t want anything to do with us anymore, ever since his old preacher gave him that job, so that has been really frustrating. But we just gotta keep moving forward. We found a pretty good investigator about 3 weeks ago, and we´ve been visiting him pretty regularly, and he´s actually turning out ot be a really good investigator. Since we´ve been visiting him, he´s stopped smoking and drinking coffee, and he´s praying a lot more, and seeing a big difference in his life. The only problem is his work schedule, he couldn't make it to church yesterday, so his baptism date for the 11th of March fell through. But we rescheduled it for the 18th (the mission rule is that they have to go to church at least 2 times before they can be batpized). But he wants to be baptized, and he´s really progressing. So that´s exciting. We also have another couple that we are teaching, they are great, but they are having trouble with their Lutheran pastor also, he´s talking a lot of bad stuff about the church, and swaying them a lot. But we´ll see.
We also found a family in the area book that received a few lessons from some other elders a couple years ago, and when they got transferred, they just dropped them, so we stopped by their house on Saturday night at about 7:30, and they were really great! We talked and taught the first lesson, and stayed there until 9:30. We were a few minutes late gettting home that night.... But we are really excited about them. But yeah, that's all the missionary talk.
The branch is going well here too, I think we´re going to be holding a class in the next couple weeks to teach the youth how to dance (there was a youth conference last month, and none of them knew how). And I´m pretty sure I´m the one with the most experience dancing, so they want me to teach as much as I can. So Bailey, if you´re reading this, it´s time to put all of your training to the test! Haha.
Not much else has gone on this week, we have a zone conference in Guarapuava tomorrow, so it´ll be nice to see everyone and have a fun time there. And get letters for the first time in a month!! All of us out here in the interior have to wait forever to get mail.
Not much else this week happened, just trying to find people to teach, and working hard, it´s been another hot one, but i think summer just ended so it should cool down soon.
I don´t really have words to say about Rianne´s engagement, so I´ll just leave it at that haha. I´ll wait for her to tell me the story. I just really hope he didn´t propose at the Rexburg temple, please tell me he didn´t do that.... Haha
I´m sad that I missed Madison's baptism too, that sounded like a really great day, I wish I could´ve been there!
Anyways, I gotta get going, so I´ll finish up. I ate Mandioca for the first time this week, it´s kinda like a potato, but it´s way way better and really healthy, so if they have that in the United States, I recommend everyone buy some and try it! Anyways, that´s the latest from this side of the world, tchau, até mais!!!
Elder Trevisanut