Monday, February 27, 2012

"Prudentopolis - Most Idolatrous City in Brazil"


This week has been long, but fast at the same time, not really sure what else to say about it, it´s been pretty hard.

With the couple we found Sunday night, João e Ediclera, we got a text from them on Monday night saying that their old Presbyterian pastor showed up like right after we did that same night, completely out of the blue, and offered João a job in Iratí, so they pretty much said that they didn´t want to hear from us anymore because of that. We were pretty mad, like, Prudentópolis is a ridiculously hard area, we never find anyone who really wants to listen, not to mention a family of elites, so we were pretty bummed. We went back on Monday night and we knocked for like 20 minutes and Ediclera finally came out, and she was super nice about it, but yeah, since then we haven´t been able to visit with them, we´ve passed by every day, but haven't been able to get into the door. And they didn't come to church on Sunday. So we´ve been pretty bummed about that.

Not much else, we´re trying and trying, but with little success. We´ve started working with Sydney again, but it isn´t going too far with her, but it´s all we´ve got right now. We also taught a guy named Carlos last night who seems to have a lot of potential. But who knows, after 3 1/2 months of Prudentópolis, it´s getting pretty old. But we just gotta keep goin and goin.

The weather´s still been hot this week too, but we have gotten a bunch of rain, so it´s cooled down at the nights at least.

Being with Elder Madeiros is cool though, we´ve got a bunch in common, so it´s not much different than being with an american companion, I feel more comfortable around Madeiros than Buerkle already haha, we´ve got a ton in common. The language isn´t really a problem, I can speak well enough that we can communicate fine.We talk pretty much all day, without a problem. He´s got a funny accent though cause he´s from the Northeast. It´s been good being able to speak Português all the time, the language is coming along a lot better now. I can pretty much understand everything that everyone says, even here in Prudentópolis, so I´m expecting to be able to understand really well once I get moved into the city, where people actually speak Português hahaha.

A random fact about Prudentópolis that I learned this week. It won the Guiness Book Of World Records ´´Most Idolatrous City in Brazil´´ so I thought that was funny, but I wasn´t surprised at all haha.

Yeah, I told Madeiros that Mike served in Jardim Atlántico and he was like, that´s my ward!! It was hilarious, such a small world haha. But his family hadn´t been baptized at that point, but I´m sure Mike walked past his house or something. After 7 months, I wouldn´t be surprised.

Ah, I´m so jealous that you guys are gonna have snow, I can´t even imagine that concept anymore haha. People here talk about snow like it´s some imaginary thing that are only in fairy tales or something, it´s funny. Whenever I tell people that I´m from Washington, they´re like, ´´ahh, I bet you get tons of snow there, what´s it like??´´ haha.

Tell Eric congrats on the job, man he´s lucky to get 9.50 an hour, those are pretty good starting wages, and some good hours too.

Anyways, sorry this email has been lame, hopefully this week will be more eventful, but I´ve gotta go either way!! Hope everyone is well on that part of the world, I miss everyone, and I hope all goes well for everyone this week!!!

Até mais!


Elder Trevisanut

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