Monday, February 20, 2012

tem cuidado sobre as moças!!! (Be careful around girls!!!)

Bom, tudo mundo!

How is everyone doing this week? It´s been a good one, but I already have like no time left!! I´ll try to type quick.

This week has been crazy, Monday night we heard about transfers, which is always really exciting and intense, all 4 of us in our district had been here for at least 2 transfers, so it was way up in the air who was going to get transferred. So we got the call on Monday night, and they told us that Elder Harper and Elder Buerkle were leaving, Elder Harper is a district leader now in Pinhais, he was really sad to leave, he loved Irati, we had some good times too, I was pretty bummed to see him go, we have like everything in common haha, it was always good to get a break form Elder Buerkle during our weekly splits. Elder Buerkle actually got a call personally from President Cordon (which is super rare, what with there being 190 missionaries in the mission, but he really likes Elder Buerkle). Anyways, President Cordon asked him to be a Zone Leader in the Curitiba/Iguaçu zone, and of course he said yes. He was SO mad though, it was pretty funny. Elder Buerkle loved Prudentópolis, and he hated to leave the city, not to mention the fact that he was going to be a zone leader in the zone that he just left from. He will be serving in Ala Dois (just means ward 2 or 2nd ward) which is literally right next to Barigui, where he served for 6 months before Prudentópolis. He was pretty mad. I was actually a little sad to see him go, after being companions for 3 months. But I got a new companion, Elder Madeiros, he´s from Olinda, Brasil, it´s a pretty big city really close to Recife, Mike may have served there? Anyways, he´s a really good missionary, he´s been out for about 1 year and 4 months, and he is really good at teaching, I am already learning so much, I´m pretty excited to work with him. It was actually kind of a funny story once Buerkle left, cause Elder Buerkle had to leave for Curitiba at 8 in the morning, and Elder Madeiros wouldn't get here until 7:30 at night, so I had to stay with a member all day. I stayed with Irmão Daniel, he teaches English, so I just helped him with his classes all day, it was kinda fun. So we headed over to the Redoviaria (bus station) at 7:20ish, and he had to rush to go teach a class, so we figured it would be okay if I just waited alone for like 5 minutes until Elder Madeiros´s bus got here, so I waited, and the bus got here.... but he didn´t get off. After the bus left, I called the zone leaders and I was like, so I´ve got a little problem, and I explained what happened. They told me that they just got a call from the assistants saying that he wouldn't arrive until 9:00, and they were like super urgent and they were like, find a member really quick! And be careful, tem cuidado sobre as moças!!! ( be careful around girls!!!!) hahaha. So I pretty much ran to one of the members houses and expalined that I couldn't be alone, and they said it was cool. We went to the bus station at 9:30 and like 3 buses showed up and he didn't get off, we waited and waited and waited until like 11:30, and he finally showed up, it was pretty funny, I was so tired though, I haven´t been up that late in forever!!

But since then things have been good, it´s awesome to be with a brasileiro, he doesn´t speak any english really, just some words, so it´s great to be able to speak Português all day every day, Elder Buerkle hated speaking the language. We have also found some really good investigators the past couple days. Last night we found this couple, that are seriously elite, we are so excited about them, they loved our message, we have really high hopes for them, we´re gonna visit them again tonight.
The weather here is still hot and humid, this week has been the hottest week of my life, it has been in 40´s all week. So I think that´s like 110 or something, but it almost killed us haha. It should cool down in about a month in a half or so, so I´m pretty excited about that.

Anyways, I´m pretty short on time, I should probably go, oh yeah, today is my 150th day on the mission, I thought that was pretty cool, my 5 month mark is tomorrow also, which is crazy. It goes by pretty fast. Today´s also the 1st day of Carnaval, but here in Prudentópolis it´s not too big, probably just a bunch of parties tonight, that should make for a good nights rest haha. But it´s all good.

Anyways, I gotta go!!! Tchau todo mundo, até mais!!!!


Elder Trevisanut


  1. wow 110 that's hot. Its in the 20's here and about ready to snow. scott seely your friend and you parents

  2. your friend and your parents friend