Monday, February 13, 2012

100° all week, 100% humidity!

Olá tudo bem?! Hoje é P-Day vamos fubecar!! (Haha only uncle Mike will understand that)

This week has been great, we have been really working hard, and seeing a lot of results. This week has been another week of working a lot with the members and less actives, the branch is catching fire here! It´s great. This week we had 48 people at church (that´s a lot!), and Romildo´s family came again, it was awesome, we also had like 3 families bring investigators to church, so we have new investigators to work with, we are really excited about that. This week has been HOT though, we´re right in the dead center of summer here, so we have been in the 100´s all this week, with 100% humidity, it has been horrible, but only a few more months of summer here!

For transfers, I´m not sure yet, we should be finding out tonight at like 9:30, so next week in my email, I might be in a new area! But chances are slim, I´m pretty sure Elder Buerkle is gonna get transferred, so I´ll probably just have a new companion, so that will be an exciting change, but wherever I go doesn´t really matter, and I´m starting to like my area more and more every day, so I´m totally fine for another transfer here.

I got the package with the PoS puzzle, BoM, and temple pants, so thanks for that! Man, there was a lot of candy in there, I didn´t know what to do with it all, I hope you don´t mind that I gave some to some brasileiro missionaries, they hadn´t ever had snickers before, so I had to let them try it.

I also got the email with the pictures on it, that was great, everyone looked like they had a lot of fun during new years, that looks like so much fun haha.

That´s good to hear about Kevin Astle, I can't believe he´s already home, tell him I say oi if you get a chance!

Well, I need to finish up, we´re in Guarapuava right now for a zone activity, and we need to get off to catch our bus in a little bit, so I will talk to you guys next week!! I´ll try to get some pictures too!

Tchau tudo mundo, até logo!!

Elder Trevisanut

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