Monday, January 16, 2012

Visit from two Apostles!

Olá todo mundo!!

Phew, this week has been a long one, but this next one should be better. I don´t have much time to write, they cut 15 minutes off of our allowed time to email, so it might be shorter from now on.

With our investigators this week, what is there to say.. None of them are progressing, Sydney was getting closer and closer to baptism, but then she got a job outside of the city, and will be living more in the interior of Brazil, so that kinda sucks, we will probably just have to drop her, cause we aren´t able to go out there. With the others, they just aren´t really going anywhere, Prudentópolis is hard, everyone calls it the hardest area in the mission, we´ve only had 3 baptisms the past year, which is crazy crazy low for a Brazilian area, but we´re working hard, and we want to get 10 baptisms this transfer haha...

We got some really crazy news this week too, I was gonna wait to tell you, but I can´t wait anymore, it´s pretty huge news for a missionary: On the 27th of janeiro we will be having a special mission conference in Curitiba, and we are going to be visited by 2 apostles!!! We heard it was going to be Anderson and Ballard, but we´re all really really excited! It´s weird though, cause it´s pretty rare to get an apostle visit to your mission, let alone 2 at one time!! Everyone is saying they´re gonna shut down the mission and stuff haha.

But as for new stuff this week, not too much has happened. We did a division with the zone leaders so I got to spend the whole day on Wednesday with Elder Joás, he is a really awesome Elder. Honestly, he is EXACTLY like Andrew Prince. It´s crazy, he has the same exact personality, and they look exactly the same and have the same manerisms (except he´s brazilian from the north, so he´s black), but it was really good to learn from him and do that for 24 hours. It was a good break from Elder Buerkle haha.

Oh yeah, I was walking down the highway from an appointment, and it was raining, and a huge semi drove by and the wind from the semi destroyed my umbrella haha. It was actually pretty funny, the umbrella was like inside out haha, I´ll send a picture of it.

The youth program went well, we actually weren´t able to make it cause we had to go to Guarapuava that night, but we heard that it all went smoothly, they´re doing a service project this week, so it should be good.

We have one member of the branch called Irmão Paulo, who is a really strong member of the branch, and he´s been a member for like 15 years, but anyways, he´s been really sick the past few months, and the past month or so, he´s been really really sick. Both of his kidneys shut down, and he actually went into a coma the other day, and it was looking worse and worse. It really kinda helped the branch come together ove the past couple months, and there have been a bunch of really cool spiritual experience that have come out of it for a lot of less active members and a lot more have started to come back. But last week, we all did a branch fasting, for Irmão Paulo, and it was kind of a miracle, one day  he just bounced back from it all, and he came out of his coma, and actually was able to come home! This was all within like 2 or 3 days. He was at church on Sunday and everything, it was really really cool to see, it was really something that our branch needed.

That´s great to hear about Eric getting accepted to BYUI, fingers crossed that he gets an acceptance to Provo also, that would be really cool, I really like Provo.

Anyways, I should get going, I have to send an email to prez, but all in all, things are going well, the language is actually starting to come along well, I´´m actually starting to see a lot of progress, and my english is starting to go bad, but I´m excited about that haha. Anyways, até mais!!!

Elder Trevisanut

 My umbrella

This is a fruit we have here called cerembola (i think) it´s star fruit in english haha

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