Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!


Yep, the tip was right, P-Days from now on are going to be Mondays, so we´re all pretty excited about that. Sunday is kinda like gameday out here on the mission, that´s when everything kinda happens (investigators come to church or not, we see which less actives to see, etc) so the best day for P-Day is Monday, so we can rest up for the next week haha. It´s all kinda like a football game, thinking like that makes it easier for me haha. But this week has been good. Not a ton of work done though, cause we were out of our area for 4 days this week. Curitiba was good, it was awesome to see all of my MTC friends, they´re all doing really well, it was good to see how far each of us had come in the past month or so. The training was pretty simple, President and Sister Cordon talked for about 3 hours, it was really good, I learned a lot, plus I got to go to Curitiba, which is the best, I love that city, I can´t wait until I get to serve there!

I reached my 100th day yesterday! So that´s exciting. Now just 650 more to go! Hahaha. I´m almost to my 4 month mark in a couple weeks, it´s going by fast.

New Years Eve was okay, it was really hard to work, no one wanted to talk to us, and all of our investigators were busy, so it was a really inproductive night. And it was really annoying, cause in Brasil, everyone on the street is constantly throuwing fireworks, but on New Years, it was like every 5 seconds, and their fireworks are pretty much just really big and really ghetto firecrackers, so it just sounds like a bomb going off every minute or so. It was kinda annoying. We ended up just getting pizza and going to the apartment at 8:30. I can´t imagine how bad Carnaval will be, it´s gonna be pretty hard to work those days haha.

With our investigators, things aren´t going as well as they could be. Sydney and her family haven´t been progressing this week, and the past 3 days that we stopped by, we haven´t been able to talk with them, idk, it´s kinda frustrating cause they were our most progressing investigator, but we´ll see where it goes. With Carlos and his wife, they weren´t there for our scheduled appointment on Friday, but we´re gonna stop by tonight and see how they are.

Other than that, not too much has happened the past 4 days, yesterday we had lunch at one of the members houses and they still had a ton of family over from new years eve, and we had a huge Churrascaria, which is just Brazilian for Barbeque, but it was really really good. And their family were all really cool, none of them were members, but they were all really nice people. A few of them actually lived in Boston for a while, and they spoke really good English, so it was really cool to be able to talk to them.

Anyways, we´re really short on time today, so I´ve gotta go, hope all is well on that side of the World!!
Até proximo vez!!

Elder Trevisanut

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