Monday, January 23, 2012

Going to Curitiba for the Apostlos!

Opa, tudo bem!

Hey, how´s it going this week?? It´s been another long one, but things are looking up here, so our hopes are high. Not too much special has happened, just working working working, but we haven´t really been having much luck, people here seem to be really closed minded. Like every day people tell us to get outta here, that we aren´t gonna find anyone who will listen to our message or to just go to the favela and preach to the people with drug problems, so yeah, that´s kinda how people are here in Prudentópolis, so it´s pretty hard. But we aren´t letting it get us down too much. We found one family yesterday who we really like though, so our hopes are high.

We are all pretty excited for this week, we are going to Curitiba on Friday for the Apostlos, we are all pretty pumped. Everyone thinks they are gonna like split the mission or something haha. But on that subject, we had interviews with President Cordon today, and he came to Prudentópolis, and we got to talk for a while. But he told us that our mission is the biggest one in Brazil, we have 17 stakes, which is apparently a lot, so they are probably gonna split the mission sometime, but it probably won´t be for a while, President said that it probably won´t be until he leaves, so it probably wont affect me too much, cause he leaves like 3 months before I do. But yeah.

Me and Elder Harper also got to do a 24 hour division this week, it was really fun, we´ve gotten pretty tight, so it was fun to be with a friend for a while haha. But we got a lot of work done and we set a baptism date, so it was good.

I can´t remember if I told you this story yet, but we met a guy who thought he was Jesus the other day haha, it was pretty funny. We taught him the first lesson, and then we invited him to read the book of mormon and he was like, ´´I don´t need to read it, I wrote it!´´ And then he explained for like 10 minutes that he was jesus and of all the stuff that he´s done. It was pretty funny haha.

Oh yeah, and if Chelsea and Bailey are reading this, then I finally got your letters today! So just hold tight for a little bit, I´ll get them sent off as quick as I possibly can. I got like 4 from you guys, so I´ve a lot to reply to! But I´m excited haha.

And about the weather and mosquitos, the mosquitos have gotten better, but it has still been pretty hot, the people around here say that summer goes until the end of March, so I´ve got a lot more to go haha.

Anyways, I´m pretty low on time, and I gotta write the president, so tchau todo mundo!!!

Até mais,

Elder Trevisanut


  1. Wow Vic,

    Great attitude. Keep up the good work and it will pay off in more ways than one.

  2. hi vic don't let the attitude of the people get you down. you are about a glorious work. It's true. I know it and I know that also you know it. sincerely Scott R Seely