Monday, January 9, 2012

Attacked by a dog!

Ola! Eis que uma obra maravilhosa!

Tudo bem, todo mundo! This week has been okay, we have been working a lot, but not much has really happened. We have had a lot of trouble with our investigators this week, and a lot of them really aren´t progressing, so that has been really disapppointing.

This week we seemed to get a lot of attitude from people in general, no idea why, probably just a coincedince that it happened all in one week, it´s been kind of annoying. A lot of people have been pretty rude, I got attacked by a dog (don´t worry it just ripped my slacks) , and some guys threw some firecrackers at us (but they are brazilian firecrackers, so they´re like mini sticks of dynamite haha). But don´t worry, we´re all safe here, it´s not a big deal. Just annoying sometimes, we got pretty mad.

We worked a little bit more with the ward this week, we have really been trying to set up a young mens and young womens program here, and it´s finally starting to come together, it´s really exciting. It´s just really hard, because the church has a very tiny budget, we only have like 2 active priesthood holdes that can make it to mutual activities, and we only have about 8 or so youth that say they will come, but we have high hopes, and we really hope that this will help bring non member friends/inactive youth to the church more. This week they´re playing volleyball. Speaking of, so I can remember a bunch of activities that we did for mutual over the years, but maybe if you can get everyone to come up with some of their favorite ones from the past and send it to me, that would be great (same goes for anyone else who´s reading this :) ).

Nothing changed for transfers, me and Elder Buerkle are still in Prudentópolis, and Elder Alexandre and Elder Harper are still in Írati, those are the only Elders that I see on a regular-ish basis, so that´s pretty much all that has changed for me. So week one down of transfer 2! But we did get a new Zone leader, and a bunch of people in my zone got replaced by fresh new missionaries from the MTC, they all came into the MTC right as I was leaving, so I know some of them, so it should be cool to see them tomorrow when we got to Guarapuava. They told me I had a package too, so hopefully it´s the one I´ve been waiting for for a while. Anyways, I should probably go, I still need to write an email to president.

Até mais!!!

Elder Trevisanut

NOTE FROM MOM: He did not include any captions this time, so I don't have any information on these pictures.

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