Monday, January 30, 2012

The cup that Elder Ballard drank from

Olá todo mundo!

This week has been crazy, we´ve been really busy, but it was really good!

The week started off with interviews with President Cordon, which was good, he came all the way to Prudentópolis just to do our interviews (and Írati tambem) and that was really good. Then the next day we had to go Guarapuava for a training meeting. On wednesday, we were actually in our area, and we had a really good lesson with this couple that we have taught a couple times. They are really cool, and really humble, and they are really accepting of our message, so we are excited about them. The work here in Prudentópolis is actually starting to show some signs of progress, it´s been pretty dead the past few months, so it´s good to see. Ever since the miracle with Irmão Paulo, the branch has been kinda jumping into action, and a member from the district presidency has been in our meetings for the past month giving talks and really helping move the work here. This sunday he taught the first hour class (in brasil sacrament meeting is the 3rd hour) and he kinda of established a goal system for the branch for attendance, member referrals, and baptism goals. We are really excited that the branch is finally starting to help us out!!!! We also taught this family that was referred to us by a member, and they are really great too, we definitely see potencial in them, we are having family home evening with them tomorrow. It has been good this week even though we were out of our area for most of it.

On thursday, we left for Curitiba for the conference with the Apostles, we were all pretty excited. Me and Elder Buerkle got to stay in Barigui, which is his previous area, but it´s also the area that Elder Barkdull is serving, so I got to spend some time with him, we actually got to do a short division that night, so it was fun to see how far we´d come since the MTC. The next day we got up early to head over to Portão to get ready for the apostles. Our whole mission was there, it is alwasy fun to see everyone. Our MTC district was completely together for the first time on about 3 months, cause Sister Patton finally received her visa and got to come to Brasil, so it was really good to see all of them. Everyone is doing great, Elder Twitchell is coming really far with the language, he seems really good at it already. But yeah, the apostles were awesome.It was Elder M. Russell Ballard and Neil A. Anderson. When they came in, it was super surreal, everyone was quiet, and it was just like, woa.. that´s an apostle of the Lord... I was in the 4th row, so I was like right there, it was awesome. We all got to go up and shake their hands too, Elder Ballard asked me how I was doing, haha.

Their talks were really good, Elder Anderson spoke in Português, but it was kinda funny to be honest, because he had the worst gringo accent in the world haha, but it was still a really good talk. Elder Ballard spoke in English, and his was really really good. He is pretty much the producer of the Preach My Gospel (alongside with Elder Richard B. Scott) and so he had a lot to say about the day to day missionary work, and exactly what we do as missionaries, cause the preach my gospel is like our main book, after the scriptures haha. He did a question and answer with us too, so that was really cool. But they both seem to be in really good shape, figured I´d give everyone an update, April is a while away, haha.

After they left, we had lunch, and then headed back to Prudentópolis, I had to say goodbye to the city again.. Man I miss that city.

Oh yeah, about the apostles, so this is kinda weird, but when Elder Ballard was speaking he had a cup of water that he was drinking from, and when he left, he just left it there on the podium, and I noticed, so I thought it would be cool to get my hands on that haha... So yeah, long story short, I have a cup that Elder Ballard has drank from. I figured it would be a good story to tell in the future.

Anyways, that´s about it for this week. Today, we had two youth from our ward over for lunch. They´re the sons of Irmão Paulo, and he and their mom have to drive to Guarapuava 3 times a week for Paulo´s dialasis tratments, and they just have to stay home, so we figured we´d make them a really good lunch and hang out for a few hours. So that was pretty fun. Anyways, I´m out of time, and I gotta run, so I´ll talk to you all later!!

Tchau! Até mais!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, January 23, 2012

Going to Curitiba for the Apostlos!

Opa, tudo bem!

Hey, how´s it going this week?? It´s been another long one, but things are looking up here, so our hopes are high. Not too much special has happened, just working working working, but we haven´t really been having much luck, people here seem to be really closed minded. Like every day people tell us to get outta here, that we aren´t gonna find anyone who will listen to our message or to just go to the favela and preach to the people with drug problems, so yeah, that´s kinda how people are here in Prudentópolis, so it´s pretty hard. But we aren´t letting it get us down too much. We found one family yesterday who we really like though, so our hopes are high.

We are all pretty excited for this week, we are going to Curitiba on Friday for the Apostlos, we are all pretty pumped. Everyone thinks they are gonna like split the mission or something haha. But on that subject, we had interviews with President Cordon today, and he came to Prudentópolis, and we got to talk for a while. But he told us that our mission is the biggest one in Brazil, we have 17 stakes, which is apparently a lot, so they are probably gonna split the mission sometime, but it probably won´t be for a while, President said that it probably won´t be until he leaves, so it probably wont affect me too much, cause he leaves like 3 months before I do. But yeah.

Me and Elder Harper also got to do a 24 hour division this week, it was really fun, we´ve gotten pretty tight, so it was fun to be with a friend for a while haha. But we got a lot of work done and we set a baptism date, so it was good.

I can´t remember if I told you this story yet, but we met a guy who thought he was Jesus the other day haha, it was pretty funny. We taught him the first lesson, and then we invited him to read the book of mormon and he was like, ´´I don´t need to read it, I wrote it!´´ And then he explained for like 10 minutes that he was jesus and of all the stuff that he´s done. It was pretty funny haha.

Oh yeah, and if Chelsea and Bailey are reading this, then I finally got your letters today! So just hold tight for a little bit, I´ll get them sent off as quick as I possibly can. I got like 4 from you guys, so I´ve a lot to reply to! But I´m excited haha.

And about the weather and mosquitos, the mosquitos have gotten better, but it has still been pretty hot, the people around here say that summer goes until the end of March, so I´ve got a lot more to go haha.

Anyways, I´m pretty low on time, and I gotta write the president, so tchau todo mundo!!!

Até mais,

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, January 16, 2012

Visit from two Apostles!

Olá todo mundo!!

Phew, this week has been a long one, but this next one should be better. I don´t have much time to write, they cut 15 minutes off of our allowed time to email, so it might be shorter from now on.

With our investigators this week, what is there to say.. None of them are progressing, Sydney was getting closer and closer to baptism, but then she got a job outside of the city, and will be living more in the interior of Brazil, so that kinda sucks, we will probably just have to drop her, cause we aren´t able to go out there. With the others, they just aren´t really going anywhere, Prudentópolis is hard, everyone calls it the hardest area in the mission, we´ve only had 3 baptisms the past year, which is crazy crazy low for a Brazilian area, but we´re working hard, and we want to get 10 baptisms this transfer haha...

We got some really crazy news this week too, I was gonna wait to tell you, but I can´t wait anymore, it´s pretty huge news for a missionary: On the 27th of janeiro we will be having a special mission conference in Curitiba, and we are going to be visited by 2 apostles!!! We heard it was going to be Anderson and Ballard, but we´re all really really excited! It´s weird though, cause it´s pretty rare to get an apostle visit to your mission, let alone 2 at one time!! Everyone is saying they´re gonna shut down the mission and stuff haha.

But as for new stuff this week, not too much has happened. We did a division with the zone leaders so I got to spend the whole day on Wednesday with Elder Joás, he is a really awesome Elder. Honestly, he is EXACTLY like Andrew Prince. It´s crazy, he has the same exact personality, and they look exactly the same and have the same manerisms (except he´s brazilian from the north, so he´s black), but it was really good to learn from him and do that for 24 hours. It was a good break from Elder Buerkle haha.

Oh yeah, I was walking down the highway from an appointment, and it was raining, and a huge semi drove by and the wind from the semi destroyed my umbrella haha. It was actually pretty funny, the umbrella was like inside out haha, I´ll send a picture of it.

The youth program went well, we actually weren´t able to make it cause we had to go to Guarapuava that night, but we heard that it all went smoothly, they´re doing a service project this week, so it should be good.

We have one member of the branch called Irmão Paulo, who is a really strong member of the branch, and he´s been a member for like 15 years, but anyways, he´s been really sick the past few months, and the past month or so, he´s been really really sick. Both of his kidneys shut down, and he actually went into a coma the other day, and it was looking worse and worse. It really kinda helped the branch come together ove the past couple months, and there have been a bunch of really cool spiritual experience that have come out of it for a lot of less active members and a lot more have started to come back. But last week, we all did a branch fasting, for Irmão Paulo, and it was kind of a miracle, one day  he just bounced back from it all, and he came out of his coma, and actually was able to come home! This was all within like 2 or 3 days. He was at church on Sunday and everything, it was really really cool to see, it was really something that our branch needed.

That´s great to hear about Eric getting accepted to BYUI, fingers crossed that he gets an acceptance to Provo also, that would be really cool, I really like Provo.

Anyways, I should get going, I have to send an email to prez, but all in all, things are going well, the language is actually starting to come along well, I´´m actually starting to see a lot of progress, and my english is starting to go bad, but I´m excited about that haha. Anyways, até mais!!!

Elder Trevisanut

 My umbrella

This is a fruit we have here called cerembola (i think) it´s star fruit in english haha

Monday, January 9, 2012

Attacked by a dog!

Ola! Eis que uma obra maravilhosa!

Tudo bem, todo mundo! This week has been okay, we have been working a lot, but not much has really happened. We have had a lot of trouble with our investigators this week, and a lot of them really aren´t progressing, so that has been really disapppointing.

This week we seemed to get a lot of attitude from people in general, no idea why, probably just a coincedince that it happened all in one week, it´s been kind of annoying. A lot of people have been pretty rude, I got attacked by a dog (don´t worry it just ripped my slacks) , and some guys threw some firecrackers at us (but they are brazilian firecrackers, so they´re like mini sticks of dynamite haha). But don´t worry, we´re all safe here, it´s not a big deal. Just annoying sometimes, we got pretty mad.

We worked a little bit more with the ward this week, we have really been trying to set up a young mens and young womens program here, and it´s finally starting to come together, it´s really exciting. It´s just really hard, because the church has a very tiny budget, we only have like 2 active priesthood holdes that can make it to mutual activities, and we only have about 8 or so youth that say they will come, but we have high hopes, and we really hope that this will help bring non member friends/inactive youth to the church more. This week they´re playing volleyball. Speaking of, so I can remember a bunch of activities that we did for mutual over the years, but maybe if you can get everyone to come up with some of their favorite ones from the past and send it to me, that would be great (same goes for anyone else who´s reading this :) ).

Nothing changed for transfers, me and Elder Buerkle are still in Prudentópolis, and Elder Alexandre and Elder Harper are still in Írati, those are the only Elders that I see on a regular-ish basis, so that´s pretty much all that has changed for me. So week one down of transfer 2! But we did get a new Zone leader, and a bunch of people in my zone got replaced by fresh new missionaries from the MTC, they all came into the MTC right as I was leaving, so I know some of them, so it should be cool to see them tomorrow when we got to Guarapuava. They told me I had a package too, so hopefully it´s the one I´ve been waiting for for a while. Anyways, I should probably go, I still need to write an email to president.

Até mais!!!

Elder Trevisanut

NOTE FROM MOM: He did not include any captions this time, so I don't have any information on these pictures.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!


Yep, the tip was right, P-Days from now on are going to be Mondays, so we´re all pretty excited about that. Sunday is kinda like gameday out here on the mission, that´s when everything kinda happens (investigators come to church or not, we see which less actives to see, etc) so the best day for P-Day is Monday, so we can rest up for the next week haha. It´s all kinda like a football game, thinking like that makes it easier for me haha. But this week has been good. Not a ton of work done though, cause we were out of our area for 4 days this week. Curitiba was good, it was awesome to see all of my MTC friends, they´re all doing really well, it was good to see how far each of us had come in the past month or so. The training was pretty simple, President and Sister Cordon talked for about 3 hours, it was really good, I learned a lot, plus I got to go to Curitiba, which is the best, I love that city, I can´t wait until I get to serve there!

I reached my 100th day yesterday! So that´s exciting. Now just 650 more to go! Hahaha. I´m almost to my 4 month mark in a couple weeks, it´s going by fast.

New Years Eve was okay, it was really hard to work, no one wanted to talk to us, and all of our investigators were busy, so it was a really inproductive night. And it was really annoying, cause in Brasil, everyone on the street is constantly throuwing fireworks, but on New Years, it was like every 5 seconds, and their fireworks are pretty much just really big and really ghetto firecrackers, so it just sounds like a bomb going off every minute or so. It was kinda annoying. We ended up just getting pizza and going to the apartment at 8:30. I can´t imagine how bad Carnaval will be, it´s gonna be pretty hard to work those days haha.

With our investigators, things aren´t going as well as they could be. Sydney and her family haven´t been progressing this week, and the past 3 days that we stopped by, we haven´t been able to talk with them, idk, it´s kinda frustrating cause they were our most progressing investigator, but we´ll see where it goes. With Carlos and his wife, they weren´t there for our scheduled appointment on Friday, but we´re gonna stop by tonight and see how they are.

Other than that, not too much has happened the past 4 days, yesterday we had lunch at one of the members houses and they still had a ton of family over from new years eve, and we had a huge Churrascaria, which is just Brazilian for Barbeque, but it was really really good. And their family were all really cool, none of them were members, but they were all really nice people. A few of them actually lived in Boston for a while, and they spoke really good English, so it was really cool to be able to talk to them.

Anyways, we´re really short on time today, so I´ve gotta go, hope all is well on that side of the World!!
Até proximo vez!!

Elder Trevisanut