Monday, December 17, 2012

Awesome Members, Awesome Ward!!


Great week this week, no time to write email, worked like crazy, 2 baptisms, 2 confirmations, 5 others preparing for baptism, awesome members, awesome ward, Christmas party, and thats about it. Pretty sweet week, it´s been crazy hot. 

We have a Mission Conference on Friday, so I´ll be able to see all my companions (that haven't gone home yet..feels like they´ve all gone home already....:(... , I´m already one of the old ones in the mission...:) But anyways, I´m outta time, Merry Christmas everyone!!!! I don't think they´re gonna let us write next week cause we get to call home, so I´ll talk to you all in two weeks!!!


Elder Trevisanut

Colombo Baptisms

Monday, December 10, 2012

Victor Trevisan??

E aí tudo bem!?

Well, another great week here in Ramo Colombo, not too much to say, but the work here is going great!!

We´ve got quite a few investigators that are getting closer and closer to baptism, and we even have 2 that will be baptised this saturday, we´re pretty excited! So I´ll try to get photos in the next email.

Yeah, I heard that Colombo has the most Italian immigrants in Curitiba. About the last name, yeah, there´s a huge family here in Paraná called Trevisan, so ever since I got to Brasil, I have heard a bunch of people say that they recognize the name Trevisanut. I even met someone in my last area called Victor Trevisan hahaha, it was pretty funny. The family comes from that one city in Italy called Treviso, so I think we´re all related somehow.

But that's about it for this week, I´m short on time, so I should probably go, but I´ll talk to you all next week. I still havent gotten any news on the Christmas call yet, but I´ll let you know when we find out!! See you later!!


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, December 3, 2012

We've Seen a Ton of Miracles This week

Oi tudo bem!!
Well, I had to write a long letter to president today, so I don´t have time to write too much today, but this week has been awesome!!
Tuesday we picked up our new missionaries fresh from the CTM, and my new comp is Elder House, he is awesome! He´s from Gresham Oregon, so we´re pretty much from the same place haha. He speaks really well already, he has a huge desire to work, and we have already done a great work here in Colombo.
The first day I was pretty nervous, I wasn´t sure exactly what we would do, President Cordon just handed us the keys and said ´´good luck!´´ So we were pretty much lost and not knowing anything about the area. We still hadn't recieved our cell phone, and we didn't know any members, there weren't any investigators, and so we pretty much had to start from scratch. But, we have seen a ton of miracles this week, it was great, and I´m sure that all of the prayers have helped. We got to know a lot of the members here, they are great, and SO excited to have missionaries once again, so they are treating us very well, even though there aren't too many. Yeah, I´m in another branch, but its not small like prudentoplis, there's like 80 active members, and they´re great, I´m super happy to be here for christmas, It´ll be awesome.
We also had 0 investigators, but we have found tons of people to teach, and know we already have a pretty big number of new people to teach, we even marked 2 baptismal dates already!
The city is awesome, it is HUGE and is full of giant hills with tons of awesome views. The city itself is pretty poor, and it´s not the safest, but dont worry, we´ll be fine, we´re being protected. To answer the other questions, our house is great, it´s 2 stories and has a spiral staircase, so it´s pretty sweet, but, we dont have a kitchen sink, plates or silverware, or an iron, and the shower is very cold, but we´ll get all that stuff worked out.
 But I´m outta time, I´ve got a ton more to say, but it´ll have to wait for next week!! Talk to you all later!! Até então, tchau!
Elder Trevisanut

Monday, November 26, 2012

Opening Up a Closed Area, plus Training a New Missionary Fresh from the MTC

Oi tudo bem?!

Well, this has been a good but sad week. So not too much happened, it was the last week of the transfer so we were kind of running on fumes to finish it off, not to mention that I´ve been in São José for so long. So Sunday got here, and we were pretty anxious to hear about transfers and to hear who will be leaving and who would be staying.

Well, as you probably guessed, yeah, I got transferred, I was ready to leave after so long, but it was also really sad to say bye to everyone. And, there are two interesting twists on the transfers... First off, I will be opening a new area called Colombo that has been closed for a long time, and, I´m gonna be training a new missionary fresh outta the MTC.

Everyone went crazy when they heard about it, and I am pretty excited, it won´t be the easiest thing to open up a closed area, let alone open it training a brand new greeny from the MTC. I still don't know who will be my comp, they will be getting here from the MTC tomorow, so I´ll figure out then. But he´s pretty much my equivelent, he´s coming in the same time that I came in last year, so I think I´ll have exactly a year more than him. But yeah, for now, me and a couple others will be here in Barigui for a training meeting and tomorrow we´ll greet our new comps.

But yeah, that´s about it, I am outta time, so I gotta go. Everyone pray for me this week, cause I´m pretty sure I´ll need a whole lot of blessings to make it through haha. Até mais!!!!!


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Been the Same Thing for the Past 2,000 Years...

E aí tudo bem?!?

Well this has been a good week, crazy as always. The time passes so fast on these weeks, I can´t believe the transfer is already on the last week. Not too much has happened, we are doing all we can to make some progress in this area, so we´ll see how it all turns out, we´ve found some new people this week, and we´re still working with about 5 people that have baptism dates. But that's about it with the work, it´s going really well, but it´s super boring to talk about in emails, we teach the same gospel to everyone, it´s been the same thing for the past 2,000 years, and it´s never gonna change, so it´s probably boring to hear about the same thing every week, so I´ll spare you the details. 

But we had a cool experience last night. So, Pedro´s (recent convert that we baptised a few months ago) mom was visiting last night here in São José from another city far away, and Pedro and Silvia called us so that we could come over and meet her. He always talked good things about her when we taught them, and that she had been baptised a long time ago in the church, but had been inactive for years. So yesterday when we went to meet her, we talked for a while with her, and turns out that she had been baptised 18 years ago, but soon after, the missionaries were taken out of her town because it was too dangerous for them (she lives in a neighborhood of the city called Vila Zumbi or ´´zombie village´´ it´s the most dangerous neighborhood in Curitiba) and she quickly went inactive cause there were no missionaries near her, and no church nearby. But yesterday as we talked to her, she told of all the things that she had learned in her short time as an active member, and how happy she was that her son and daughter finally found the right path. She started to cry as she talked about all of the difficulties that she has passed over the years and all of the different churches that she has passed through and that she had never found a church equal to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and she even bore her testimony of the church and everything. It was crazy, cause she´s kind of an older woman who isn´t completely there, but she bore her testimony as if she had been a super active member for years. She even remembered the words to a bunch of the hymns and sung ´´Jospeh Smith´s First Prayer.´´ It was awesome. She´s wanting to leave Vila Zumbi and move to São José close to the house of Pedro and Silvia, so we´ll be able to reactivate her and help her a bunch. There´ll probably be more baptisms in the future with her family too, if she moves here and gets active again, so it´ll be great. Pedro and Silvia are the best, they´re super firm, and Pedro comes out with us on splits all the time.

In response to the questions, the ward is good. It´s hard to say, cause I love all the members, I´ve been here so long that they´re all like family now, and they don´t want me to leave, but at the same time, I´ve had some difficulties with them, and there are only a few members that help us out with the work, and we don´t get many references from them. But I´m gonna miss them all like crazy. And yeah, we have lunch with them every day, it´s the same thing as the states, just that here, the main meal is lunch, so we have lunch with members every day, it doesn't fall through that much anymore. The food is the same as before, it´s pretty much the same in every lugar here in Curitiba, there´s always rice and beans, and some type of pasta or salad(salad in brasil is different than in the states, they just cut up tomatoes or onions or lettuce and throw on a bunch of oil,vinegar and salt), and usually some kind of meat, usually chicken or beef. It´s all normal to me after a year, I´ll probably feel all weird when I get back home without eating my rice and beans, so we´ll see how it goes haha.  And if we´re ever hungry at night,  there are tons of sisters who are willing to make something for us, so we pretty much just have to show up at a members house at night if our plans fell through and we want something to eat. For dinner it´s usually a smaller meal, usually homemade bread with butter or ´´doce de leite´´ (it´s like a caramel spread that they put on their bread, it´s way good), and ´´leite quente´´ (hot chocolate) and some kind of cookie or cracker that they find in their cupboard. It´s all usually the same, it´s nothing special, but it´s all normal to me.

But that's about it, I had a doctors appointment in the center of Curitiba today, so we took advantage and walked around for a while in the sun, it was pretty sweet, I bought some cool stuff in the street from some Indian street vendors, so that was pretty cool. But I gotta go!! 

Talk to you all later!!


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, November 12, 2012

Five Baptism Dates this Week!

E aí tudo bem?!

Well this has been another normal week here in Bom Pastor, not too much new has happened. We have been finding a lot of new investigators lately which has been good, we marked 5 baptism dates this week, so we´ll see how that goes. I´ll probably be out of the area when they get baptized, but that's kinda how the missionary work goes, we rarely see the results of our own work.

We had a zone conference which is always a huge help to get everyone re-excited to get good work done, so that was a huge help. Transfers are happening again in two weeks, so    I´m probably gonna leave Bom Pastor finally. It´ll be super sad to say goodbye, but I´m definitely ready for some new scenery and some new people. I´ve already knocked every house in this whole area! And it´s a huge area!

Oh, I also had a pretty fun experience on Friday. I was in Jardim Ipê doing two baptismal interviews, and as we were leaving at about 8:30 PM, we saw a huge blue flash in the sky, and all the lights went out in the whole city. To fill you all in, Jardim Ipê is one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in São José, it´s pretty much one big spread out favela, and when the lights went out, everyone went out into the street to see what had happened/ mess around/party because all the lights had gone out. So there we were, 4 missionaries walking through the main street of one of the most favelado areas in the city. We all thought we were gonna die, cause we had to walk for about an hour through all of this to get to the bus terminal. But, we got out fine, without problem. It was pretty fun. You guys know me, I love a good adrenaline rush, and they don't come too often out here on the mish, so it was pretty sweet, Haha. You can ask mike to translate if I put in some Portuguese words, it´s just brasilian slang. But that's about it for this week, I should probably go!! Tchau até mais!!


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Party - Success!!

Hahaha, I loved the picture of you two at the halloween party, I bet it was super fun!!

Well this week was pretty good, as you probably all know, we had our Halloween party, and that night it already hit ´´The Face´´ (thats what they call Facebook here). Everyone was talking about it, it turned out pretty well, tons of people went, the members had a lot of fun with the games that we set up (bobbing for apples, origami bats, frankensteins, and vampires, and of few other things). Me and my comp went as the Men in Black, and everyone loved it, everyone wanted pictures with us. We spent the whole night without smiling and acting serious like the Men in Black or MIB (they call it Meebee here). At the end they did a contest to see who had the best costumes and everyone had to walk in front of the judges and do a dance or something that fits your costume, and me and my comp won 2nd place!! Haha, it was awesome, probably the funnest night of my mission so far haha, I´ll try to attach pics.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week, I had to do a few divisions, so I had to be out of my area for a couple days, I spent a day in probably the most dangerous area in the mission, which was pretty cool, there´s like 2 deaths a day in that area, it was pretty fun, haha.

But I´ve gotta go, my account was locked for like half an hour, so I am outta time!! 

Tchau tchau até mais!!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, October 15, 2012

Need Ideas for Trunk or Treat Games

Ola tudo bem?

Well this week went by really fast, transfer week which marks 4 and a half months in Bom Pastor!!! And, I´m gonna be staying here for at least the next 6 weeks. Me and Elder C. Santos both stayed, I guess President wanted me to stay here as district leader, so I´ll hit 6 months here in good ol´ São José dos Pinhais. This week was pretty normal, just runnning around like crazy trying to get everything done. We´ve got 5 people with baptismal dates, so we´re doing what we can to help them get baptized. Pedro got ordained a Priest yesterday too, so he was pretty excited about that, they´re both doing great. 

We´re also planning some awesome activities here in the ward. On the 31st of October we´re gonna have a Trunk or Treat that´s gonna be awesome. Halloween doesn´t really exist here in Brasil, but everyone seems excited about it, I´ll make sure to take pictures haha. Speaking of, I´m needing ideas for games to play during the activity, things like bobbing for apples and stuff, any ideas would be great!! 

But other than that, things are going great here in São Jose, not too much new, it´s all pretty much the same here after 4 months, I´ve pretty much already talked to everyone in the street that lives here, so we´ll see how 6 more weeks (or more...) goes!

But I gotta go, talk to you all later!

Oh yeah I also had to say bye to Elder Buerkle, Elder Medeiros, and Elder Harper today, they are finally going home, I can´t believe it!!! Everyone´s leaving, before you know it, it´ll be me!!!

Até mais!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, October 8, 2012

Anxiously Looking Forward to Conference

E aí!!!!

Wow I got a bunch of emails this week!!! I´ve got a bunch to write to all of them so this will probably be super short. 

This week was great, we were all anxiously looking forward to Conference, so it went by a little slow, but it all got better when conference got here. Conference was GREAT. I got to watch each session, so that was awesome, I took advantage of every moment, and it passed by sooo quick. I can´t believe I never took advantage of conference before the mission, I used to just watch like half of a session, and take the day off from church. I was such a fubeca haha. But it was great, of course the talk from Holland was awesome, he always knows what to say to get people excited, it´s definitely something that will help us out here on the mission when we lose our focus. I also really like the talk from President Monson about prayer, and also the talk from Uchtdorf, and Eyering and Nelson and Ballard, and every other one. Haha, I loved it all. 

As for the work, its going great, just work work work. But not sure what else to say about it, we´re trying hard to find new people to teach, our investigator pool is getting shallow, but we´re gonna work extra hard this week to deepen it a little more. The spirit from Conference will push us along, especially the words from Elder Holland, DO YOU LOVE ME?! Haha, that was an epic talk. But i gotta go!! 

We went to Jardim Botânico again, so we´re getting home pretty late today. Talk to you all next week!!

Elder Trevisanut

Friday, October 5, 2012

Epic Sacrament Meeting Talk

Tranquilo todo mundo?!

Well, I just sent an email like 4 days ago, so I don´t really have too much to say, same old same old. We´re working like crazy here with the ward and planning a bunch of activities for our investigators and members here. We´re gonna start doing a ´´Noite de Integração´´ (which translated means ´´integration night´´ but I dont think that makes a lot of sense. Its kind of like Family Home evening for investigators and members to get to know them...) every thursday night, and we have already been doing English classes every Wednesday and Saturday night, so that´s been going well. I dont think i teach English very well, I´ve just kinda winged it, but its turning out fine.

I gave a pretty epic talk on yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, it was sweet. And like usual, I´m running around like crazy trying to lead my district haha. It´s been fun, but a ton of work, I´ve never been so busy in my life, but It´s great, I´m learning so much, and making huge changes with my work out here. It´s been great.

But I think thats about it, I should probably get going, I´ll talk to you all next week!!

Elder Trevisanut

Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Busy Than Ever in My Life...

Aí todo mundo,

Phew, this week has been crazy, I don't even know what to say about it, but I have seriously been more busy than ever in my life. The life of a new district leader with a giant district isn't easy (not to mention expensive, bus fare here in São José isn´t the cheapest..)
Well this week I pretty much spent the whole time out of the area. I did two 24 hour splits with Elders from my district, and then there was a problem with another Elder and he had to get emergency transferred. Which meant that I had to take him to the mission office, and then the next day I had to go to the center of Curitiba to pick up the new Elder that would take his place. With all the traveling we had to do, luckily we were still able to get some good work done, find a few new investigators, and even manage to get all of our numbers that we needed for the week. I also had a baptismal interview to do on Saturday night, it went really well and he got baptized on Sunday, also on Sunday, Pedro and Silvia were confirmed, me and Elder C. Santos got to do it too, which was really cool. They are the best investigators ever, they have changed so much since I first met them. They´re great!
So as you probably know, we got to go to the temple this week, which was awesome, I got to meet the new missionary couple that will be serving in Prudentopolis, I got to give them some tips before they head off to that middle of nowhere. We also got to spend the rest of the day on the bus traveling through Curitiba, which was really cool, even though it wasted our whole PDAY. But, I think that's it for this week, I´ll talk to you all later!!!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, September 17, 2012

Silvia and Pedro Get Married and Baptized!!

Alo tudo bem?!

It was great to get your letter, this week has been crazy, I´ve had to do so much, and this week thats starting today is gonna be even crazier!!! So I´ll try to get everything included.

Well two more baptisms this week, it went perfectly, I´ll try to get pictures in. Wednesday night they got interviewed and passed, Saturday morning at 10:30 they got married, which was awesome, and then at 11:00 they got baptised, they were super excited!! Afterwards a few of the sisters in the ward prepared a special lunch for them to celebrate the wedding and baptism. It all went really well. I baptised Silvia and Elder C. Santos baptised Pedro.

We also found a really cool family this week that have a lot of potential. They are a young couple who are already married and they are intereseted in the church. He actually already knows a bit, he was almost baptized when he was younger, but they chickened out on the day of his baptism. But now he´s older and more interested. We´ll see how that goes.

This week I also had to do a baptismal interview, which was kinda nervewracking, but it went well, so that was kinda fun.

The stake conference was also really good, President Cordon and Sister Cordon gave talks which were awesome. Also our bishop got a chance to talk to president cordon and he told him about all of the good work that we are doing here in the area, so President Cordon was pretty happy to hear about that haha.

Other than that, I thnk that's it, I am short on time, but it was good to hear about all that is going on at home, I hope all continues to go well!!! But I gotta go!!

Até semana que vem!

Elder Trevisanut

signing the papers to get married 
putting on the wedding bands

in their baptism clothes

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tomorrow Starts the Countdown..

Oi tudo bem?!

No I think you were right, its week 49 or 50, not sure anymore, but I know that tomorrow will be the start of the countdown for me coming back home, cause my last day on the mish will be 11th of September 2013.

Well, not too much time to write this week, but this week has gone well, really busy and a little stressful, being district leader brings a lot more work. It wouldn't be that bad, just that my district is probably the biggest district in the mission, so i´ve got to take care of 8 other missionaries. In response to your question, District Leader is pretty much the same as any other missionary, just that I am in charge of doing baptismal interviews, I have to give a 2 hour long training during district meeting every week, I have to do splits with each companionship for each transfer, and I have to call each companionship every other day or so, see how their week is going, their lessons, contacts, investigators, etc. And then report everything to the Zone Leaders afterwards. I thought the missionary life was busy before this, but now it´s crazy haha. For example, today's P´day, tomorrow we have district meeting, so I have to plan and prepare the training, Wednesday will be the interview for Pedro and Silvia, Thursday, the interview for someone in Colonia Rio Grande(other area in my district) Friday another interview in downtown São José, Saturday morning Pedro and Silvia´s wedding, Saturday afternoon, the baptism, and Sunday, Stake Conference. And with all that, we still have to find a way to manage all of our numbers (lessons, street contacts, etc.) It´s a crazy life. Just one more year. Haha jk.

But other than that, this week has been good. I had a meeting in Portão with all the other new DL´s, so that was fun, and then yesterday, I was super sick , but I pretty much got over it by the end of the day. I scored a lot of wife points yesterday haha. By the way ´´wife points´´ is like a game that the missionaries play in out mission. For example, you gain wife points by continuing doing proselyting in the rain even though you forgot your umbrella, or when you´re super sick and can hardly walk, but you decide to work the whole day through even though you´ve already finished your numbers and everything for the week. Things like that. You lose wife points when you drop your Book of Mormon or mess up really bad in a lesson, or stuff like that. Haha, it´s dumb, but you do what you have to do to have fun on the mission.

But other than that, the week went well, I´m happy to still be in the area, I wouldn't mind another 3 months here, but for sure I´m staying at least another month and a half. My comp is doing great, we get along fine together. Baptisms on Saturday!!!!

Elder Victor Trevisanut

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free English Classes!

E aí gente,
Hey, how is everyone this week? It was great to get your email and to hear that everyone is doing well and getting ready for school. I can´t believe that there will only be 3 kids in this house after this week. Tell Eric that he has nothing ot be worried about, college is the best, he´s gonna love it.

Well this week went well, not really sur what to say about it, same old same old. My area doesn´t have too much action, but it´s good solid misionary work. Pedro and Silvia are gonna get baptized in two weeks, they are both really excited for their wedding too. We also found a really cool family that have been trying for years to get in contact with the missionaries, but for some reason, every time they talked with the elders and marked a date to have a lesson, it always fell through. So they are super excited for our visits, they are awesome and have tons of potential. We´re also starting free english classes here in our building, and I´m going to be taching one of the classes.... so we´ll see how that goes, i think we´re gonna start it up here in a few weeks.

Also, transfers are coming up this week, and turns out they´ll actually be on MMonday this week, so I´ll know if I´m staying or not by next P-Day, I´m really hooping that I stay here, but on the mission you never stay when you want to, so It´s possible that I leave also haha. But I´m hoping not.

Other than that, just a normal week out here, and... I´m outta time, gotta go!!
Elder Trevisanut

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zone Conference

Zone Conference - August 16, 2012 
              With the Novo Portao and Boqueirao zones in the Portao Stake Center.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wedding Date Set for September 15th!

Ola tudo bem?

Well, this week has been pretty good, just work work work work work. Pedro and Silvia are progressing still, we actually just got back from the office place ( I dont really know what you call it in the states, but the place where you get your marriage legalized) and they have their wedding date planned for the 15th of September, I really hope that president doesn´t transfer me outta here after all the work that I´ve done with them, I want to see them get baptised. Also Jennifer went to the temple this week to do baptisms, she loved it, she got called on to bear her testimony in front of everyone and had a really spiritual experience too, it was awesome. She is the best, it's too bad that I still have a whole year left on my mission, cause I think I´ve already done what I´ve come here to do hahaha. She´s gonna be the wife of a future mission president or Seventy or something haha. 

But that´s about it, we had a conference with President Cordon this week also, and I got to meet with him, so that was great, but I gotta go! Tchau todo mundo!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, August 13, 2012

Emergency Transfer

Alo tudo bom?!

Well, this has been kind of a hard week, last monday seems like a month ago, haha. So Monday night, we got a phone call from the zone leaders at like 11:00 at night, and.... they told us that there would be an emergency transfer, and that Elder Eddington would be leaving the next morning and that I would be getting a new comp. So I went to the mission office to pick up my new comp and say bye to Elder Eddington. My new comp is Elder C. Santos, he´s from Rio and he´s pretty cool, he´s been out for a year. Turns out he had some issues in his last area, and had to be transferred outta there, so... they sent him to me. I was really bummed for a few days, things were going so well with Elder Eddington, the two weeks that we were together were like the best two weeks of my mission, I had never worked so well or efficiently on the mission before, and we were having so much success. But I´m sure it´s for the best, usually when things are going so well something gets changed. Turns out the mission isn´t the time or place to be comfortable, but oh well, maybe we´ll be comp´s again in the future.

For the work, things are going well, we´re probably gonna have Pedro and Silvia´s baptism in two weeks, and they are progressing so well, things are going great there. The rest are progressing slowly, but doing well also. Other than that, that´s about it that´s gone on here, I don´t have too much time to write, so I gotta finish up. If you wanna know more, send me letters!! Speaking of, I finally got one from Tim this week, I was pretty pumped, and yeah I got one of your packages, mom. But I gotta go, see you all later!


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, July 30, 2012

Joga, Joga, Joga!!

Ei aí!

Well. this week has been crazy, but really good!
So Elder López left to Ponta grossa to train a new missionary from Chile, I´ve missed him a bunch, but my new comp is great. His name is Elder Eddington, he´s from Spanish Fork Utah, and he´s got 3 months on the mission. It´s been great with him, he´s super funny, super positive, and a really hard worker, we´re gonna have tons of success together this tranfer. This week we didn't have any baptisms, but our investigators are progressing well, Pedro and Silvia are going to the cartório this week so thay can get a wedding date scheduled so they can get baptised. Pedro is doing all that he can to stop drinking coffee. We bought Cevada (like a replacement coffee without all the bad stuff in it, I´m not sure they have it in the states) for him and we got him to throw out all of the coffee in his house. It was hilarious, we were just like throw it in the trash! And he started pouring it in the trash kinda hesitantly, but then we just started yelling ´´joga, joga, joga!!´´ that means, ´´throw it, throw it, throw it!!´´ and he dumped it all in the trash. It was awesome.
Well, a bunch of other stuff happened this week, but I´m completely outta time, sorry everyone! I gotta go, I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying summer there! Winter is almost over here, just one more month!!

Oh yeah, and we found Peanut Butter at a huge store today, we freaked out. It was 20 bucks, but we bought it anyways. that´s a first in almost a year. This week´s gonna be good.

Até mais,

Elder Trevisanut

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hit 10 months this week!

E aí everyone!

Well this has been another good week, we have just been running around trying to get everything done, it being the last week of the transfer and everything. 

So in the big news, Daniele had her baptism this saturday, it was great. Her husband Leandro got to baptize her, it was really espiritual. Then on Sunday, Jennifer, Daniele, and Leandro gave talks in Sacrament Meeting, and it was the probably the most spiritual Sacrament Meeting I have been to. Just imagine, 3 of your recent converts giving talks in the same Sacrament Meeting, and they all gave perfect talks, everyone was crying, it was awesome. We also had 120 people in sacrament meeting, which is way more than usual, it was great. Also a family we have been working a lot with to get reactivated got sealed this week in the temple, it was great too.

Other than that, that's about all that happened this week. Last night Elder López got a call that he would be training this transfer, so he will be leaving (probably) to train, and I will get a new comp.

But that's it for this week, I don't really know how to send an interesting email anymore, I just know missionary talk by now. I hit 10 months yesterday, almost a year!
But I´ll talk to you all later!!!!

Até mais,

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Field Here Seriously is White, All Ready to Harvest

E aí meus irmãos!!

Well, I have no time. But I´ll try to fit in all that happened this week.

Well this week has been just miracles. We had the baptism of Jennifer and it was great, she is the most elect person in the world, there aren´t words to explain her baptism, it was a great experience, and even more of a priviledge that she chose me to baptize her. In other news, she invited her parents to the baptism, and now they are coming to church, which is amazing. She also invited one of her friends, his name Aundrey, and he will be a really good investigator, we´ve got a lesson with him today, we´re pretty excited about that. With Marina, she has seemed kinda bummed lately, cause her mom isn't letting up at all, her mom wouldn't even come to Jennifer's baptism. But we talked with Marina the other day, and she said that she has been praying so hard for her mom to let her be baptised, or at least show some signs of progress, and that night after the baptism of Jennifer, out of nowhere, her mom started asking questions about the church, about Jennifer's baptism, and stuff like that.  It was just awesome, because her mom had never shown the slightest bit of interest, and out of nowhere, she started showing a little interest. And as we were talking with Marina about that experience, her mom showed up to take her home from church, and we got to talk to her and it actually went really well. All of the other times that her mom came to pick her up, she was always super rude, and always just turned her head in the other direction every time that we passed by. So little by little, we´re gonna make it happen. We have a small feeling that she will get baptized really soon, maybe this week. Either way, we already have the baptism of Daniele this Saturday, an investigator that has been investigating the church for a long time, so that´ll be great. Also, Pedro and Silvia are doing really well, i don't know if I talked about them before, but they´re a couple that we found a month or so ago. They´re both super, super elite, and are ready to be baptized, they just need to get married. but anyways, this area is turnng into an area of miracles, it´s crazy how many people we are finding that are completely prepared for the gospel. It´s crazy. Me and my comp have been working like crazy this transfer, and the field here seriously is white, all ready to harvest.

Other than that, that´s about it that happened this week, we have been running around all week like crazy. I did a division in Curitiba with the Zone Leaders also, which was super cool, our ZL´s are awesome. But I gotta go, sorry for the short email, but I´ll talk to you all next week.

Elder Trevisanut

P.S. And with the dead guy that we saw last week, I don't know what it was, there was just a dead guy in the street with a BUNCH of people crowded around, just yelling apostasia haha. It was crazy, people ´´speaking in tongues´´ and stuff like that haha.

Oh yeah, I met a cool guy this week, i dont know how to say it in english, but he is pretty much the leader of all the gangs and drug trafficking (and other stuff....) in the area that we work in, so that was sweet. But it´s cool, he doesn't mess with the missionaries. haha

Até Mais!!

Jennifer's Baptism

I´m using my dress shoes is cause I forgot my sandals(?) and I didnt want to walk on the brasilian ground with my bare feet...haha

Monday, July 9, 2012

Baptizing Entire Church Congregations!!

Feliz quarto de Julho!!

Well, another week down. It´s crazy how fast the time flies out here, I feel like I was just writing email yesterday, I don´t even know what to write!

This week has been good, we are working really hard out here, and another transfer is winding down in a couple weeks, I cant believe it. This week we have been working a lot with a guy named Pedro and his family. They are really great, they are super receptive to everything, and they like the church a lot, they´ve already gone 2 times. With Jenifer and Marina, there´s good news and bad news. Marina isn't really progressing too much anymore, it´s just not working out well with her mom. She wasn't even at Church yesterday for the first time in months. But the good news is Jenifer is getting baptized this Saturday!! She always wanted to wait for Marina, but she said that it´s just time for her to get baptized, cause Marina´s situation isn't changing. But it´s gonna be awesome, she´s so excited!

We played soccer today  with the zone which was sweet. I´m always goalie so I can use my hands haha.  Oh yeah, also, we had a really good lesson with a pastor of this tiny church that he pretty much started himself. We´ll see where it goes with him, but if it all goes well, we´re gonna baptize him and his 35 followers! We´ll be legends of the mission. It´s crazy how much your priorities change on the mission. Before it´s just music, sports, girls, money, etc. Now, it´s contacts, letters (none this week again :´( ....)  and baptizing entire church congregations, haha. Other than that, this week has been a whole lot of work. Turns out it´s not the easiest thing resurrecting an area, this area was dead when we got here.

In response to the questions, the ward here is..... our problem. We´re having a LOT of trouble with our ward, no one wants to do anything, especially not help the missionaries. It´s gotten to the point where we´re embarrassed bringing investigators to church, cause it´s kind of out of hand. People joking around a bunch, all of the meetings starting late, and everything. The Bishop here is great, he does everything he can to help, but sometimes it´s too much for him. The area itself, is great. It´s more of a poor area, but their are some richer areas. we usually work in the poorer areas, the people are more humble and receptive. We´ve only got one favela (super ghetto area) and it´s really small, so the area isn´t TOO dangerous, there´s one other city in the mission more dangerous than São José dos Pinhais, so don´t worry, I only saw one dead guy last week...haha.. no joke. 

But anyways, I gotta go, I´ll talk to you all in 20 minutes ( the weeks seem about that long..)!!! Tchau, até logo.

Elder Trevisanut

P.S. 4th of July doesn't exist here... :(

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ate cow stomach this week...

E aí todos vocês!

This week has been good, just a lot of hard work. I don't know what happened, for the past 2 months it's been freezing, but this week has been crazy hot, it´s been kinda annoying. But yeah, don't have too much time to write, but this week has been good. 

We have been working a bunch on finding new people and we´ve actually had a bunch of success. We had 4 investigators at church, and a few others that are progressing well. Jenifer and Marina are still doing really well, we´re all just waiting for Marina´s mom to let her get baptized. It´s kinda annoying cause they´re both so ready to be baptized. It´s crazy, we dont even have anything else to teach them anymore, we´ve already taught them everything, and they just want to be baptized. We had a really spiritual lesson this week with them, I don't even know how to explain it. But they both have testimonies really srong, I think stronger than the majority of the young women in the ward. They understand everything completely, they get the big picture. Can't even explain how elite they are.

But yeah, that's about it, just running around a bunch, doin the work. I ate cow stomach this week, it wasn't too bad, but it smells really bad. And one day this week our lunch fell through, so they took us to a Churrascaria instead (brazilian barbacue). It was awesome, it's the kind of place that they just keep bringing you meat, meat and more meat on a skewer, it was awesome.

But that's about it, I gotta go!!! Talk to you guys later!!!


Elder Trevisanut

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally Made it to the Curitiba Temple!

Oi tudo bem todo mundo!!

This week has been long... our zone had our temple trip today, so p-day is Wednesday instead of monday, so our week was 9 days instead of 7, and we pretty much died these past few days. We´ve been prettty low on energy this week, when I got this area the washing machine was broken, so we had to pay to get it fixed which pretty much used up all of our money, so we´ve been going a little hungry, but it´s okay, just one more week and we´ll get money again, I think we´ll make it...I´m only worried about the people that we have to talk with, cause we´re pretty much zombies out here haha.

So this week has been a lot of walking and running around. Before me and my companion got to this area, the only missionaries that passed through here have been complete slackers, so there was nothing here, no investigators, no one ready to be baptized, nothing. So we´ve had to do a lot to find new investigators these past two weeks, but it´s getting better. We´ve been teaching these two girls, Jenifer and Marina, that have a friend in the church, and they´re progressing really well. They´re both completely ready to be baptized, the only problem is Marina, being only 16, can´t get baptized without her parents consent, it´s been pretty hard cause her Mom is a super catholic. It even got to the point where her mom prohibited everything, she didnt let Marina go to church anymore, take lessons from us, or even hang out with her friends that are members of the church. So for a few lessons she kind of snuck out so we could teach her. But we all ended up doing a fast for her and her mom, and on Sunday, they were both at church! Aparently her mom said that she was allowed to go to church and take lessons again, we were pretty pumped, what a blessing.

Other than that, we are still trying to find more investigators and people to teach, we´ve found some, and lost some, but thats kinda how missionary work is, but it´s all good here.
We also went to the temple today, which was sweet, I finally made it to the temple after 7 months in Brazil, so I was pretty excited. I´ll try to put some pictures on here.

But other than that, that´s about it for this week. The zone leaders said that I had mail, but when I got there turns out I didnt so I was pretty bummed about that, it´s been forever since I got a letter. But oh well, it´s all good. But I´ll talk to all you guys next week!!! P-day de novo em 4 dias!!! Haha.

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, June 18, 2012

Transferred to Sao Jose dos Pinhais!

Oi tudo bem!?!

Well, another week has passed by, it´s been a long one, but really good. Like I thought I got transferred, it was really sad to say bye to everyone in Fazenda. On Tuesday, we didnt get too much work done because we spent the whole day running around the city saying bye to everyone. But thats how it is on the mission, you have to say alot of goodbye´s. 

So on transfer day was pretty sweet. In Barigui, we had the transfer conference, and there were a ton of my friends there. I got to talk to Elder HArper for a while for the first time in 5 months, he got transferred to be a zone leader. I also got to talk to Elder Buerkle a bunch, he´s going to Paranagua (the beach), and Elder Medeiros was there too. He got transferred from Prudentopolis and now we´re in the same zone! I was pretty excited about that. Also Elder Hobbs from my MTC district got called to be the new assistant to the president. Everyone was freaking out cause he only has 9 months on the mission, it´s still crazy to think about.

But anyways, I got transferred to São José dos Pinhais, in the area Bom Pastor. São José dos Pinhais is a city right outside of Curitiba, but there´s only about a 30 second city break in between Curitiba and São José, so it´s pretty much the same thing. Every transfer I get closer and closer to the Curitiba! Preudentopolis was 4 hours, Fazenda Rio Grande was 30 minutes, and now it´s only 30 seconds. Haha, one day I´ll serve in the city. But anyways Bom Pastor is an awesome area. It´s the area of the airport, so there are always planes coming in and leaving, it´s pretty cool. My comp´s name is Elder López, he´s from Spokane, and he´s really cool, we´ve got a bunch in common. He´s got 17 mnths on the mission, and we work pretty well together, we´ve got tons of plans for this new area, I think we're gonna have a bunch of success. It´s gonna be great. The Ward is great here. Our bishop is american, he´s from Texas and moved here because of his fiance who´s brasilian. He stopped by our apartment the first night that I was here, to meet me and he ended up trying to fix our fridge, and ended up killing all the lights on our block haha. 

The area is great, we´ve got 3 baptisms lined up for the near future, so we´ll see how that goes. We´ve also found some pretty good investigators this week, so it´s looking pretty promising here. But I´m running out of time, congrats to eric for graduation and everything, I hope everyone is doing well back home, and I´ll talk to you next week.


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, June 11, 2012

I Can´t Really Explain It, But It Was Just Awesome

Oi tudo bem?!

Well this week has been a lot better than last week. And a bunch has happened, so I better type quick.
 On Monday night(last week), it was pretty much the worst it has been with my companion, it was pretty ridiculous. I called the other missionaries that live with us to help me out, and talk with my comp, because we literally got home from Curitiba,  and I was ready to go out and work, and he just got changed into regular clothes and went to bed. I was kinda fed up, but when the other elders got here, we had a REALLY long talk, and it seemed like we had worked out a lot of the problems that we had, and since then things have been so much better. We have been able to work really well this week, and even found a bunch of new investigators. 
Right now we´re really focusing on two in specific, Kelvin, who is 18 years old, he just lost 2 of his best friends in a car accident, and has been kind of depressed lately. But he has been really accepting of the lessons. We´ve also been teaching a guy named Nelson. He stopped us in the street a few weeks ago and asked us if we could stop by, cause he has been having some difficulties in his life. He´s pretty cool, he lived in London for 7 years, so he speaks pretty good english too. So thats been fun. Not much else new with the work. This week being the last week of the transfer, I pretty much went crazy doing contacts. The mission standard is 10 contacts every day per missionary (a contact being talking with someone on the street or at the store and trying to get their address :P) but this week I´ve been doing like 20 or 30 every day, it´s been pretty fun. And not to mention it´s been really cold and raining all week, but it´s been good. 
I dont remember if the united states has the yearly program ´´helping hands´´ or not but here in Brasil it´s called Mãos que Ajudam´´ and for our wards service project, we´re collecting rice and beans in soda bottles and distribuiting them to families in need, our ward had already collected a bunch, I think like 200 pounds of rice and beans. But anyways, this week we had a big activity to help the program, it was pretty much just a huge dance and you had to bring a kilo of rice or beans to get in. It was pretty fun. Here in Southern Brasil, it´s kinda like the Texas of Brasil, so the old culture here is kinda cowboyish, (called Caipira or Gaucho). But I´m really starting to like country dancing... What is happening to me?! Who woulda thought......  I remember one time in Rexburg, I paid 5 bucks to get into a dance, and it turned out ot be a country danc, and I literally turned around and left after like 2 minutes. But hey, I guess the mission changes people hahaha.
Also, this week was the dedication of the Temple in Manaus, Brasil. So that was a pretty big deal, everyone here was going crazy. Saturday night there was a huge festival in manaus that got streamed here in curitiba so we could watch it. It was pretty similar to the Dance Festival that we had, it brought back tons of memories, but it was pretty cool.
The next day was the dedication, and it was a really great experience. I can´t really explain it, but it was just awesome. It was just like being in the temple, even though we were just in a stake center here in curitiba. President Uchtdorf dedicated the temple and Elder Cook and Elder Walker(of the seventy) were there too. It was a great experience. If I could give any advice, I would say that you all need to make it more of a habit to go to the temple. People sacrifice and sacrifice for years to have a temple in their area, and when they finally get one, they always set temple trips to the side. But it´s really important that we all make it a part of our weekly schedule. I cant wait till I get home and I can go to the temple more often.
Oh and tell Eric congrats on graduation, eagle project, and Prom. They both looked great in that picture, even though I think he woulda looked better with a white tux and pink tie... but thats just me ;). 
But anyways, I am outta time, I talked too much, and now I have not time to write President!! So I gotta go! Miss you all, I´m pretty sure I´m getting transferred tomorrow, so I´ll let you all know where I´m going!! Pray that I go to Paranaguá(the beach) cause it´s SOO cold here!!! Tchau, até mais!!!


Elder Trevisanut

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Festa Caipira

Oi, tudo bem!!

This week has been a long one, and still kinda difficult with my companion. We´re not getting a lot of work done, he pretty much decides to go home and packs his suitcase like every other day, so there´s a whole lot of wasted time, so that´s been kind of annoying, but... yeah I´ll just leave out all of that stuff. Other than that, not too much has been happening, transfers are next week, so we´ll see what happens. I can´t imagine president will keep us together one more transfer, and I´ve got more time in the area than my comp, so I´ll probably get transferred to a new area. Transfers are kind of interesting. With missionary work, you´re more or less doing the same thing every day, and after a while it gets a little old, so even if you´re in an awesome area, a change of scenery is always a big help to keep you excited and working hard. But with all that said, I don´t want to leave my area, I love this area, and the people here are the best, I really don´t want to leave yet, and I´m really afraid that my comp. will badmouth me to all the members when I leave. But we´ll see how it goes, it´s too bad when missionary work turns out this way, some missionaries just dont get it. But it´s just another learning experience, just gotta try to get whatever you can out of it.

Anyways, not too much else has happened this week, there was a ward party this week that was pretty cool, we had investigators there and everything. It was called ´´festa caipira´´ I dont really know how to explain it, but it was pretty much like a country party. Everyone dressed up like cowboys and stuff. It´s kind of an old tradition here in Southern Brasil, but it was pretty sweet, there were like 200 people there, awesome food, and dancing (which got me really homesick cause we couldn´t dance... I actually miss dancing a bunch...shoutout to Bailey!!). But it was a good time.

Anyways, that´s about it, and I´m out of time again, so I should go. But I miss you all, and I´ll talk to you later!!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, May 28, 2012

Chainsaw Service Project

Oi tudo bem!!!

Well we just got back from Curitiba today super late, and I have like no time to write this email!!!!!! So, sorry if it´s super short.. but I gotta get to work. This week has been.. okay. More problems with my comp, he kinda lost it this week and stopped working, he even said he was going home, and he was super serious about it. He called president and everything. So the next day we had to go the the center of Curitiba to meet with president so that president could talk him out of it. It actually turned out pretty good because I got to have a long talk with president also. That day also happened to be my birthday, and so when he got wind of that, he decided to take us out to McDonalds for lunch!!!! It was awesome, here in Brasil, mcdonalds is like a super nice restaurant, it´s like 15 bucks for a quarter pounder. But as unhealthy as it was, it was totally worth it to have an american burger and strawberry milkshake for the 1st time in 8 months. 
Anyways, that´s about it, the work is going along, I love my ward here, the transfer is almost over, and I did a service project the other day and I got to use a chainsaw, which was legit. But I gotta go!!!!

Oh yeah, and my mom sent all of the happy birthday facebook posts, so for all of you that sent one, it made my birthday great, so thanks!!!!!!


Elder Victor Trevisanut

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week 31

Oi, tudo bem!!

Well, I´m not sure what to say for this email, I feel like I said pretty much everything on the phone last night. But it was really good to talk to everyone, the time is passing fast, it feels like just a little bit ago that I was calling home for Christmas. So I´m sure the next 7 months will pass by fast.

This past week has been good, not too much happened, just trying to work really hard and trying to find new investigators, we have done a lot of walking this week, but to be honest, we haven't really been that sucessful in finding many new investigators, but I´m sure this week will be more productive.

But I´ve got to finish up, I don't really have to much else to say, the weather has gotten really cold, today feels like rexburg outside, I´m wearing 2 coats and gloves and everything, it´s crazy, never thought Brasil would be like this, but it all good, it reminds me of home haha.

But that´s about it, tell Bailey that I´m so jealous that she gets to listen to Owl City!!! Owl City doesn´t exist here in Brasil!!!

But that´s about it, I´ve gotta run, I´ll talk to you all next week!

Até logo, tchau!!

Elder Tevisanut

Monday, May 7, 2012

New companion!

Oi tudo bem!!! Dia das mães domingo que vem!!
Hey everyone, this week has been a long one, and, like usual, I am out of time to write, so I´ll try to fit everything in.
So the beginning of the week was good, Elder Marx had a lot of goodbyes to say to members here in the ward, so long story short, we had a lot of barbecues to go to, and a lot of people to talk to, it was hard to get much work in this past Monday. Tuesday he had his last visit to the temple with President and Sister Cordon, so I had to stay in the area of our zone leaders and work there all day, it was pretty cool, but it kind of killed our numbers this week. Wednesday morning we went to Barigui to the transfer meeting, so I could pick up my new companion. It was pretty great, I got to see Elder Buerkle finally, after not seeing him for three months since he left Prudentópolis, it was really good to see him and talk for a while. I recieved my new companion, I´m not training this time, so that was a relief, but I´m Senior Companion now. My new comp´s name is Elder Viana, he´s from the north of Brasil, close to Belém, it´s pretty much the amazon there. He´s got 16 months on the mission, and he´s cool. It´s kind of interesting working with him, we´ve had a few differences already, but we´re working them out. Other than that, not too much happened. We had a zone meeting today and played soccer and stuff, it was pretty fun, and I GOT A LETTER FROM TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First one in 4 months.... so.. I was pretty excited :P.
Oh yeah, I had an interesting experience yesterday, so we got to church, and we had the confirmations of the family that we baptized. So we all went up in front of everyone to do the confirmations. We kind of had a rushed morning so we didn't really establish who would do the confirmations, but it´s usually the bishop, so I wasn´t really worried. Anyways, they called us up, in front of everyone, and bishop says to me,´´ I talked to them and they want you to do the confirmations´´.... Haha... I was kind of caught off guard, but anyways, I confirmed all 4 of them in front of everyone in the church. It was kind of nervewracking to be honest, but I think it went well.
Anyways, that´s it for this week!  Até Domingo!
Elder Trevisanut

Monday, April 30, 2012

First baptisms!

E ai todo mundo!!

This past week was great, a solid week of missionary work. Since Elder Marx is leaving on Wednesday, the ward has been going crazy, he gave his farewell talk last Sunday, and ever since then, pretty much every member has been wanting to invite us over for family home evenings and jantar (that means dinner in portugues, but dinner doesn´t really exist here in brasil, it´s kind of like a snack) so it´s been crazy trying to get all of our work done and try to fit in all the extra stuff also (you can´t really say no to the sisters here in Brasil, they get pretty mad when you refuse food haha). But as usual I´m short on time so I´ll try to fit in the important stuff.

Our investigators this week went okay, we were really trying to focus on our family that we were preparing to be baptized, so the others that weren´t keeping their commitments kind of got pushed back a little, so there hasn´t been too much progress with them. Julio is so busy with work, and he hasn´t been to church in like a month, and he keeps putting us off every time we mark an appointment with him, so that´s been kind of lame, and we haven´t had too much time to really find too many new investigators, so that´s about it for our investigators. But! Our family that we have been working with got interviewed on Saturday, and they all passed, and..... were baptised yesterday! It was awesome. Luciana, Laisi, Everton, and Thainá. Luciana is a single mom who works a bunch, Laisi is 15, Everton is 12, and Thainá is 10. They all love the church. Through all the members that we brought with us to help teach them over the past month, we had tons of people at the baptism, I think there were 40 or more, and it worked out perfectly, they all already have friends in the church, and all the youth and everyone welcomed them really well to the ward yesterday during the baptism. Elder Marx said that he has only seen one other beptism that turned out so well in his whole mission. It was just awesome, I´ll try to get a picture in this email if I can.

Other than that, not much else has happened this week, we have eaten like 5 meals every day, Elder Marx has been trunky até o pó( mike will understand that), oh yeah, Taylor will like this, some of the youth were playing volleyball out in front of the church, and they hit the ball on top of the roof, and I got to climb on top of the church and get it, I really needed an adrenaline rush, just like the good old days ;)

But anyways, I´m actually at the mission office right now, Elder Marx had his last interview with President today, and we´re gonna stop by in centro again so he can finish buying souvenirs and stuff, but we´ve gotta run!

Até mais! Tchau!!

First baptisms!

Rescuing volleyball from church roof

Rescuing volleyball from church roof

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It wasn't the smartest thing to eat after fasting for 24 hours...

Oi tudo bem!

Sorry that I couldn´t get an email off on Monday, we got to go to the temple this week, so pday is today.
So this week has been good, it´s been long, like usual, but thats just how the mission goes, the days are long, but the weeks are fast.
Our investigators are going good, two of our investigators with baptismal dates moves out of the area, so we were pretty bummed about that, and one that we´ve been working with to stop smoking isn´t really progressing very well. He´s always really busy with work, and his wife doesn´t really like the missionaries (it´s usually the other way around) so it´s been hard. But our family that we´ve been so excited about is doing great. They are still on track to be baptised this week, and they´re all really excited about it, they are the best! All of the kids just love going to church, they love all the classes and everything, they´re just awesome. We met with them on Saturday and we wanted to set their interviews for baptism this Saturday. The problem was, she said she would probably have to work on Saturday, but she didn´t know yet. Because Elder Marx is going home in a week, we really really wanted them to be baptized this Saturday, so we decided to fast every day this week. Don´t worry, we´re doing one day me, the next day my comp, etc. Anyways, yesterday we got a text saying that she wouldn´t have to work on Saturday, so all she needs to do is to be strong and give up coffee, and then they´ll all be set!! We´re pretty pumped.
Speaking of fasting. I fasted for one day, and I broke my fast with lunch the next day. For lunch, we had feijoada, which is a kind of soup type thing with black beans and TONS of meat. I was pretty excited to eat it, cause it´s a pretty popular food here, but turns out, it wasn´t the smartest thing to eat first thing after fasting for 24 hours, and long story short, I got sick. And couldn´t go to the temple today. I was pretty bummed, I´ve been waiting 5 months to go to the Curitiba Temple. But oh well, I´ll go next month.
That´s about it this week, we had interviews with president this week too, which is always great. I´m afriad he´s gonna make me train this next transfer.. we´ll see what happens.
Anyways, sorry this was short, but I gotta run!!!!!!!

Até mais! Tchau todo mundo!! Mandem cartas para mim!!!!!!

Elder Trevisanut

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It was like the best day of my mission!

Opa tudo bem!

I´m in a huge rush today, so I´ve gotta type this fast! My companions going home in two weeks so we´re going to Curitiba so he can buy souvenirs and stuff, and we´re late for our bus, sorry if this is short!
This week has been hard, we had some troubles finding people to teach throughout the week, and a lot of appointments fell through. Some days we walked around all day without teaching any lessons because all of the addresses that we were given were fake, or people weren´t home when they said that they would, it was kind of discouraging. On Saturday, the Ward here fasted for the Missionary Work in this area, it was really cool, we had  a huge lunch in the chapel with everyone in the ward and then we began our fast. The next day on Sunday, everything went perfectly, it was like the best day of my mission. We had 5 investigators at church and through out the rest of the day, everything went really well. We passed by each one of our investigators and taught really good lessons with all of them, and to top it off, we marked baptism dates with ALL of them. So if everything goes well, we´re gonna have 7 baptisms on Sunday the 29th!! We were so pumped, it all went perfectly.
We´re still teaching Luciana and her 3 kids and they are really liking the church, and they really want to get baptised, and we are even reactivating 2 less actives (Luciana´s brother and Sister in law) through them, which is perfect. We´re also teaching Rosi and her daughter, Rafaela, they also area really close to being ready for baptism, Rosi really wants to, she just needs to quit smoking, she´s having alot of difficulties with that, but she´s trying hard. We´re also teaching Julio, he has a lot of trouble with smoking also, but he really wants to get better, and he knows that the gospel will help him with that, and he has  a real desire to be baptised also. But I´m outta time, the week has been good, but I´ve gotta go, I hoep all is well with all of you guys in the states!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, April 9, 2012

I felt like Larry Fitzgerald catching cinderblocks...

Feliz Páscoa pra todos!!

E ai, tudo bem, this week has been good we´ve worked a bunch, and I´m finally seeing results out here! Haha.

This week we have found some good new investigators, and have been working hard with the ones we already had, and they are all going well. This week, we´re gonna work hard on getting a lot of firm baptis dates with all of them, cause they are all on their way. At church yesterday, we had 8 INVESTIGATORS at church! We were pretty excited, 8 is a pretty big number here, so we were pretty pumped that all of our work is showing results.

The family that I talked about last week is coming along great, we found them through an inactive member, Márcio, and he´s been coming with us to our lessons with them, which is great too, because he´s started coming back to church, so we´re kinda hitting two birds with one stone. The bishop here loves us because we´re doing a bunch to try to help inactives come back.

We were also walking around the other night doing contacts because our appointment fell through, and this lady came up to us and asked us if we could come by and teach her son about the gospel. She said she always sees the mormon missionaries walking and talking with people, and she always wanted to talk to them but never got the chance. She said that she wants her son to be a missionary like us haha. So we stoppped by her house the next day and taught them both the first lesson and they really liked it. They are both really great, and she treated us really well like we were angels or something, and after the lesson, her son came with us for our next appointment too!! We try so hard getting the youth from the church to come and do splits with us, but this time we got a non member who we just met to come out with us, it was crazy. His name is Samuel, and he thinks serving a mission would be really cool, we couldn´t believe it that night.

Also, we had a service project this week on wednesday morning, one of the members needed help pretty much taking apart his house so he could use the peices to build a new one. So we brought like 30 other priesthood holders from the ward, and we pretty much destroyed the house, it was crazy. The house was huge, so we were out there for like 5 hours, the whole time, I was on the ground level catching roof tiles. But here in brasil, the roofs are made out of brick, and each roof tile weighed like 10 pounds. So there were a few guys on the roof (like 20 feet up) chucking roof tiles down at me, and I had to catch them without letting them break. It was pretty much like the machines that shoot football´s at you, I had to catch it, and stack it really quick, cause there was already another one coming at me. It was awesome, I felt like Larry Fitzgerald catching cinderblocks when he was a kid (Mike will like that haha). I only dropped 6 out of like 500. I destroyed my hands though.

Anyways, I´m really short on time, and I´m dragging on here, this week has been good. Easter has been great, we´ve gotten so much chocolate this week, I´m starting to get fat haha. The members here love us, yesterday we walked home from church with our backpacks completely full of chocolate, it is crazy. Not to mention that Elder Elias received a package completely full of chocolate, it weighed 25 kilos. So we´re not eating too healthy this week haha.

But I´m outta time, and I gotta run and finish writing some letters, I´ll talk to you guys next week!! Até mais, tchau!


Elder Trevisanut

Monday, April 2, 2012

Transferred: Fazenda Rio Grande!!


E ai todo mundo, this week has been long and really good, I´ll try to fit everything in this email in the 15 minutes that I have to write!

So Monday night we got the call from the zone leaders about transfers, and they said that I would be leaving for Fazenda Rio Grande!! My companion was pretty jealous that I got to leave Prudentópolis, I was pretty excited, but I also had to say a few sad goodbye´s to some people in Prudi.

Anyways, I got to Curitiba on Wednesday afternoon, and met my companion, Elder Marx at the terminal there (turns out I had already met him on my second day in the field, when I first got to Brasil, he bought me a salgadinho, a deep fried snack that they sell on like every street corner in the city, really unhealthy haha).

Anyways, we had a ride from a member to our area, it was awesome being able to finally get to go to the city, I was so excited that day haha.

But actually turns out that Fazenda Rio Grande is actually not in the City of Curitiba exactly, it´s kind of a suburb, it´s just south of Curitiba, but it´s pretty much the same thing, it´s a little more dangerous than Prudentópolis haha, it´s got a ton of people, a lot of work to be done, and we have a chapel here!!! It´s so awesome to finally be in a ward, we have about 150 members (lunch every day) and a brand new chapel, with a baptismal font and everything, it still seems unreal after being in the middle of nowhere for so long.

But anyways, I´m just blabbering with too much to say, but the area is awesome, the people here seem great, the members are strong, and they really help the missionaries out, I think we´ve already gotten more referrals in this past week than I ever got my whole time in Prudentópolis.

Elder Marx is pretty cool, I´m killing him at the end of this transfer (which means this is his last transfer on the mission) and he´s pretty excited for that. It´ll be a little bit of work for me because he´s kind of not in a working mood because he´s going home soon, and he´s always talking about leaving and stuff, in missionary terms it´s called ´´trunky´´ but we´ll work all that out.

As for investigators, before I came here, all the missionaries in this area were fubeca´s (slackers) and they didn't really work, so our investigator pool is kinda shallow, but even with that said, we´ve got more than we had in Prudentópolis, and we´re bound to find more. Yesterday in between conference sessions, we taught the sister of one of the members in the ward, and it was perfect, she cried and everything, I´m just super excited to be in this area, I can tell we´re gonna have a lot of success here. I´ve gotten like rejuvenated(?) the past week, I´m super excited to be out here!

Conference was awesome, we got to watch all of the sessions, it was like the best 2 days of the mission, conference for missionaries is kinda like vacation, you get to watch tv for 10 hours and eat a bunch of food, so it was sweet.

Anyways, we´re in Curitiba right now, and have to catch a bus to Fazenda in a few minutes, so I should probably get off, until next time, more things to come for sure, até mais, tchau!!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, March 26, 2012

Transfers this week!!

Oi, tudo bem!!!

This week has been a long one, but the last week of the transfer always is, I´m excited that the transfer is coming to an end, it´s been a long one.
This week we have been working a lot with Jesanna, it´s kind of a cool story with her. She plays professional soccer for a city team here in prudentóplis, and one of the Irati Elders made a contact with her on the bus a month or so ago, and they ended up running into each other on the bus 3 or 4 times after that and he ended up giving her a book of mormon. We had been trying to get in contact with her the past month, but without success. Anyways, we were on the bus riding back from Irati the other day, and we were both passed out, but Elder Medeiros woke up and saw a girl reading a Book of Mormon. At first he thought that she had taken his while he was sleeping, but she hadn't. Anyways, long story short, he ended up talking to her, apparently she´s been reading a lot on her own, and we set up an appointment with her. We´ve taught her 3 times this week, and she´s really accepting all the things so far. We have another lesson tonight, hopefully it goes well.

Other than that, our investigators are.... going. It´s hard here in Prudentópolis, but we just gotta keep going!

With transfers, we won't know until tonight at like 10:30, I´m pretty anxious, I think I´ll probably go, but who knows, I won´t lie and say that I´m not excited to leave haha.

Not much else this week, after being in the same area for 4 and half months, the emails start to get boring, sorry everyone!!!!! We had a successful ward activity this week, it was really good, we had about 45 people there, and it was great.

Anyways, hit my 6 month mark this week, it´s crazy, it feels like I´ve been out here forever, but at the same time, it´s crazy that it´s already 1/4 over.

But, I gotta go!! Talk to you all later!!

Elder Trevisanut

Pizza doce, dessert pizza in brasil, the best tasting food in the world!

Me and Elder Medeiros on my 6-month mark, we got a little bored

I was bored on Sunday morning, haha


Monday, March 12, 2012

Living off of bread and water...

E aí, tudo bom?!

This week has been good, just two weeks left of the transfer, it´s crazy, it´s going by so fast, this transfer.
This week has been okay, me and E. Medeiros have been pretty sick all week, we even had to stay in the house one day because of it. And we didn´t have any money to buy medicine either, or food! Haha. Pretty much what happens is each apartment receives light bills that the missionaries have to pay, but we can turn in the receipt for a reimbursement,  the only thing is, you have to wait like 3 weeks for the reimbursement. So our money ran out on Monday, and we have been living off of bread that we bought with change that we found around the house. But it´s all good, thats the missionary life! Haha.
This week with our investigators has been difficult. The family we found is great, and they really like the missionaries, but they pretty much cut us the other day because their son wants to be a catholic priest, and they want him to follow that path, even though we´re pretty sure that they know that the church is true. With Mauro, he didn't go church, he had to work, he´s still progressing, but he needs to come to church. He also gave into temptaion and smoked yesterday, but he felt really bad about it. Today we´re bringing him a giant bunch of bananas, we heard that bananas help your cigarette cravings, so he´ll enjoy that haha. 

Zone conference was good, it´s always great to see President and Sister Cordon, they are the best. We also got to watch a movie!! It´s called 17 miracles, it´s a church movie, and I recommend it to everyone, it was an amazing movie about the pioneers.
After Zone conference we did a division with the zone leaders and I got to stay in Guarapuava and work there for 2 days. We did a service project for one of their investigators who is getting baptized this week. We were cleaning up her yard, it was a pretty crazy project. There was sooooo much trash, you can´t even imagine, there was just layers and layers of it. By the time we were done 5 hours later, we had a huge pile of trash, that was probably 4 feet tall, with like a 15 foot diameter(?).
Anyways, I think that´s it for this week. We received our reimbursements today, so we´re gonna fubecar today, just kidding haha ;). Mike will know what that means haha.
That´s exciting about Rianne and Dave, still can´t believe it, I´m pretty excited for her, I sent her an email today. And I´m really happy that they are doing it at the Portland Temple, I miss Portland so much!

About transfers, it´s hard to say, I´ve spent a lot of time here in Prudentópolis, so I´m sure I´ll miss it a little bit when I get transferred, but I´m ready for a new area haha. I´m pretty sure I´ll head out of here in a few weeks, according to President. 

Anyways, I´m outta time, até mais todo mundo, tchau!

Elder Trevisanut

Monday, March 5, 2012

Elder Trevisanut - Dance Instructor?!

Oi tudo bem, todo mundo!!
Another week here in Prudentópolis, the 4th week of the transfer started today, it´s crazy, this transfer is already halfway over!! It has really passed by quick.
Anyways, this week has been... another week in Prudentópolis. We had a lot of disappointments this week, but a lot of good things happened too. The couple that I talked about before, who cut us, don´t want anything to do with us anymore, ever since his old preacher gave him that job, so that has been really frustrating. But we just gotta keep moving forward. We found a pretty good investigator about 3 weeks ago, and we´ve been visiting him pretty regularly, and he´s actually turning out ot be a really good investigator. Since we´ve been visiting him, he´s stopped smoking and drinking coffee, and he´s praying a lot more, and seeing a big difference in his life. The only problem is his work schedule, he couldn't make it to church yesterday, so his baptism date for the 11th of March fell through. But we rescheduled it for the 18th (the mission rule is that they have to go to church at least 2 times before they can be batpized). But he wants to be baptized, and he´s really progressing. So that´s exciting. We also have another couple that we are teaching, they are great, but they are having trouble with their Lutheran pastor also, he´s talking a lot of bad stuff about the church, and swaying them a lot. But we´ll see.
We also found a family in the area book that received a few lessons from some other elders a couple years ago, and when they got transferred, they just dropped them, so we stopped by their house on Saturday night at about 7:30, and they were really great! We talked and taught the first lesson, and stayed there until 9:30. We were a few minutes late gettting home that night.... But we are really excited about them. But yeah, that's all the missionary talk.
The branch is going well here too, I think we´re going to be holding a class in the next couple weeks to teach the youth how to dance (there was a youth conference last month, and none of them knew how). And I´m pretty sure I´m the one with the most experience dancing, so they want me to teach as much as I can. So Bailey, if you´re reading this, it´s time to put all of your training to the test! Haha.
Not much else has gone on this week, we have a zone conference in Guarapuava tomorrow, so it´ll be nice to see everyone and have a fun time there. And get letters for the first time in a month!! All of us out here in the interior have to wait forever to get mail.
Not much else this week happened, just trying to find people to teach, and working hard, it´s been another hot one, but i think summer just ended so it should cool down soon.
I don´t really have words to say about Rianne´s engagement, so I´ll just leave it at that haha. I´ll wait for her to tell me the story. I just really hope he didn´t propose at the Rexburg temple, please tell me he didn´t do that.... Haha
I´m sad that I missed Madison's baptism too, that sounded like a really great day, I wish I could´ve been there!
Anyways, I gotta get going, so I´ll finish up. I ate Mandioca for the first time this week, it´s kinda like a potato, but it´s way way better and really healthy, so if they have that in the United States, I recommend everyone buy some and try it! Anyways, that´s the latest from this side of the world, tchau, até mais!!!
Elder Trevisanut